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Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 84

Well as said, as of last week, Elder Frei and I are indeed together for another 6 weeks and I believe that Finn Hill with be my place of rest, we will see in six weeks.

Well I have another surprise for all of you... Elder Frei and I got a 2017 Dark Grey Chevy Malibu!!!! Yeah baby! life is ultimately swell, we got the car on Tuesday, it was just over 6500 Miles. It is by far the Nicest car I have ever driven in my life, after we cleaned of course, the last Elders who had it didn't clean it at all and they were Zone Leaders, with a brand new Malibu! It's okay now, because I'm going to take real good care of it, and yes I am the Driver! :)

Work Wise we are involving the Youth more, it's been difficult since all the youth have busy lives... Yet this last week we were able do some good. With Nina, she still hasn't stopped smoking, but she is super stressed because she is going to court and might be put on parol, we stopped by on Wednesday for her son's Birthday, that was good we talked to her non-member friends, planting some seeds!!! Arbrie has been doing okay, she doesn't answer our texts, but will accept calls and impromptu visits, she hasn't progressed much, but we were able to help her a lot this last week and her son Artin(6 year old) has grown more interested in coming to church now that he has made friends in the ward.

Helped two Members move on Saturday, started at 9am and went on till 10:00am and the second started at 10am and went on to 1:30pm yeah I was tired, then we had Vball at 7pm till 9pm and I was even more tired, then on Sunday I was sore... so glad we have a car, because I could not bike that day. 

We played Capture the flag for Zone Sports day and it was super fun, instead of having to touch to get someone out, you chuck a dodgeball or a sock at them to get them out. We did Seniors versus Junior Companions. Elder Hales was unable to play, because he broke his wrist playing ultimate Frisbee last Saturday, so he refereed the game and Elder Bermudes couldn't play, because he hurt both arms in a bike accident, so he was the water boy, getting all us some refreshing drinks. The game tied 2 to 2. You should of seen me, I was getting into the other teams heads, distracting them while my team mates ran for the flag.

"Life is like riding a boat down a River, it is calm, peaceful, and enjoyable. At times though the rivers turn into rapids and suddenly the ride is bumpy and scary, and if you don't follow the safety protocols, with your Life Vests not secure, you may face major injury or certain death. As in life if we are not careful, if we are not cautious, if we play in the dark area. It will cause major problems n your life and in the worst case scenarios, a Spiritual Death. Brother and Sisters, Family and Friends, wear your life Vests of Rightousness, follow the guidelines that the Lord has placed before, because he guarantees your spiritual safety, he has taught that by him and through him we may be saved. I know these things, because of the spirit and it is by that spirit by which I speak, in the name of Jesus Christ Amen" (Larson History 5:23-26)

With Love and Prayers, Elder Larson 

Elder Bermudes and I after sports

Me and my baby Delilah!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Week 83

It's that time again when the whole Mission enters into a blender to mix things up, this time though our Mission was scarcely moved around. Most Missionaries are staying in their areas. Our District, also known as the Kirkland District is staying at full power! Our District was left untouched, unscathed, and never to be messed with!

Elder Frei and I will be spending another 6 weeks together, that's what's up!

This past week has been a good week for service, with the sun out and shining. We helped a local park kill a bunch of Black Berry bushes. Helped spread mulch at juanita park by the beach.

I am so happy to be staying in Finn Hill, Elder Frei and I are going to get the work done up here in Finn Hill. We have so many great and nice members :)

This last week on Wednesday we went to Union Hill for a Baptism of a guy Elder Frei taught

Then on Saturday we went to Edmonds for Kurt Nickles Baptism, a guy I once taught. I was then able to talk to the wonderful members of the ward

I really can't think of more else to say, I am too happy with how last week went and how this next transfer is going to be like. I truly feel the Lords Love right now and I am so thankful for the Peace and Comfort it has given me

Thank you all who have supported me and Loved Me

                "Verily Verily I say unto thee, Love one another as I have Loved you, wherefore if ye have desire to serve God ye are called to the work, for the night cometh when no man can labor, and though the very gates of Hell be upon thee, insomuch will it have no power to defeat thee, for he whom is far greater than I, hath given thee power over the whole world, and I pray continually for the welfare of the saints, and that his Holy Spirit may be upon my Loved ones, even so in his name amen" (Larson 1:1)

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

Our Amazing District

Can't forget we had the Redmond Zone Awards

Bye bye  VW, rest in peace.

Kurt Nicole and I.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 82

It's amazing how everything falls into place when you rely on the Lords timing, sometimes it's hard, but everything happens for a reason.

We have had an amazing Miracle, Nina is now On date for June 10th, We had a lesson with her on Friday, we were on Exchange, so I was with Elder Hales (yes my First Companion) and we had President Schofield with us as well, the Spirit was strong and Nina is set to go!

Our Sacrament meeting was pretty empty with lots of people out of town, which meant everybody had an opportunity to participate in class :) Then we had Dinner with the Perry's. Then I Skyped home!!! It was the best Skype call yet! Glad to hear everybody is doing well and what not!

My memory gets a little Fuzzy after that, But Pictures!!!
Our Nephite city that we built during zone training.

District Service killing Blackberry Bushes

Likits Baptism (Willows taught him)

Yeah this is our District!
Family (Mission Wise, My younger Bro on the left and my dad on the right)
Rad Stuff

Mi Familia!

Alright y'all have a good week K!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week 81

I know you all had to wait longer to receive this email, for this purpose I do share an amazing statement that has taught me so much "Patience is a Virtue!" When you wait on the Lord's timing, you get increased blessings. When you wait on my timing, I at least try to write a better email.
Today we went to the Temple! oh yes it was grande indeed, to see friends from all around the Mission, somehow one of the Elders got separated from his companion, but was found in the basement of the Temple by the mission Presidency, I don't know how these things happen, but we are all still human, even in the Temple and we get misdirected and lose our companion...

Last Night we attended the Ensign Symphony and I Loved it  It was focused on Mothers. I LOVE YOU MOM! We went with our new Investigator, who is 20 and Autistic, he is really good at Impressions. 

We found out that one of the sisters in our District went home, so we will be getting a new sister or two, I don't know who yet.

Because it has been sunny, we have been able to do a lot of service. We demolished Black berry bushes at a park and we helped an older lady in the ward plant some plants. Biking has been very enjoyable too in the cool sun!

Our week was focused on following the Spirit more and I have been able to learn a lot and the Gospel has opened my eyes of understanding!

Hope all is well with everybody else, you all have a good one

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

Sorry no Pictures this week, I forgot my camera cord

Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 80

If I could tell you my past week experience in one simple phrase it would be

"Wait a Moment, Things are About to get Good"

Good Tidings I bring to all who actually care to read my email:

This one's for the Fans 👍

During the 76th annual Hunger Games our District made some poor moves which put us way behind, Sunday we got super pumped and went out and worked hard, but we got so little points. We were at least 100 points behind Zion District and 130 points behind Irreantium District. On Monday though we pulled through and got 130 points, Zion got 0, and Irreantium only got 10. We were in Second! Tuesday I brought my Secret Weapon "Chocolate Chip Cookies" for the Bake Off. After District Meeting though I came out with my cookies and I wiped out the competition, by wiped out I really mean Sister Peterson and Elder Mobley forgot to bring cookies, so I won by default and we got another 50 points for winning the Bake off, we were in the lead! Our District worked hard for the rest of the day since Tuesday was the last day. We pulled in 180 points for the final night, when the other Districts heard we were fire, they all dropped out. Kirkland District had a Ruff start, but we didn't give up, one might say we were even the "Comeback Kings". Moral of the story "Don't Give Up"!  

Now back to Missionary Work and what not

We Tracted a whole lot since we were runnin low on people to teach. It was interesting though we would tract for 2 hours knocking doors and nobody would talk to us, except for the last person. Patience is truly a Virtue and I feel like this week was meant for me to Practice my Patience. With all the empty houses and not Interested people, we still found "Amid the Gloom, Triumph". We found a good amount of people to teach and had many wonderful discussions.

One thing that was really humbling for me was, I am not the biggest fan of knocking doors, but I recognize that we can't teach unless we have people to teach, even if it means knocking a lot of doors. Elder Frei does not like knocking doors, because of bad experiences. I prayed that we would have good experiences while tracting and we had some amazing ones, I am thankful I was able help him like tracting 💗 

Elder Frei is like a Roll and I'm like the Butter, we work very well together. The Spirit is there, we are able to help each other out where the other one lacks. He is a good Comp and together we are shredding up FInn Hill, Literally on our bikes!

Gwyneth Dreessen got BAPTIZED! everything went Well and smooth! our next one is going to be Arbrie for sure, she is progressing so well and the last time we taught a lesson she gave us a bunch of fruits, but that's just a plus. We helped out a couple ward members moving stuff around their houses and what not, I guess with Sun finally coming out, people are suddenly changing things up! bro. Perry took us to nice Mexican Restaurant called Plaza Garcia. As we were going out the Waiter gave us a blessing 👌

Yep it was a grand week that will surely be talked about in the years to come. I wish you all a Grandastic week!

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson
Dale(Gramps),Gwyneth (little girl), Elder Larson (The awkward looking one), and Elder Frei (the buff guy)
Arachnious Deathicus tried to foil the baptism, by poisoning the font. But elder Frei wasn't going to let him.