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Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 94

It's Bitter sweet to come so far, to gain so much experience and knowledge, I'm just getting started here and now I am just about go home, which I am indeed excited for, I have loved Serving on Mercer Island, West Seattle, Edmonds, Cottage Hill, Bothell Spanish, and Finn Hill 

This past week was a blur, We dropped Arberie, we met Blain the Basher Master, Had my final Zone Conference, and we met a guy who was haunted by evil spirits

We also had a District day, we did weekly planning as a District, and then did service again as a district

This coming we we are busy, because a lot of the members want to see me before I go...

When you serve strong and true, you will see what the Lord can do through you!

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson
We are the Team Redmond Team!

Love this Zone

District Leader Elder Fukuoka

Catch you on the flip side!!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 93

hola como estas?

My life has been nothing less than insane!

We had youth come out with us a lot this past week, I was not expecting they would be bold in certain circumstances but they were, Juvy and Kazuma, they came out with us only because we promised them Mcdonalds

​Ammon on the other was super chill with coming out with us!

our investigators have been asking for lots of service, but they won't read the Book of Mormon or pray, so we be dropping them

Went on Exchange with Elder Henrie, We celebrated Angela Ducots B-day, we got her a fidget spinner, she loved it

Had a ward BBQ with Hawaiian burgers, followed up with V-ball and it was so much fun. we didn't keep score this time and everybody was having a blast!

I can't think straight so many thoughts in my mind, I can't believe it all is coming to an end :(

But come on get happy, I'm still alive, so watch out!

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson
Say hello to Kylo  Ren

Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 92

"I feel deep within, just beneath the skin, 
I must confess, I feel the Spirit,
It's coming from the light, it's feeling right, 
It helps my soul, and helps my heart,
nobody can hear it scream, maybe it's whispering,
what if it's inside of me, what a Blessing,
I feel deep within, just beneath the skin, 
I must confess, I feel the Spirit!"

Amazing stuff being going on in the realm of FInn Hill, I Elder Larson have been adventuring this fine area for months, I have had down pour rain beat on my back, the sunny sun blind my eyes, and now a Chevy Malibu is here to save me from the frightful weather, Oh how I love dear Delilah(Our Malibu) alas my days of riding her are over, Elder Frei is now the designated driver... By no means was I a quote on quote bad driver. President made a new rule that last transferie's don't drive, unless there company doesn't have privileges, which Elder Frei had none, until today!

Theres all the Finn Hill drama for ya, other than that, not much has really changed, Elder Frei and I are killin it out here, talking to a lot of people and especially this past week we started to thin the area books, because, usually you should have 1-2 area books, we have four, used to be five, but we thinned it out earlier down to four, so now the goal before I leave is to make this area a Golden Paradise that everybody wants to go to!

We have had an assortment of meals this week, again due to the ward trying to fatten me up I think before I go home, but nay, I still weigh... wait I won't spoil it here, I will surprise you all when I get home! needless to say, we have had Burgers, Pizza, more Burgers, Pasta galore, and to top it off the ultimate Taco Salad!

Other news, we have been videoing converts in the ward for a mission project and it is so cool to hear every bodies covert stories! 

Well adios Amigos's

Lovely prayers, Elder Larson

At the Farmers Market

Bro. Segobia- one of the best guys ever!

Our zone

Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 91

Hey hey hey it's Elder Larson, 

Another Grandio week in the far off lands of Finn Hill!

Elder Frei and I had some amazing times, Not only Have we been having a glorious time in the beautiful weather of Seattle, but we have also been experiencing tiding of great joy!

Last Monday we had Zone Sports, We played Capture the flag, Rugger, and Soccer

Tuesday was Elder Fukuokas first District Meeting, it was super Spiritual, he put a lot of effort into it! I love our District so much, they are all so much fun! Elder Frei and I shared a lesson on Faith, Trust us it really works!

We had our Zone Interviews on Friday and we played Volley Ball as a Zone, which was so much fun
Even more so is that we had our usual lesson with the Ducots and we had a break through, we taught about kindness and the kids were all pointing fingers, so we said you all got to repent and be kind! 

We also had a District Blitz in our area, I went with Elder Fukuoka and we found a new Investigator, Scott Inama, he was kicked out of his church for refusing to take a calling, so now he is searching once again! 

We ran into multiple less actives this week, all of them were very nice to us and some even prayed for us :)

Elder Frei and I taught a lesson on Tithing at church which turned into a big discussion on Generosity and kindness

This week we have some good stuff ahead, so wish me luck!

With Love, Elder Larson
Pikahuge, complement of Elder Brown

Guess what I am?

Failure of a District photo...

Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 90

Put your hands in the air like just don't care, life is amazing beyond belief!

Our District Leader is Elder Fukuoka (from Japan) he is a convert and met missionaries when he was 20. He is super sweet, some language barrier, but I still feel a wholesome spirit from him.

We got a lot of desserts from members this week, they feel bad because they know I'm going home soon and I still look like a thin mint, so I'm guessing they are going to try and fatten me up these next few weeks, but little do they know that I am passing most of the goods to the rest of the district, because I refuse to be fat for now and forever!

Elder Frei is super excited beyond all or any kind of reasoning to still be my companion, I am like "meh we are companions again" and he be all like "What! we are still companions, This is Wonderful I must tell everybody". Hehe he is a funny kiddo.  I will be imparting every ounce of wisdom I have onto him and he will be known for being the Elder that Murdered Elder Larson, at least of anybody that actually knew me, I don't know half this mission anymore...

Anyhow, it sufficeth me to say that this past week was Incredible.  I went on Exchange with Elder Fukuoka and we taught an amazing lesson to a Part Member Family, Elder Fukuoka has an Ipad, he is the only missionary in the mission with an Ipad, some how he got permission to have one. During the lesson he just whips it out and I'm like "whaaaaaat!", He used to bring up a talk during the lesson which was followed with us bearing testimony on the Book of Mormon, tears were shed, tears of unspeakable Joy.

Went to the Patriotic Ensign Symphony Chorus and it was spirit filled, celebrating the land of the free and the home of the Brave!

Sunday many members were overjoyed that we both stayed and we didn't have a dinner for that night, but before we left church a member said "hey can I see your calendar" and when he saw it, he says "You guys come to my house tonight, will do Burgers!" Lord Loves his servants <3<3

Tune in next time to find out what the Washington Seattle Missionary's next adventure is going to be!

With Love, Elder Larson
Saying goodbye to my best friend, who got transferred.

Pharisee Larson

My Last Transfer Planner

Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 89

All is well with my soul my Family, my Friends, and the guy who mistakenly gets this email while waiting for an important message from a special someone...

Well to kick things off Elder Frei and I will be staying together for my last transfer in the mission is Finn Hill! The ward is super excited for us! 

We had an amazing Miracle a woman walked up to us(Yes she walked up to us, while we were talking to a member) and she says "I been wanting to meet you guys for over a week and I contacted some sister Missionaries that I had the phone number of and they said that they will refer me to you, but it's been a week and I really wanted some help!" she had us help move some tables out of the apartment she was moving out of which was in the same apartment complex as us, she lived in the building right next to us and we had never seen her before! She told she was taught 9 years ago and was almost Baptized, but her Husband told her no. Now she is divorced and said she can do what she wants now! she wants to take the lessons again and she wants us to teach her 12 year old daughter and her 16 year old son as well!

Another Miracle, while I was eating leftover pizza, Elder Frei gets a call on the phone, the number is unknown... the man on the other end identifies himself as a Less Active who recently moved to our area, his girlfriend is on the verge of giving birth, she has 2 to 7 weeks. He had an unfortunate accident and now he has a broken leg. He and his Girl friend need help and they reach out to us and lo and behold, they live in our apartment complex! The Girlfriend is not a member and is interested to learn more!

Was able to help with even more moves, sadly all of them are for members moving out, we better get some coming in soon! Yeah I love doing service, it is nice to know that I am really helping these people out, because it is hard to move, I know, I have been a part of a lot of them! 

Right now we are tri-packing and Elder Simmons is with us since his companion went home (He had it coming! he served his time), so we are currently the Zona Espanola Zone Leaders (Not really, but how cool would that be) Got a fly haircut today and am just feeling all sorts of fantastic! strange how four of my past companions go home today, Elder Hales, Farr, Barrick, and Sorensen! But hey I will not slack off and you better count on it!

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson
 Played Mini Golf for Elder Hales last P-day
 Elder Hales last District Meeting  

His Funeral (Mission wise)

Us trying to really kill him...

our Volley Ball Dream team!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 88

We helped with a lot of moves this week, as is my custom I grab the Heaviest stuff I can find, now my muscles are sore... Thats okay though! Because it means I am building muscle!

Here is the rundown of my week:

It was Hot, which meant everybody was outside at the Beach, we spent countless hours at the beach, we handed out Book of Mormons and many Gospel conversations, almost died of heat (Not really, but it was miserable and we were only in the 90's) 

Our members have been solid, they have given us so much food, it has been great! 
We had our Zone Conference which went super well, we almost had the cleanest car in the whole Zone, we were barely second place. We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon, turns out the Book of Mormon is key to testimony, so I highly recommend reading it often!

We had the Kirkland Fireside, my last Fireside as a Missionary, saw many Missionaries, Members, and friends for possibly the last time as a Missionary. It has truly been a fantastic experience, as I have strived to do the right thing, the Lord has blessed me with so much. Though it is hard for me to see sometimes, but after going this far in my mission, I have become more... There is so much I need to do, so much that needs to be done, but I have been called to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I have the opportunity to bless the lives of those around me with this amazing message. It doesn't end when my mission ends, I will always be on the Lords errand. The Mission has been a good start on this long journey of life. We have great reason to rejoice in so wonderful a thing. Realize your potential and strive to be your best and God will bless you!

With Love, Elder Larson

                                                                     Loads of Fun!