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Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 91

Hey hey hey it's Elder Larson, 

Another Grandio week in the far off lands of Finn Hill!

Elder Frei and I had some amazing times, Not only Have we been having a glorious time in the beautiful weather of Seattle, but we have also been experiencing tiding of great joy!

Last Monday we had Zone Sports, We played Capture the flag, Rugger, and Soccer

Tuesday was Elder Fukuokas first District Meeting, it was super Spiritual, he put a lot of effort into it! I love our District so much, they are all so much fun! Elder Frei and I shared a lesson on Faith, Trust us it really works!

We had our Zone Interviews on Friday and we played Volley Ball as a Zone, which was so much fun
Even more so is that we had our usual lesson with the Ducots and we had a break through, we taught about kindness and the kids were all pointing fingers, so we said you all got to repent and be kind! 

We also had a District Blitz in our area, I went with Elder Fukuoka and we found a new Investigator, Scott Inama, he was kicked out of his church for refusing to take a calling, so now he is searching once again! 

We ran into multiple less actives this week, all of them were very nice to us and some even prayed for us :)

Elder Frei and I taught a lesson on Tithing at church which turned into a big discussion on Generosity and kindness

This week we have some good stuff ahead, so wish me luck!

With Love, Elder Larson
Pikahuge, complement of Elder Brown

Guess what I am?

Failure of a District photo...

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