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Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 11

Dear Super Fantastic Family,

This week was amazing, just a whole bunch of ups with little to no downs. I am understanding the deep, deep doctrine more, because some of the investigators we teach, are smart and want everything behind each verse or phrase. I am bearing my testimony a lot more and Elder Hales and I are just super determined to serve the people of Mercer. On P-day Elders Hales, Mun, his new companion Tate, Nelson, his new companion Van Wagner, Jennings, Whiting, and I played soccer world cup as companionship's and football, it was fun. I kicked a few goals and caught the football 90% of the time. Elder Mun got a leg cramp and was being overly dramatic about it. Elders Nelson, Tate, and I went to Cloud 9 and ate some fantastic burgers because our companions had to go to a meeting. Tuesday we had Zone interviews, it was nice and intellectual. I was going to go on exchanges with Elder Whiting, but an emergency transfer was made and Elder Whiting had to go to a new area, so Elder Jennings and Van Wagner are zone leaders and Elder Nelson is still part of their companionship, but has no authority. The Beans fed us breakfast for dinner, as in pancakes and eggs, they were good then I had a meeting with the ward mission leaders, Bro. Jacobson and he gave us expensive sausages, that  were fantastic. Wednesday, we helped a guy help catch his two dogs that were just running around in the middle of the street, he was thankful but not interested. We then worked at the Thrift shop and Elder Hales found a $200 brand new pair of shoes that were donated,  he asked how much they would sell it for and the manager said $8.76 so Elder Hales jumped on that offer. Thursday Elder Hales and I spent three hours mowing this persons lawn, man they haven't mowed for seasons and their lawn was a jungle. We then attended Binai Shalom a Jewish Mormon event, we tried to get Stella to it, but she couldn't make it. The food there was great and we sang songs in Hebrew, then we watched this presentation on the twelve tribes of Israel, we then, met a non-member Fran there and we asked if we can meet up and she said why not. Friday, we taught this lady Jackie and her friend Steven at a McDonald's, we answered many of their questions and they want to meet us again two Fridays from now. Worked at thrift shop again. Read 2 Nephi 2 with Stella, she asks really good questions and she is always satisfied with the answer, I feel like she gets closer to conversion every time we meet her. Also, I taught a referral from Bellevue, Gary doesn't think he is ready for baptism yet, but he will attend church, read, and pray. Saturday, I introduced a man to Family Search, his name is Peter, he lost his right hand in the Korean war, but has a hook in place of it, I thought he was pretty cool. Did more service for Vicki in her yard. Then set up Trunk or Treat and at the event we had so many non-members and investigators there, we could barely talk to everybody.  We got a bunch of people that want to meet us now, it's amazing. Sunday we invited four Investigators to church, only Smile came and he liked it. Two members also got friends to come, so we got two new investigators to add to the list. Man this week was amazing. Elder Hales and I taught so many lessons and we are finally getting members excited for missionary work. We have been told that we are a really solid companionship. I learned this week that Elder Hales is colorblind, wow I was surprised. Anyway I hope all is well on your side. 
This Elder Larson Signing Off! Peace!

With Much Love, Elder Larson

PS: I did get the package from grandma, I loved it. I will think about things I will need in my next package, thank you so much.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 10

Dear Fantastic Mom,

This week was fantastic and amazing. Elder Hales and I found a couple of solid investigators and we have committed multiple investigators to come we to church. On Monday we played Soccer as a zone and I did pretty well as a goalie, then ate dinner with Bro. Hsu, he provided a massive meal and then on the side gave us bread, peanut butter, oranges, and banana bread to take home. Visited Linda a member who is a recovering alcoholic, she is awesome, but sometimes you can tell she is struggling, so we try to motivate her to move on and trust in the Lord. Tuesday was great we talked to a lot of people that wanted to invite us inside their homes, but we couldn't since they were all female and we didn't have any other males around us, so that was interesting, we need to get male members to come out with us, so we can hasten the work. I received letters that day from Papa and Nancy and in one phrase," It lifted me up", and it did, I was excited to get back into the field. Wednesday I finally had Thai food for dinner, it was also vegetarian style, it was really good, but I wonder if it would taste better with meat. On Thursday we had 2nd Transfer training, so I saw all my MTC buds, we also held the meeting in the Mercer Island building. Saturday we help a member move out, then we helped this older Jewish lady with odd chores around the house, we then saw our investigator Josh Lopez and his mom while riding to our apartment and they were trying to replace their car battery, but they were having issues, so we helped them to the best of our knowledge and our prayers were answered, because Joshua's mom asked him if was coming to church this Sunday, not yesterday, because it was stake conference and by luck Josh said yes and we ended up getting the car working without damaging it. Right after that a old guy asked us if we would helped them move for 20 dollars, we said no, we well do it for free, so we ended up helping a family move in to the apartment a building away from us, we gave them our phone number and they might call us over for a barbecue. After that we had no time for lunch, because we needed to go to Vicki's house, because she asked us to do some yard work for her. When we got there she had ham and cheese sandwiches, a gallon of chocolate milk, cans of root beer, chips, and cookies. It was a blessing, we also met her oldest son Ryan who is the Oregon Ducks broadcaster, he showed us some of his skills and taught us some helpful tips and tricks in life. Sunday was stake conference and we heard from our Mission President. There was a Member-Missionary Fireside as well and basically a meeting where we hear testimonies of recent converts and Missionaries sing songs. It was very spiritual and I can't wait to get our investigators up there bearing their testimonies. I'm looking forward to this next week. I thank you all for the wonderful support you give me.

With Love, Elder Larson

Monday, October 12, 2015


Week 9

Dear Loved ones and other people,

This week has been full of bashers. They just keep coming and I try so hard not to put them in their place, but when you argue people only get more stubborn and the spirit leaves. Thankfully Elder Hales and I handled them very well by bearing our testimonies and getting out of there. Elder Hales and I ate all our food this week, we were so hungry, because it was raining a lot and our appointments were steep hills apart. We have a new investigator named Stella, she is sixty and Jewish, she prayed about the things we talked about and believes Jesus is our Savior, That  the Book of Mormon is true, and Joseph Smith was called by God, but she is having trouble adjusting and taking that leap of Faith, because her daughter is in a Jewish school and she teaches at a Jewish school. We have high hopes for her. Our constant Investigator Vikki wants to be Baptized Thanksgiving weekend, so her whole family can be there, only problem is I might get transferred:(, but who am I to complain at least she is getting Baptized and is making the right decisions in life. We taught lessons to so many potentials, but only a few gave return appointments, our goal is to get them to church, so they can fell the wonderful peace that lies there. On Sunday I gave a talk on the Prodigal son parable in Luke 15, I shared my experiences and bore my testimony that we are all not perfect, trying to find the right path and that right path is the one Jesus Christ laid for us. Everybody in the ward said my talk was wonderful, but I didn't really think so. I am excited for new week to share the gospel and I pray that you all are doing fine

With my Heartfelt Love, Elder M. Robert Larson

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 8

Dear My Beautiful Mother,

I am writing one day late, because Transfers were today. I was not transferred neither was my companion, but Elder Mun and Sill are gone ): Elder Hales was called a District Leader so we had to go to district training for a couple of hours, it was exhausting. Make sure you watch General Conference and then re watch it, cause it is that good, I truly was inspired to work harder and help others. Last P-day we played football With Elder Mun and Sill, with an appearance of our Zone Leaders Elder Whiting and Jennings, our football got real intense, my team won though with Elder Mun and Hales on my team. Ate fish for the first time this mission at Brother Jacobsons house, it was called Hal bat (look it up). My companion and I were invited to a Fiesta, we ate all kinds of food, the kind that Jacob gets to eat 24/7, there was also cake with jello on top, it was pretty good. We taught Vikki the Gospel of Jesus Christ and her friend Maxine came to listen, we invited them both to read, pray, and watch conference, they both said yes. We also taught a Jewish lady named Stella, she feels like she knows this is true and would like to be baptized, but she thinks its to hard of a change, with her father being a holocaust survivor, with her daughter going to a Jewish school, and with herself teaching at a Jewish school. We asked her to watch General Conference and pray about it. Josh Lopez is reading and praying, but we are really trying to get him to come to church and we are also trying to find fellowship, so he will have Mormon friends his own age. This week has been great, we have found multiple people who are investigating our gospel and we hope to get some On-Date for Baptism.

With Sincere Love for the Lord, Elder Larson

P.S. With the no soda thing, Root Beer doesn't count. Elder Mun gave my Dr. Pepper to other Elders. The Thrift Shop is not Church owned