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Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 67

Hello from the Seattle Washington Mission,

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Elder Larson a Renowned Knife Throwing Specialist, but thats not why you are reading this, you are reading to know more about my Adventures up here in Bothell Specifically serving in the Cottage Lake/ Hollywood Hill Areas. 

To Kick start this deal, we have a major update when it comes to the Missionary Schedule, which we learned this past Wednesday. If you have not heard about it, look it up. I could explain it here, but that would be easy... I will say this though, I like it a lot, It allows us(Missionaries) to be more Independent.

Work Update: As a Zone we blitz the Chili Cheese Dog out of our area, because of the combined efforts, we now have our hands on not 1, not 3, but 2 new Investigators, Thank you Zone!

Along with that, our friend has also shown interest in the church and will now be taking lessons from us, I am a little hesitant about her though, she is crazy and from what I've learned in my past experiences with crazy people, is that they are loyal and honest, but they are most likely going to do something, sometime it's good, sometime's it's not... 

Our Friendly Part Member Family the Grunkmeier's had us come by for dinner, we get there and dinner still has an hour before it's done, so we played ball and board games with the kiddo's. They have three boys and they are super full of energy.

Companion Update: Elder Smith still imparts words of wisdom upon me everyday, he really understands people and how they like to be treated, he can give a BoM to just about anybody, because he knows how to persuade, but he doesn't do it,because it's not right for somebody to only take BoM, because we convinced them too. No he prefers to let the Spirit to do it's job, even if it means we only pass out one BoM a week

Individual Update: I doing more then good this week, I got over some mental stumbling blocks. Now I'm ready to go and work hard! 

Recap God is Love, Love is naturally part of us, Therefore God is always with us

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 66

This past week felt Super Long, usually that would be because all we did was tract and it gets boring really Quick, but not this time.... 

We had loads of fun visiting all our LA's, on the Down side, none were interested in coming back, but the Positive is we had something to do. They were all home for the most part, we had good wholesome Gospel Discussions with each of them, they were all nice to us, and they said we could come back anytime! Our week felt Long, but it also felt super Productive, I haven't felt this way since my Edmond Days 

Elder Smith is real Ace, He is Dying this transfer, but that doesn't stop him, He is a really hard worker, Super Intelligent as well, he teaches me something new everyday! And with him dying, gives us a free pass to all the Missionary gatherings, Sweet!

Our good Friend Kari (NonMember) that we met awhile ago putting a new starter in her car is very nice to us now and wants to treat us with food and goodies

We had DInner with two awesome Families, the Parkers and the Woodlands. Both make amazing meals and are very friendly and hilarious to be around

Amazing News, Elder Van Wagoner is our new Zone Leader and Elder Gale is our new District Leader

Our District Contains Elders Van Wagoner, Kohler, Gale, Bermudes, Smith, and I. Which means we are going to tear things up

We continue to fight the good fight here and I hope that everybody continues to follow their Dreams and become the beautiful Butterfly's they are meant to become!

Love and Prays, Elder Larson
Had another George the Peacock sighting, we had just parked our car on the side of the street, we got out and the bush right by Elder Smith started Rustling and out came a Peacock, I'm embarrassed to say that I got scared when he popped out, he is a big bird after all and from what neighbors tell me, he has nasty bite... one day though I will befriend him!

Elder Larsen came to our sacrament meeting to participate in a baby blessing, I saw his Tag and I had to talk to him, He is a Church Service Missionary from Mount Vernon, WA. We had a good time together, if only he could spell his name the right way... 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 65

First off I M GOING to start off with some great news, Elder Smith and I are staying together in Cottage Lake/Hollywood Hill. Hopefully I will get to be the Missionary that sends him home Honorable... He is a very Fun Elder and we got to know each other really well, so we are both excited for this next transfer. Went to the Member-Missionary Fireside in the Seattle Zone, saw my friends from Edmonds, the Webb's and the Nickles, I was very happy to see them again! 

Helped a crazy Lady put a new starter in her car, since I have done it before on the mission, we were able to do it in less than two hours, which beats doing it in eight hours. the Lady was very thankful of us, might I mention she is Clairvoyant, so she has the Gift and said that she will predict our Future, so will see how that goes...

Other than that, still working hard, got a solid referral, her name Brianna Bergerson 17yr old, she wants to learn how to pray from us, we are excited to meet her this week, we also have a list of new Move ins in the ward, will see how they take us...

Always Fun up here in the Seattle Mission, always busy with something...

Ill give you more goods next week, Till Then Bon Voyage

Love, Elder Larson  

Our Zone

George the Peacock

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 64

Well this was an interesting week to start out the new year,

First off we had Zone Sports Day, Played some Chair Soccor and Volleyball, I have become better at the game of Volley the Ball, I no longer stand there like an idiot who doesn't know what he is doing, now I'm all over the court going crazy with some mad moves(Not as in i'm Angry, but I get really into it)... Sports is always Fun, as long as it has something to do with a ball, if not then is it really a Sport? JK JK Had dinner with Randy Searles, the ultimate Bachelor, teaching us his ways and what not. He cooked us up a nice Salmon dinner, Fish is good, but when you eat Salmon, your in a whole other game field, It's super Delicious!

Classic District Meeting, our topic of discussion was on teaching others how to feast upon the Scriptures, Pray to their Heavenly Father, Sabbath day routine, and being aware of Adversity... All very key things anybody should know how to do if they want to increase their Testimony or gain a Testimony...

Went on Mini exchange with both Elder Muller and Bermudes, since they had a disagreement, I listened to both sides of the story, then we all got together and they made up, it was a beautiful thing to be a part of, even though at first I thought their was no way we could help, but being there and listening to them made all the difference, now they are working hard and even found a new On Date!

Zone Conference - Topic of Discussion - Repentance, I subject I have learned all to well, one could say I have mastered it, because I do it everyday... My favorite part of Zone Conference was lunch, because I had the opportunity to be with all my friends on the west side of the Mission  

Went on a Full Exchange with Elder Bermudes, if I haven't already stated, this Elder is from Micronesia, English is his third Language, and has only been out in the field for 5 weeks. Needless to say we had lots of fun. The Coopers in our ward got us Dominoes for dinner, so we ate at the Church then played basketball for the remainder of the hour, Elder Bermudes is gifted at Basketball, he has moves I've never even seen before. For his language study we went to a Convenience store and we went around the whole store and I explained everything to him and answered his questions, then we bought a very spicy bag of Doritos and set our mouths a flame. I loved every second of the Exchange, we went to a Zone Blitz in Woodinville and while tracting with him we found four solid Potentials, we worked extremely well together!

Another Lovely Sabbath covering two wards, talked a lot about Family and it's importance. Had dinner with the Wilson-Tarbet Family, really good Chicken stew. What I like about them most, is that they participate a lot in our spiritual lesson, I feel its better that way, because I don't like it when it's just me and my companion talking, the Spirit is more abundant when everybody participates!

Upcoming are Transfers, I really hope Elder Smith and I stay together, I don't want a fifth companion in the same area, the ward will never let it down 😓

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 63

I don't know why we have been so busy on P-day, we ain't the Zone Leaders... Yet we have been given Errands to do on the most... I mean second most Important day of the week after Sunday! As I type this very moment I am scrambling around in my Brain on what to say, because every second is precious time that could be spent typing an Awesome Weekly Report...

First off Happy New Years!!! 

New Years Eve as expected was pretty uneventful... We gathered as a Zone at 4pm, I thought we would do a repeat of last year and watch a Movie, but I thought Wrong, instead we did Testimony meeting with a twist you had to share your favorite Scripture or Song, If you shared a song the mission would all sing one verse together. It was a Spiritual Touching night to end off 2016, after that though we went and helped some members clean their Garage, mind you we were not sweeping or dusting, by cleaning I mean we helped grab all the Heavy and Awkward stuff and took it to the Basement. It was good service, the reason why they needed their Garage empty, so that they could put their cars in it, because the day earlier somebody broke into their Truck and took it for a Joy Ride and landed it in a Ditch. They Got the Truck back, but you understand why they wouldn't want their cars outside for awhile... After we helped them we went in for the Night and Chilled!

Our week was pretty Eventful, Our new Investigator Mayson we found out lives in Redmond, so we lost our only Investigator... Oh well  it happens. Helped Members Move a Hot tub with our Friends Elder Skelton and Henrie, because we needed more Muscle, the Members thanked us with Red Robin...YUM! Had another Good old District Meeting, I haven't lost my cool yet in conducting, its like all the other Missionaries make Leading and Conducting look so easy, but it is not. Their is a lot more Responsible, even when you want to stop, Quit, or Take a Break! You simply can't because other Missionaries are counting on you to lead them to Victory! Its the same way with those we teach, we can't give up, because their Salvation in a small way depends on us and our willingness to teach them and Love them. 

Double Church is very spiritual, but at the same time very tiring, the best way I have been able to handle it, is by Participating when I can in the Sunday School Lessons. It helps me stay in the Game. Plus getting to know two Wards of people has been so much fun as well. This week we got lots going on so Ill be excited to tell you all, all about it. Till then, keep the Public Peace and don't do Stupid Stuff!

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson