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Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 40

Ello one and all, from to and fro, let me tell the story of Chente:

Chente is a very good business man and his family, which consisted of a wife and two girls, was all he ever needed.  Chente knew his happiness could not last, cause when you die that's it, but his wife started taking lessons from two peculiar guys in white shirts and ties. Chente paid no mind to it, even when his wife continued to meet the guys and even joined their organization, he paid no mind. Till one day two new guys in white shirts asked him more about his life, his eyes were then opened up to the LDS church, that his wife had joined and the Plan of Salvation( or Happiness) rang true to his ears, what a lovely thing he said, can you teach me more. Now the new guys in white shirts are Elders Sorensen & Larson the tag team duo! Our lesson with him last week, cause this happened last week, was fantastic, and Vinzant( or as we like to call him Chente) was very interested, so we pray that the good things keep rolling, his biggest stubbling block is that he is a workaholic and runs his own business.  So we hope things will slow down for him so that he can at least come to church!  Chente & his family are awesome!

Played Soccer last P-day as a Zone, as always I love playing sports. ⚽ Ate Epinadas at the Jaramillios place and sad to say, but they were the best Epinadas I have ever had! Helped the father give his daughter a blessing before her surgery to get her tonsils removed,  they are an awesome Argentinian family! Did exchanges with good old Elder Muller (said like Mueller), he is the opposite of any Muller I know😄 he is very serious, so it was fun to break his mind for the 24hrs he was with me in Edmonds.  Elder Muller loves the Military, was raised in it(like somebody I know😏)  and it so happened everybody we talked to, had a connection to the military, so he had loads of fun with me.  Especially since we had sushi for dinner and he absolutely loves Sushi! 

Our good friends the Webb family had major miracles:

Jill the mom got T- boned by another car and the guy got away (what a punk) A member gave Jill one of their older cars a Toyota 2002, it's still in great shape. Jill and her kids were shocked and humbled to know that their God is watching them! Tristan Jill's 15yr old son, whom we are teaching asked his Less Active dad if he can be Baptized and his dad said yes and he even wants to go to the baptism, Tristan is the man! and is on date for September 10th Woo Hoo!

Similarly Caitlynn our 8yr old investigator that goes to church with her Grandma, asked her mom as well and got the Green Light.  Her mom wants to see the baptism too! Caitlynn is the man!( wait a minute? 😅) she is On Date for October 22nd, because her Grandma wants to make sure she commits to Pray and read everyday and if she does that she can be baptized, so far Caitlynn has been showing Grandma up, because Grandma keeps finding her Praying and Reading😎 thats what sup.

We have to leave now though😖 cause we got some Lord's work to do😇

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

P.S. God be with you till we meet again!!!!!!    

Monday, July 18, 2016

District picture, Sunday's best, Jedi Knight's Unite

Week 39

Will all be explained in 1000words or less..................

LastTime:  we ate Crab for the 1st time, I went to Mountlake Terrace with Elder Rees my bud from MTC, He got an ear infection 😵 he really hates it! Got Wayne a cool dude to church, nobody thought he would come, they thought wrong. Some guys tried to trash talk us at Mcdonalds, we were all like "we ain't taking None of that", they left and we ate peacefully! Another guy tried to bash with us, but we wouldn't let him, we kept the jokes roling and kept bringing back to reading the book of Mormon, needless to say he was dissapointed! 😋 That was the gist of two weeks ago!

ThisTime: Spent a lot of time this week (20 hours) painting 🖌 a Part Members family home, The family used to be a do not contact, but because of recent events, their hearts have been softened, Tina Smith the Mom (the only member) invited us back to come for dinner and her kids Lafonzo (10), Kalie (9), and Frankie (6) are super cool and we are excited to get to know them and teach them the Gospel! It was a Miracle seeing how a lot of  our ward came out to help us and Tina paint the house, now Tina has many friends in the ward. 

We had dinner with the Jaramillio's (Argentinian Family), super Active, except for the oldest son Lucas, After dinner Lucas left and we were about to have our lesson, when we decided to call Lucas back in for the lesson and the Mom was like "that's the first time that missionaries have called my son in for the lesson", we asked what does the Gospel mean to you in one word? everybody gave their, I guess you could say "primary answers", but Lucas who went last gave an astounding answer , you could tell that Lucas believes at heart, you just got to let him shine! needless to say the family was shocked at his answer 😂 their faces were priceless!

While painting on Friday, we get a call from the mission home saying that we need to get to the Swedish Hospital to give a blessing. We excused ourselves and ran to the apartment to get changed and walked to the hospital, it's two blocks away from our place. 🏥 At the hospital, we met Aaron a lifelong member and he basically had his Hemorrhoids removed  😨 yeah it's not fun! The blessing was beautiful and afterwards he talked to us and gave us really good advice for life👍

The weeks go by fast and the months go by way faster 😉 I truly am in love with Edmonds, just so much good that we do up here! I don't ever want to leave, but I know I will soon, because of how long I have been here. I hope you all know how much happiness this Gospel brings me and the potential joy it can bring you!

With Love & Prayers, Elder Matthew Larson

Painting, Dodge Charger, & a Raccoon

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 38

Sorry everyone that I'm emailing so Late, but we are doing Fantastic work here in Edmonds! Today we spent a couple hours helping a less active prep her house to be painted. You got to hear this story:  

One Morning we get a call on the Phone from a lady in the Mountlake Ward, she asked us if we can help her Less active Cousin paint her house, so we were like "Sure we'd Love to!", Then later on that same day, while walking to our apartment. A car slows down and this lady that was driving yelled out " I Love You Guys", she drove away and Elder Sorensen and I looked at eachother and were like " Meh just one of those days", but her car turned around and she yelled "Wait don't leave please", our response "okay sounds good", she pulled into Burger King and we walked up to her car and she said " I was upset and praying to God that I would run into Missionaries, can I please get a Blessing?" Our response "Why of course you can, there is a member that lives right around the corner we will use their place", So we get to the house and the members were cool with us using their place. We gave a blessing and she said she felt so much better, then something clicked in her head "wait I think I talked to both of you this morning to help my cousin Move", Whoa our minds were blown "No Way, how cool is that?". So today we helped with the prep work and later this week we will start painting. This lady though is super cool and so are her kids, so they will be fun to work with!

Many others things that were awesome and crazy happened as well, but I'll have to tell you next week. Till Then, I leave you with Love and Prayers!

With Love, Elder Larson

P.S. Whoa Jacobs home this week! 😃

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 37

Sorry this is a day later 😅 For the 4th of July we couldn't email cause all the libraries were closed and we couldn't do it at the stake center either!

Other than that, the 4th was amazing, Yeah AMERICA 💥💥💥💥 we started the blessed day with Eggs and Bacon at our ward breakfast, while singing "Star Spangled Banner" in front of the American Flag.  A  B-17 flew right above our church, completely unplanned 😂 we then went with Lyle our ward mission leader to a party his brother put up, Played in a major Volley ball tournament with the extended family, Elder Sorensen and I did really good, I mean I had to of done good, my Mom is a pro. at V-ball! 😉 Finally we went to a party the Josaphats put up, and sang hymns on the Karaoke machine🎤 let's just say it was very memorable!

Helped a lot of moves in the past week, yep it's summer, so it's to be expected. Helped this family that we just met, load their Uhaul headed for California (They are yours now Elder Muller). Helped a member Family that never goes to church, because they work 7 -12hr shifts a week, we helped them load a Uhaul heading towards Idaho. Last, we helped a Armenian family move here from Provo Utah (land of Mormons). 

At Church, Linda Smith our less active, returning to activity bore her testimony, she didn't really know how long to go for, so she went for 20 minutes, but it was super spiritual, her story of coming back to the church is a real tearjerker 😂  Man I love Edmonds, it is the Northern west of our mission, I'm really figuring things out, I hope they never transfer me😅

With Love, Elder Larson