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Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 15

Dear everyone,

This week Elder Farr and I got to know each other and we have many of the same interests. He is very humble, lovable, and spiritual. He is the Senior Companion, but because he knows nothing about the area, I had to lead and it was not as easy as Elder Hales made it look. I had to plan for what we were going to do all day and handle setting up appointments, then having to deal with appointments falling through and nobody wanting to talk with us. 
Friday we had Zone conference and I got motivated to work and try new techniques of getting people interested, but when we tried to apply what we learned in the field it just seemed that nobody wanted to listen. My motivation and enthusiasm was just about lost. Then church rolled on by and the talks were on being grateful. This theme really touched me seeing as my week went bad, but because of this topic I was able to look back at all the positives. Our investigator Griffin committed to keep the word of wisdom. Stella does want to be baptized, but her mom won't allow it yet, but she does have the desire to follow Jesus Christ. We met many mean people, but we also met some very nice people. This will be my first Thanksgiving without you, but I just want to let you all know that I am thankful for all the time that we spent together and for the memories that we have made. I love you all so much and remember to think about what your thankful for!

With so much love Elder Larson  

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 14

Dear my kind and caring mother,

Today was Transfers and I... was... am... STAYING! Wow what a surprise, I am staying on Mercer Island. Elder Hales will be missed, he was so humble and diligent, I will truly miss him. Now my new companion is Elder Farr. Elder Farr has been trained by zone leaders, has been around the mission and was recently released as a district leader.  I'm glad to have him and we are going to change Mercer Island for the better. 
On Monday Elder Hales and I got our haircut and the barber was talking to us about God, it was fantastic and our haircuts were in style, I think...  We then gave our Investigator Gary a home made cherry pie.
On Tuesday we raked leaves for this nice old lady and she gave us doughnuts. We taught a nice lady named Elizabeth, who was very open in hearing more about our faith. Then we had a lesson with a guy named Ben but all he wanted to do was bash on the church so we got out of there. After that, we ate pie with Gary.
On Wednesday we taught Griffin, who is on date for Dec 5th, with bro. Riener and the lesson went extremely well. Then we had thrift shop duty. After that we taught a kid named Drake in the church building and it was perfect. When the lesson would start getting awkward, our Bishop or counselor would walk in needing something and inadvertently help our lesson. We also taught Vicki, our on date for Nov 28th, we let her know that if she wants,  she can have her non-member sons carry her in the font, since she can't stand. She was really happy about that.
On Thursday, we went to the bike shop and had our bikes fixed up, rode all the way down south to tract and found a couple of solid investigators. It was raining really hard and on our way to a meeting Elder Hales crashed.  He is okay, only a couple of cuts and bruises and bro. Jacobson fixed him right up with his professional first aid kit.
On Friday we had Zone Training and we talked about the evils of pride.  Elder Mun bore his testimony at the end of it and it was beautiful. We then worked another thrift shop shift. Later that day, our lesson with Stella went fantastic, she really wants to come to church again, but has some stuff on Sunday. Then we chatted with Gary a bit, learning more about his life.
On Saturday we had to get our laundry done at bro. Jacobson's house because our washer wasn't working. We then moved a couch for Sister Black and helped Vicki with her yard.  We also had a very spiritual lesson with Griffin at bro. Rieners house.
On Sunday Elder Hales and I taught the primary class on service. We had our monthly member missionary fireside and it went fabulously.  The recent converts testimonies just fill the room with the spirit. We were lucky it was held at our stake center this time, because traffic was bad.
On Monday Elder Hale and I thought we would celebrate by eating lunch at McDonalds, since a member gave us gift cards. The Zone Leaders came over and dropped off Elder Tate, Since Elder Mun is leaving. We then ate at Baskin Robbins, cause why not, we had time. Then we worked at the thrift shop, weirdly enough because today was a big sales event and they asked us to help. I was lucky because they asked me to just be a door greeter and hand out refreshments. I ate so much! A member gave us Spicy Teryaki chicken for dinner.  Then we taught Jake McQueen the Restoration. We learned that night that Elder Hales was leaving and it was so sad. I know that as a companionship we worked hard.

With Love Elder Larson

P.S. My jackets are doing fine and yes I can buy more if needed and for very cheap. Please send me some IBC Rootbeer and some gift cards. That would be very helpful. Thank you!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 13

Dear mi Mom,

Monday was P-day and I played Basketball. I also taught a guy who was shaking the whole time and explained the churches view point on Christ, because he said he heard Mormons don't believe in Christ. The lesson went well, he didn't want to meet up again, but I think we left a good impression on him. Tuesday was a Tuesday, which means a lot of tracting. We found a cool guy named Preston and he was very open with us. We taught him the Restoration and then asked him to be baptized Dec. 5th and he said if he gets a confirmation from the holy ghost he will be baptized. We also taught Gary and Emile about the Plan of Salvation, Gary asks very good questions and we feel the spirit as we answer these questions.  Then we talked a lot on faith and he is struggling with it, so we committed him to do family prayer and to kneel down and pray and I know that his faith will grow as he does these things. Wednesday was rough. We had a couple of lessons planned with investigators with a member present and all, but one fell through. Vicki, our on date investigator's lesson, almost fell through because our guy who was supposed to come with us bailed on us ten minutes before the lesson and we needed a guy to get in the house.  So we called everybody and luckily we got Bro. Jolley to come with us and we were only ten minutes late to the lesson, but she was OK with it and we taught a great lesson on modern day prophets and by the end of it she understood why we need prophets. Thursday we did lots of tracting and met a nice Hindu guy who claimed that all our religions are the same. Met a kid, whose mom investigated the church before, and we are going to teach him and his mom soon. Friday was fun and we volunteered at the Thrift shop again. Our lesson with Stella fell through and we went on exchanges with Elder Van Wagner in the Newport area and taught two nice older ladies. 
Saturday was good, Elder Van Wagner made me Cinnamon rolls and shared some of his favorite stories in the old testament, he's a great missionary and can talk to anybody about anything and relate it to the Gospel. We did a mini mission that day, so we went to the Issaquah ward and knocked on doors with the youth to show them what missionary work is like.  I had Trevor, a 17 year old convert and Race, a 15 year old member. The first couple of lessons were shaky, but they learned to work better together as a companionship and had a very spiritual lesson by the end of it. They weren't there to watch me, I was the there to watch them and support them. It was Fantastic. Then I went back to Mercer Island and Elder Hales and I taught Griffin the Plan of Salvation, at first it was shaky, but by the end of it the spirit was so strong and we asked Griffin to be baptized Nov. 28th and he said yes!
Sunday was Special, church was packed because of a baby blessing. Classes were good as always. I helped Jake Jacobson move his printer, since he just had shoulder surgery. Taught a member about the Word of Wisdom because they are struggling with addiction but we know that they can fight through it and go to the temple eventually.  We are praying for this member to have strength to withstand temptation.  We had a meeting with President Schofield and he only called 15 companionship's to this meeting. I thought, wow we are either test driving the new Ipads or we are going to be filmed for the District 3, sadly it was neither. President Schofield called one person from each companionship including Elder Hales to be trainers, so either i'm leaving next transfer or Elder Hales. I was kind of disappointed since we are really making a difference on Mercer Island for the better, but the Lord knows where we need to be, so all I can do is follow his direction. As 1 Nephi 3:7 says "I will go I will do the things the Lord commands"

Anyway I love you all and cherish every email and letter that is sent my way. (Hint, Hint)

With Love, Elder M. Robert Larson  

P.S. I don't exactly know what I want. Send me gift cards. IBC Root Beer. Other cool things you can think of. 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 12

Nov. 2, 2015

Dear Fabulous Mother of mine,

I just want to wish everybody a Happy Halloween, sadly I wasn't allowed to dress up this year and we were locked in our apartments at 5:00 pm. This week on the other hand has been amazing. On Monday we had P-day and I played basketball with Elder Jennings, Van Wagoner, Nelson, Mun, Tate, and my companion Elder Hales, it was way better than church ball because for one, people actually passed the ball around and secondly, I made a few baskets so it was pretty cool. That night we taught this really devote Catholic family and the father was taking notes on our lesson which included the Restoration and Plan of Salvation, they invited us over six weeks from now though, because they are going on vacation. Tuesday We finished mowing and trimming Fran's lawn, it was another three hour job, then we mowed the Atehortua's lawn for letting us use their lawn mower and weed whacker. Taught our nice Chinese investigators Gary and Emile, Gary explained that he didn't want to be baptized until he knew what we taught was true, so we committed him to continue praying and reading and going to church, that by doing so, he will receive a witness of the holy ghost. Wednesday Elder Hales and I gave a church tour to our investigator Griffon. Griffon just randomly wanted to go to church so he went with his friend Ian a member of our church and he wants a closer relationship with God, he is 24 and single and works at a coffee shop. He really felt the spirit during the church tour and is meeting us this Wednesday to learn more from us.
We worked at the thrift shop as per usual and they gave us licorice for our volunteering services. We met with the Seldens to teach their nephew Piero, it was interesting considering we had to have the parents translate what we said, because Piero only speaks Spanish. Why couldn't I just bring Jacob and have him teach for me, anyway it was good the Seldens always feed us when we are over. Then we had dinner with the Behnkes. They are an older couple and they are just hysterical, Sister Behnke was just called as Relief Society President, so you want to get on her good side. :) We then taught another person, who hasn't been feeling to well sadly, he said that he knows what we teach is true, but Elder Hales and I know their is something holding him back, because he still won't come to church, but we will continue to work with him. Thursday we met with a potential investigator that we met six weeks ago and gave her a Book of Mormon, we came to her house many times, but she was never home. However, when she opened the door we knew she was mad, apparently she had been reading the book and got to the part where the Lamanites are cursed and she being African American took serious offense to that and said that she could never join such a racist church, man she was mad, so Elder Hales and I tried to explain the circumstances, but she wasn't having it. After that episode we knocked on a door and big guy opened the door, we stood our ground and talked to him, he is 24 and going to college, parents are Jewish, but not practicing, his name was Jacob. We taught the Restoration and he was really interested, we are meeting him next Monday to teach. We taught our on date investigator Vicki and we watched a couple of videos about Jesus Christ, but since we don't have I pads we had to figure out how to use her DVD player, man it has been so long since I have touched one of those. The lesson was awesome and she really enjoyed the videos.
Friday we had a great District meeting, Elder Hales did a great job teaching us how to apply the Book of Mormon better when teaching, after that the day was pretty slow, only excitement was thrift shop, we did have a lesson planned with Stella, but something came up and she cancelled. Saturday we had coordination and we decided that to better involve Josh was to get him to mutual, so for this to work, Elder hales and I are going to plan a mutual activity and invite Josh and his friends to it, I am so excited for it. We had a lesson with an investigator planned, but they cancelled, so we did lots of tracting, Elder hales and I biked six miles all the way south to tract and we were lucky that the first door we knocked on we met a guy, Tate Givens, he has read the Bible and wants to learn more, we then saw a house boat, a boat dragged onto land and then remodeled to be more like a house, that was cool. We rode six miles back to our apartment, because we had to be locked in at five. Time zones changed one hour back, so we got an extra hour of sleep.
Sunday we had a couple of less actives show up and they actually bared their testimonies. Vicki showed up as per usual. Smiley showed up again, he isn't interested in taking lessons yet, but likes coming to our church. Stella, our Jewish investigator, also showed up and for her this is a huge step, she said she loved it and felt the spirit there. Statent, a member who just moved here asked us if we could give his sick, pregnant wife a blessing, we of course said yes. His wife's name is Courtney and she was born without her two lower legs and her right arm, she can walk around on her knees and she writes 70 words a minute. She has been pregnant for two months, after passing the sacrament to her, we asked who she would like to give her a blessing and she said she wanted me to do it. So I gave her a priesthood blessing and the spirit was so strong, Elder Hales said that it wasn't even me talking, but if was like an angle was speaking through me. It was the best experience for me so far on my mission. Statent showed his appreciation to us by giving us adjustments, because he is a chiropractor and said that if we ever need to be adjusted to just visit him and he will do it. He was so cool, he was actually part of a band called Iron Rod, so if you want his autograph I can hook you up. I had smoked Salmon with Bishop Post. Met with Joshua's mom and got to know her better and she is very encouraging of letting Josh choose his own path. This past week has been a major blessing to me and as always I pray for everybody's safety and well being. Peace!

With Love, Elder M. Larson