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Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 54

Last Sunday Night, I got the call saying "Elder Larson you are being Transferred into the Bothell Zone", 😓 What is Bothell? it was the Zone I never thought I would go to.

I spent P-day saying my good-byes to everybody, I will miss Edmonds and all the miracles that happened there. I packed my bags ate dinner with the Jaramillo's my favorite Argentine Family!! 

Tuesday went to the Mission Office and got assigned to CottageLake ward as a companion with Elder Heuer (pronounced Hoyer, rhymes with Foyer) CottageLake has some really cool Perks to start out with:

*We have a car with a 1000 miles (Vroom Vroom)

*The ward is super Generous (they provide lots of meals)

*we live in the Basement of a member home (we have lots of space)

*Best of all Elder Francias my MTC companion is in my District!!!!!!!

Spent the past week getting the know the members better, we don't have any solid Investigators, but we have faith that great things are going to happen here in CottageLake, Cause It's always Raining Miracles!

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson
My Companion Elder Heuer

Matthew's Backyard

This is just part of where Matt lives

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 53

I am upset that I have to leave, but I know somebody needs me in a different area. Miracles Happen no matter what, Just keep moving forward! 

I'm going to miss the ward, the people, and especially my Ward mission leaders family. If I had to list everybody I would miss, I would have no emailing time!

We had so much going on last week, we are now teaching an African Family, they came to church when the only African guy in our ward gave a talk, coincidence I say nay! All our days were busy with loads of things to do! I'm going to miss West Gate Chapel and the Lutheran Church, you could tell they really appreciated our service and they treated us as family! The old folks at Sunrise probably have already forgotten me, but I won't forget them and all the funny things that happened there! Our Last District meeting we had Pizza and a Keg! Im going to miss our District Elder DeGraff the Power house testimony, Elder Gale the Humble Bee, Sister Rothey the Everything is Awesome Gal, sister Peterson the Mother figure, and Elder VolksWagon I mean Van Wagoner the King of Loco! Church was loads of fun Everyone was saying goodbye to me, cause they knew I was Leaving 😫

Anyways, Love and Prayers,

Elder Matthew R. Larson

The District

Eating Burritos

Annie's Crew
The District

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 52

Last P-day was a wittle crazy, after we emailed we went to Chickfila and bought a 200ct chicken nugget tray!!! for six Elders, we were super stuffed, you think its easy, but after nugget 25 you start to regret your decisions 😵 yet we still finished it off strong💪 Had to shop out of Zone, because one of the Elders in the car needed to visit a clinic in a different zone, It was fun shopping at Fred Meyers the missionaries from that zone were so confused when they saw us😉 That night we taught our good friend Vincent Tithing and laid clergy, to him it made a lot of sense to him! At the Senior Center, Kathleen one of the residents slapped one of the workers 😮 the worker just laughed it off, cause all the residents are a little loco! The Walkers a new family in the ward went with us to teach Charlotte, she is finally understanding what she needs to do... Bro. Morris took us and our investigator Mario to Dinner at Five Guys, lots of kicks and Giggles, then we had our Book of Mormon Club at Bro. Morris' house, it was a hit, three investigators came and participated a lot👍 Gave a blessing of peace and comfort to Mario and taught him the Word of Wisdom and he is obeying it now, he is like the ghetto friend I always wanted   😁 It's not ghetto now, but he tells us stories of his past  😬 He is a Clutch man, we asked him to help us replace a dryer and he was all over that, he didn't even let us help, he did most of the lifting and fixing, All I had to say was, wow Elders Quorum is going to love having you around 😊 Went Seattle for District meeting/Choir Practice for the Upcoming Fireside that happened last night, Elder Galloway MADE PIE for our zone, they were to almost die for 😆 Went on Exchange with Elder Gale and everything went Flawless even the crosswalks were on our side! It started to rain alot this week, so we were trying to stay dry as much as possible, Members were really nice in giving us lots of rides! Bro. Shaw went out with us for 4 hours, what a stud, got lots of work done ☺ Was told that a major storm was going to come on Saturday but it never came!!! 

On Sunday: Evan Pauls received the Aaronic Priesthood, he was excited about that! and the Fireside was awesome

Lots of Love: Elder Larson

200 Nuggets

Five Guys

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 51

How do I even top what happened last week with all the cool stuff that happened...Oh wait!

Had another Fantasmaglorious week here in Edmond, Elder EchoHawk of the seventy came and commented on how dignified our mission is, mind you we were on our best behavior 🤗 He was the same seventy that spoke when I was in the MTC, the spirit was strongly there, at the end he opened the meeting for everybody to bear there testimonies, I stood up and shared this spiritual Insight...

"Though we testify to everybody around, most among them listed with closed minds and ears, but Jesus himself preached in the Temple and the Jewish people did not hearken to his voice, and Jesus taught them that if they do not believe him , believe in his works that they may know for themselves that Jesus is the Lord. We must ourselves show our good works that those with closed ears will see the good we do and that in of itself is our testimony of what we believe" 

Basically dont just talk the talk, but walk the walk 🤘

It was a really sweet conference getting to see all the friends I have made over my mission, I was grateful as well to meet with EchoHawk himself and he testified about how much the Presidency Loves us and when he said those words, I felt that burning in my Bosom, The Presidents of our church really do Love us and think about us constantly

We had Zone Interviews as well, which usually means 4 hours of sitting and learning until it's your turn to talk to President for 5 minutes, but this time we played Volley Ball!  I actually did pretty good too, Mom would be proud 😁 and in my time talking to President was awesome, President Schofield is the best!

Spent a whole day in Lake Forest Park with the Zone Leader, Elder Hales (My Trainer) and Elder Sill (came out together in same group) I was paired with Elder Sill and we had some interesting chores to do, like buying Kegs for a member, stuff like that 😋 we stayed up all night talking too, because we knew each other really well already, it was great!

Helped Jill Webb remove her starter from her car and put a new one in, it took a long time, because nobody knows how to fix cars anymore and they also make it impossible to do it yourself...Nuff said

Brandon our 12 year old Investigator scared us and said he is not sure he wants to take the lessons anymore, so we said "oh its fine man, keep making good choices", he then said I still want to go to Church though, Great still come. He came and during the Testimony portion of Sacrament, Brandon came up and Bore testimony on God's Love! 😰 I was shocked at how the spirit has been touching Brandon this whole time, after Church Brandon told us he does want to take the lessons 😁 Miracles Baby!

Sorry Im kind of all over the place, but my mind is in over time and Im really looking forward to taking a nap today ZZZZZZZZZZZ

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 50

Good Morning Seaaaaaaaatttle!

 It is currently 10:52 AM Pacific west standard time and is currently 55-60 degrees outside... we are entering into a new month, October which means costumes and Scary house decorations 😨 bank account is filled, hopefully we don't spend it all in a day 🤗 expecting some casual rain and of course, never forget the wave of miracles that always tend to hit constantly! 

This has been your Announcer Elder VolksWagon speaking, now to you Elder Larson for the Updates

Thank you again Elder VW for the amazing intro...

As Elder VW has stated the weather is changing to winter which means RAIN! luckily my parents have prepared me for such 👍 also the decorated houses make knocking on doors more interesting and Fun, I wonder how many people are going to give us candy this time around? 

Now an update on the Miracles:

1) The Sister Missionaries in our area finally got a Car! They are now super fired up to give it their all, which means the work is going to progress hardcore in Edmonds!!!

2) Evan Pauls the man that was baptized recently is shooting forward to get the holy priesthood! his Member wife Sierra had this to say "Thank you so much for helping my Husband join the Church", this lovely couple is now hand in hand in the gospel and look forward to being sealed together in a year 😊

3) Morals have boosted here in our Zone, with the recent events going on, every area in our Zone is going to Baptize this Transfer, Our new Zone saying is "Faith is Fire" Our lovely district alone has a baptism this Saturday and that is always something to look forward too ✊

4) While on Exchange with Elder Gale, we found a man named Jose, he is an hispanic man with a huge heart, he is a prepared man and we were extremely happy to refer this amazing man to the Spanish missionaries and they are going to baptize him!!!

This past week was kind of slow with Elder Van Wagoner not feeling to good, but we were still able to get a lot done and our current Investigators Mario, Warren, and Brandon are going to be baptized soon though I may not be here for them, but I leave it in Gods hands and I know he will take care of things, I definitely trust him more than myself... and this week coming up, you can bet your bottom dollar that we are going to hit things hard and make up for lost time 
🤘Special Moment from this week was when we had FHE(Family Home Evening) with the Hunters and we played this special game with Flour, you have a mound of Flour with a dime on top, each person takes a turn slicing bits of flour away, until the dime sinks, when it does, the person who caused it to sink must retrieve said dime... with their Mouth! The Winner of the night was Sister Hunter who joyfully put her face in the flour to get the Dime 😋
General Conference High Lights:

Elder Holland: Do Your Home Teaching

Elder Bednar: Ye knew me not

Elder Nattress: Gods still reaching out for you

Elder Uctdorf: Appreciate the Gospel 

Elder Nelson: Joy!

In all of the talks given especially these 5 right here, slayed me with the spirit, I literally could feel the Fire in my Bosom 🕯Now back to you Elder VW!

Thanks for the updates and the thought Elder Larson, This has been La Fe Es Fuego Yours truly Elder VolksWagon wishing you all a fantastic Day! Peace ✌

Love and Prayers Elder Larson
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