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Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 75

It truly has been lots of fun this past week being part of a three pack, there is never a dull moment with Elder Nielsen and Poll around. It's a surprise we actually get anything done... JK JK we are working hard, we cover Bothell Spanish and FInn Hill. Can't say I've picked up much Spanish, but at least I know when people are talking about food :)

Monday: After saying final goodbyes to Elder Christianson, Elder Poll (Paul) got in with us and we inherited the car, the sports gear, and food that was left in the Bothell Spanish Apartment and moved it all to Finn Hill.  Ate Thai for dinner with a Bro. Moulton. Went ward FHE and played General Conference Jeopardy!

Tuesday: District Meeting and with Elder Christianson gone, Elder Poll was assigned to be District Leader and we have the smallest District in the mission, only five missionaries! We discussed a lot about our sacred calling and why we came out to serve. Ate Tacos with Obispo (Bishop) Morales from the Spanish Ward. Saw all of Bothell again and again and again. Ate dinner with the Allingtons

Wednesday: It was a beautiful sunny day, we went on a hike with our Investigator Kristen.
Our cool three pack chilling by the lake.

Elder Poll told me that all Hispanics are really nice but the first person we visited cussed us out is Spanish then tells us in English that if we ever come back, he will shoot us and he even pretended his hand was a gun and that he was shooting at us. Elder Poll then said that most Hispanics are nice generally. 

Thursday: Weekly planned for both areas, we almost didn't make it through, but we did and we had by far the best comp inventory ever, we are a tight companionship! Met with a (Spanish Investigator) and she wants to take the lessons, so point for Bothell Spanish! Joined in on Spanish wards activity night and we played Soccer for over an hour! 

Friday: Played Gospel Games with a fun family, as always they are really fun and loving, and the games really help them, since they are still new to the church and don't know much. It has been a blessing to be in car especially on days when it downpours!

Saturday: Zone Blitz in Kirkland Spanish, found the Hermanas solid Potentials. Then we had Celeste's Baptism!!!!! It was well organized, the speakers were top and Cody Allington (Celeste's Boyfriend) performed the ordinance! We went to a party the Allingtons were throwing afterwards at there house and we got to meet some of Celeste's friends. Then Volleyball! We had a big turnout, the youth are stellar at inviting their friends, and Mom would be proud of me, because I now know how to jump serve, oh yeah!

Sunday: Went to the Spanish ward (Lake Washington Ward) sacrament meeting, it was muy bien! Then we went to Finn Hill sacrament and Elder Nielsen performed Celeste's Confirmation! Good News, our other investigator is back on Date for the 29th of April! We went to her primary class again and talked about missionary work! Taught the (Spanish Investigator) and she is struggling, but we testified a lot about the Atonement and Repentance and the Spirit was strong! Ate dinner with the Robledos (Spanish Family) they made Bacon wrapped Hot Dogs and they were Muy Delicioso!   

Over all it was a sweet week in my book! 

I've learned ThreePacks are Awesome, Spanish Missionaries are Awesome, and that if you work hard, Blessings will follow. This last week, we found no one new for Finn Hill, but we worked hard and on Sunday a young couple walks into church and they want to learn more, Miracle Baby! You better believe it!

Amor y Oraciones, Elder Larson
Celeste's baptism
     Volleyball night   

Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 74

This Email is coming in very late today because some crazy things happened 

But Ill get into that in just a bit, so practice Patience!

Last Week:

Monday-Played Sportz with all the Elders in the Zone. Orange Chicken with the Bergholms, after dinner we went with the Bergholms to do service at HopeLink
Us with the Bergholms

Tuesday- District Meeting was on Fire, traded Posters and got the Zone Leaders Poster
Found a nice Japanese Lady, also a car pulled up by Elder Nielsen and I, this lady rolles the window down and starts questioning why we knocked her door five minutes ago, we told her we were missionaries, then she started going off about how thats soliciting and that we shouldn't be doing it, oh well can win them all. All in All a good Proselyting day

Wednesday- Mini Exchange out of nowhere with the Zone Leaders, Elder Nielsen was with Elder Hales and I was with Elder Roberts. Elder Roberts and I found an Awesome South African family, they invited us in and we sat down for 30 minutes teaching them what Missionaries DO! Went to Dairy Queen for Lunch and saw a Less Active that I know from Cottage Lake, he was surprised to see me... We then did service for this Thai family that is taking the lessons from Sister Watanawongworakula and Sister Anderson. Came back to Finn Hill with Elder Nielsen and had dinner with the Perrys

Thursday- Zone Interviews, Sister Schofield testified with burning Passion, she is really sweet and motivational! Weekly Planned like Bosses. Met a Solid lady and she talked to us while she did yard work and she said she wanted to start going to a church, she said she will try to come (which she didn't, so we are going to meet up with her again this week). 
Friday- Went on Exchanges, I was with Elder Poll. We Biked all day in the rain and it was Elder Poll's first time biking as a missionary. Found so many people home. Had a lesson with the Ducots with Juvy in charge, then we played Spiritual Tic-tac-toe again.
Elder Poll and I, we Undastand eachother

Saturday-  Had a Lesson and went over Baptismal Interview questions with an investigator.  We asked her how she felt and she said "I am so happy" WOOT WOOT! Church is True! Played Volleyball and I've improved my serves, I now do jump serves ;)

Sunday- Church stuff, learned more about building Faith and being better at praying. Dinner with Oien's, Lasagna one of my top Favs! they had two really funny kiddos. Spent the rest of the day doing the Lords Work

I Learned this week that it does matter, everything we do, even if our finding efforts are fruitless we know in our Heart how great this message is, It's hard, but I believe that the Blessings of our efforts will come, if not in this life then maybe the next!

Oh and Before I forget, something major happened

Finn Hill is getting a Car...

We are also covering Bothell Spanish Now....

And we are tripacking it with Elder Poll...

Yep, found out this morning, Elder Christianson's been Emergency Transferred to Seahurst, Elder Poll is our District Leader Now, and now I won't be biking for another three weeks. As of 3pm today this all took effect!

On the Bright Side we had a Zone Activity playing Mini Golf and ate together at DQ for Lunch 
mini golf

Good old DQ
Elder Christainson giving his goodbye speech.

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 73


Well well well, to start off, last week we had Zone Sports Day and we Played Volleyball and Chair Soccer. We also switched up posters as a Zone so the Poster we made went to Redmond Spanish Elders and we got Bothell Spanish Elders Poster.
Most of the Zone!!!... Yeah!
Tuesday it was Elder Christianson's first District Meeting, it went well, talked lots about finding stratagems... Then went on Exchanges and I was with... Elder Christianson in Bothell Spanish. It was interesting to be around Spanish people all day, yet it was awesome and even though it's a different language you can feel the Spirit strong with these good saints. 

Had to put this on the second I found it in the Apartment

Wednesday finished up our Exchange, Biked all over the area in search of some Apartment Complex's, this is why you write the address with the name of the place, so we can find it easier. We didn't find the Apartments we were looking for, we did however write down each apt. with an address that we did find. Now I know my area boundaries a lot better too. Oh and it also down poured all day. 

Thursday lovely lovely weekly planning, cleaned things up a bit, visited less actives and potentials all day, though it seemed like everyone had fled the country or something...

Friday yes we had sun! and it was warm, it hit around 60  degrees, what a blessing indeed. Didn't where Jackets for the First time this Transfer, People were home too and we got to bear lots of testimony and give out some BoMs(Books of Mormon) Had a Lesson/Game with a semi-active family and they don't know much about the church but they Love to learn through the games we do. This time we played Tic Tac Toe, if they wanted to mark a box they had to answer a question correctly, we would explain the answer every time and in 45 minuteswe had only played 2 games. 

Saturday it was wet outside again, we decided to stay close to our place, so we walked all day, met a couple of new potentials. Met My Ward Mission Leader Bro. Bahr, turns out he knows Bro. Redd back at my home ward. Bro. Bahr had us meet him at a Sushi Place (This is why the Subject of my email is Sushi) he bought us three sushi rolls of Salmon, each piece prepared differently, so I tried 8 different types of Salmon, I'm starting to see why people like sushi a lot, once you get over that it's raw fish, it's pretty good! Had a Ward Game/Dessert night. got to know Ward Members Better and the dessert were too tempting and I partook a lot and I regretted it later for sure. All in All, I had some good fun and met some great people.

Sunday Sacrament was all about Baptism and Holy Ghost, Both our On dates were there and we are still good for March 25th, baptism. Found out that one of the on dates grandfather was someone I knew from the HollyWood Hill Ward, I knew him as Dale the Building Guy, I remember him telling me months ago that he was trying to get his Grand Daughter Baptized, who would of thought that I would be here to help,,, Went to the Primary Class to help teach commandments, but their Primary teachers did a good enough job, so we were there in case they needed back up. Yeah this ward is stellar at Missionary Work. Had a great Dinner with the Fishers, definitely the best Spaghetti I've had thus far (Got to get the recipe from them) had a good spiritual thought after 15 minutes of trying to work the TV... 

It was a good week, had lot's of fun, biked many many miles and learned how to make the perfect egg, so I give this week 12 Rolls of Sushi 🍱 out of 13 Rolls of Sushi 🍱   

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 72

Well I Had a major Transition this week!

Cottage Lake/Hollywood Hill got Pink Washed, which means Sisters...

Spent My P-day with Zone Leaders Elder VW(Van Wagoner) and Poppy(Kohler) spent all day driving around making sure areas are ready for Transfers

Tuesday went to Denny's with President and the Assistants for Breakfast. Then Elder VW, Poppy, and I went to the airport, didn't pick up any new missionaries, but we did grab all their Luggage.

Now I am serving in Finn Hill! I was pretty sure I was going to FInn Hill the whole time, since it's the only English non-Zone Leader area. My new Companion is.... Elder Nielsen (We were in the same MTC District 😁) and in Finn Hill we Bike! Up and down the hills, in the Rainy and Windy weather! 

I have to say though Finn Hill is on Fire, we are working with two Investigators that are On Date for this Transfer. We have a young girl who is 16 and has always wanted to have God in her life and she found the church through a friend, she is on date for March 25th. Then we have another young girl who is 9, her parents have been less active, but now are active in the church once again, she is on date for March 18th. I haven't met much of the ward yet, but so far they are all very nice and Loving. I already feel like a part of their Ward Family!

Funny story: Got a referral from Arizona for a guy, so we went and contacted him and he either has mental issues or he was really drunk. Well he was a very funny guy, doesn't know anything about us, but told his Mormon friend he would meet with us. Around the end of the Lesson, he looks me dead in the Eye and asks "Do you need a Girl?", "Uh what" I reply. He then goes off on how he has an attractive 19 year old daughter and that he would love to set us up... I told him I wasn't interested right now, then he started joking about other things. As a missionary though, those kinds of curve balls can really throw you off... *eh he*, but not me of course.....

Also, I made a new Friend, Juvy, he is 16 a priest and his family is from the Philippines, the moment I met him we clicked and are already good buddies, I can't wait to make more friends in this ward

Any ways... Love You all lots and hope the Gospel continues to run smoothly in your lives 

Arizona Born, Elder Larson

 Elder VW and I at the Hillcrest Bakery

What happens when you have 3 missionaries together?  Bow Ties!!!