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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Week 20

Dec. 29th, 2015
Dear Everyone and anyone,

Christmas was amazing and overwhelming. The Mission President came to our apartment and delivered three packages for me and three for Elder Farr. Sadly the President didn't see our apartment, since we had it spotless. 
We had our white Elephant exchange on Christmas Eve and I thought it was also a Potluck dinner, so I made a big pot of Alfredo pasta.  Turned out to just be a White Elephant Exchange and no dinner, so I looked foolish in front of my Zone.  Elder Farr and I both brought Pez dispensers as our gifts, our gift bags were plain so I drew Elephants on them and glued a picture of M. Russel Ballard on them to make them more festive. My zone doesn't understand my sense of humor but Elder Farr does and that's all that matters. 
On Christmas we opened our Gifts and Cards and to say the least, I was way over whelmed with what I got. My first thoughts were how am I going to eat all this food, how will I fit all these gifts in my suitcase. Of course most of my gifts were Star wars stuff, food, blanket, pens, etc. The Skyping part was my favorite part. I saw all my favorite people; Aiden and I think that's it. Just girting your loins, I loved seeing my mom, dad, aunt, sisters, and brothers, especially Jacob, for those precious five minutes. I spent Christmas with the Seldens, a nice Spanish family and we had Chinese for lunch. We then hung out with Staten and Courtney for dinner, which was pot roast, very spicy pot roast, sadly I'm not like Jacob and I have to drink lots of milk when I eat Spicy food. We played a game of Sorry where I totally destroyed Staten, it was my personal revenge since he destroyed me in Chess. We then taught Courtney the whole history of Ether. Staten then gave us adjustments before we left. He adjusted my jaw and I think it has helped make my voice more clearer. Anyways Love yall lots and Happy new years!

With Magnificent Love, Elder Larson (Seattle Mish Representative)

Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 19

Dec. 21st, 2015

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This past week has been very cool. Elder Farr and I went to a Christmas Concert with Gary and his family and even though they couldn't understand the words they felt peace and joy in their hearts. We had a lesson with them the day after the concert and I was with Elder Van Wagner, due to exchanges.  We asked Gary if he feels the spirit during the lesson and he said he didn't. At the end of our lesson we asked him to kneel down with us and pray in his native language, Chinese and we felt the spirit just emanating from him as he closed that prayer. He had a very peaceful look in his eyes and at that moment, I knew that Gary is feeling the spirit, but won't admit it. I know that once he admits it, he will be baptized. They are sadly gone for Vacation so we won't see Gary till next year :( Vicky is also on Vacation and we won't be seeing her anytime soon. Seems like most of our investigators are on Vacation. 
The Thrift Shop, we volunteer at, invited us to a Christmas party and we received permission to go for an hour counting it as our lunch.  It was different, 90% of the people there, were old ladies but the food was exquisite to the taste and they had Apple Cider there as well. One of the new volunteers was asked if he would have some cider and he said he doesn't drink Alcohol, which I thought was hilarious since Elder Farr and I were both drinking it. 
When the exchanges occurred, Elder Farr was completely unprepared.  He had no change of clothes, no razor, no bedding, no toothbrush, no nothing. He was not too happy about that, since our District leader and our area, don't have cars.  It's really hard to do exchanges, so that's why Elder Farr was unprepared, cause it was a now or never sort of deal. Elder Van Wagner drank this strange juice given to us from a member and while he was drinking it, I pointed out that the bottle says "contains less than .5% alcohol". Elder Van Wagner freaked out and was super nervous thinking he broke the word of Wisdom. We logically decided that since the bottle doesn't say alcoholic beverage on the front and considering it was given to us by a member, we decided that he didn't break the Word of Wisdom. 
We had a mission Christmas Party and I sat with Elder Henry, he was the Elder that got into a bike crash my first day in the field and I passed the sacrament to him at the mission home before he went home. It was interesting to see him again, he definitely looks better than when I first met him. :) I was able to see my friends Elder Hales, Elder Sill, Elder Reese, and many more. It was fantastic!  Elder Farr is super Hilarious, everyday he finds new ways to crack me up. The spirit is really strong with him and he explains the doctrine in a very simplified manner. We put a gift together for President and Sister Schofield, it was a bottle of limited edition apple spice cider, Fancy chocolates, and a Gavel in a nice gift bag. Since President Schofield used to be a Judge, Elder Farr thought it was funny.  On Sunday President Schofield came to our Sacrament meeting and invited us over to his house, to pick pass along cards up. We went by and we shared a fabulous lesson with them. I think they will start calling us to do stuff, but it was worth it. I am happy to see my family this Friday and I ask that they set up a Skype account for me and I will have the family we are eating with contact you on Facebook so we can set a good time to Skype. Preferably afternoon! Love you all BYE!

With loads of Love, Elder Larson        

Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 18

Hello everyone,

This week has been amazing, we talked with so many people and received some investigators because of it.  A Savior Is Born video is amazing, you should all watch it. This week started with P-day and I played basketball with Elder Hepler, Felix, and my companion Farr. Basketball has been a good way for me to relieve stress and I'm starting to get good at it too. Taught Vicky more about Jesus Christ and we invited her to do a Baptismal interview to see where she is at. Taught Gary more about the importance of the Priesthood Authority. Stella said she wants to be baptized after our lesson on Faith in Jesus Christ, setting up a date is a problem, because Stella doesn't want to offend her Jewish mother, but we will work around it. The people at the Thrift Shop really love us and give us amazing deals on stuff, this thrift shop is so rich, they sell brand new $200 shoes for $10. Sadly I haven't found any shoes my size. Had Zone Conference, Elder Johnson of the Seventy conducted the meeting and asked us questions, then we discussed the appropriate answers. Overall it was spiritually uplifting. 
Saturday, we went on exchanges. Elder Farr and Piekarski went to Duval, so Elder Farr could baptize this lady he taught. Elder Tate and I were together and the weather, I kid you not, was frightful. We still went out and knocked on doors. We then took Vicky to the Nativity and she absolutely loved it and enjoyed it. She had a lot of questions that we answered, it was great, what can I say more. Well, after the Nativity we went to the ward party and the fun continued. Gary came to the party as well and He, Vicky, and Vicky's friend Maxine sat with us, but we wanted them to sit by members and no members would sit with us. So I got out of my chair trying to find anybody who wasn't with family to sit with. Luckily we found Staten and His Wife Courtney. Staten is a Chiropractor that gives us free adjustments, hilarious character. Courtney his wife, was born without legs and her right arm, she is currently pregnant.  If you remember, from about a month ago when she was sick, I was asked to give her a priesthood blessings. Anyways, I asked them to sit with us and they accepted. The night went uphill from there. Sunday, Elder Farr gave a beautiful talk on setting goals in our life, to help us improve. We then went to the Nativity, volunteering our time, to help and we saw Gary there.  His Mormon friend invited him to go, so he went. Today Gary is taking us to the Ensign Symphony, so that will be awesome. He drives an Audi Q7. Last night we went to a Lutheran church where they were doing a Nativity of their own. They invited us in and we ate chicken and drank hot chocolate. Then we helped them take everything down when it was over and they were very appreciative. I love working on Mercer, so what if it is the lowest baptizing area, it is still worthwhile and an amazing experience, you can't get anywhere else.

With all my Heart, Elder Larson(Seattle Washington Mission)  

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 17

Dear anyone and everyone who cares, 
This week I came, I saw, and I conquered!
Last week we had a lesson with a young family for the first time, we molded our lesson to keep the kids active while teaching basic principles.  We ended up drawing armor with the kids and explained putting on the armor of god and we watched Mormon messages.  Overall, I give the lesson two thumbs up, the mother was so appreciative with us teaching the gospel in a fun way for her kids and we invited her kids to primary.  They couldn't make it last Sunday but the mom wants to make time so they can go.
We went out with Jake Jacobson and he took us to an awesome Japanese restaurant and I had two choices Steak or Sushi...and I chose Sushi.  I ate five different fishes raw and I felt like throwing up, but I did it. Next time though I'm choosing steak.
We have been teaching this Chinese family for six weeks, I know them pretty well by now and we spent Thanksgiving with them.  They really like our church but will not be baptized until they have a firm belief in God. They are really nice and friendly, Gary the dad even gives us rides to places.  We invited him to the Ensign symphony on the 14th and he said he would go and take us with him. I love their family so much, it is always fun teaching him. 
Vicky is no longer on date for baptism, because her sons couldn't make it, so she wants to wait until both her sons can attend.  Only problem is, her sons are so busy and she doesn't know if they will be here around Christmas, but other than that she is doing well.  She still comes to church and loves being there. She is kind and very close with her sons which is why she wants to wait.
We have a nativity going on in our stake building and we have nativities from all around the world made of precious materials,  We  also have people from other churches singing all day.  We went to it and it was no longer a stake center, it was basically a house of Christ.  Every room was filled to the brim with nativities, pictures, art, and on and on. It was great being there. I was so amazed that I forgot to take Pictures!
I've learned that as I have worked harder, that opposition seems to work harder as well, against me. There have been many times this past week where nothing seemed to be going the way I wanted and I just wanted to give in, but I know that my companion Elder Farr is counting on me, that my leaders are counting on me, that family and friends are counting on me, and that above all the lord is counting on me to carry out the work!
This scripture really helped me this week Moroni 7:48, it's about prayer and prayer has given me great strength this past week and I encourage all of you to follow this simple principle and use it to it's fullest extent, I pray for you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen
With Tremendous Love, Elder Larson from the Seattle, Washington Mission 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Matt's newest companion, Elder Farr

Week 16

Dear everybody that cares,

This past week, as you may know, was Thanksgiving and your probably wondering why I'm emailing a day late, well I'll get to that. First, I will share the bad news and go from there. Griffin, our strongest progressing investigator dropped us not because this isn't true, but because his dad told him he should stop meeting us.  When he came by to tell us the news, he was crying and I almost started crying as well, but I know he will come around. 
Now off to some better news. One of our investigators gave us a tree with lights and ornaments, it was really nice of her. We had our lovely Thanksgiving dinner at our ward mission leaders house Bro. Jolley. I a was able to meet his son and his son's family. Then we had another Thanksgiving at Gary and Emily's house. This was their first Thanksgiving because they are Chinese and new to these traditions.  Elder Farr and I taught them how to cook and cut the Turkey. Gary invited his Chinese friends to come over and it was weird not being able to speak the language. I was so stuffed, it was an awesome Thanksgiving. 
We were able to get multiple investigators to church last Sunday. Met Vicky's kids and got to know them better, which I'm sure she appreciates. Then, this morning we went to the Temple as a mission. That is why P-day is today and not yesterday. I love every last soul out there and I pray this coming week will run smoothly! 

With Love, Elder Larson

P.S. I got the package with the stocking and I'm excited to see what people wrote to me. Sadly I won't receive another package till Christmas!

Love Yall