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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Week 62

Wow what a spectacular week we(Me and Elder Smith) had. I could typed a whole essay on foods we ate that were delicious, but I won't, because Ain't nobody got time for that!

Monday: Not P-day, helped guy Move stuff to three different locations, he had a weak back, so he couldn't even help us lift the heavy Awkward stuff, needless to say we got the goods to the targets!

Tuesday: Temple Day! Nuff said

It gets a little hectic after that, we got bombarded with Parties and members wanting to spend time with us, was able to do lots of small service projects helping some of the older members around their house. It was pleasant, because I Love being around Members or people in general that are cool, I enjoy it so much more than knocking doors, so this past week has really Hyped me up!

Went on Exchange with Elder Muller in his Area Kenmore, We found a new Investigator, she is African American and of Christlike Love, went to Dominoes for dinner and one of the Workers is a member and paid for our Pizza, Did service at a Thrift shop collecting donations, while it was SNOWING! It was awesome, but really cold...

Santa came to our Zone on Friday, but Santa didn't get me anything...

Saturday we had our Christmas Fireside(Partay) as a zone, Where I got unexpected Presents from Santa(guess he forgot a few at the Mission Office, I Mean North Pole) ate a lot of junk food and played White Elephant Exchange(If you don't know what White Elephant Exchange is, Look it up now) It was Hilarious and everybody came out with something cool! 

Christmas: Started it out with a Big Breakfast with the Davis Family! Attended Sacrament Meeting. Skype ed my Family back in Arizona, now that was Fun, They all look different now! Ate Christmas Dinner with PittsenBargers, really nice Family!

Had a Christmas Miracle, we got a new Investigator named Mayson, Nino a recent Convert Introduced us to him and on Christmas no less, God Bless us Everyone of Us!

look forward to next weeks email, because Crazy things happen around new years!

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

Zone party, I mean Fireside!
White Elephant gift but was stolen away shortly after I got it.
I didn't win this, but it was by far the coolest gift.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Week 61

Yes I am still alive! Had our Temple Trip today which made today our P-day...

Last week on Monday, made our Zone Christmas Video, because it is tradition in our mission!

Tuesday, went on Exchange with the Zone Leaders, got bashed with hardcore by Born Again's, It was fun, I haven't had that happen in a while...

Got a call Tuesday Night, Telling me that Elder Cardon is going to be Emergency Transferred.... Not Again, stop taking my companions away, I am not particularly fond of it. 

Wednesday, Elder Cardon packed, went to Mission Office, Elder Cardon was shipped off to North Creek and Elder Smith was set up with me, Oh yes at least I know the guy and we had lots of fun last Transfer in our District.

What happened was that Elder Smith's bikes kept breaking, so he couldn't be in a biking area anymore, so out of every car area, they chose me...

Thursday, Weekly Planned, now having to work with two areas, one I know pretty well and the other not so much, also account for trying our best to keep within our 1000 mile limit! 

Mission Christmas Party, Ate awesome food, watched the Zone Videos, almost died out of laughter, Everybody was asking me "Hows it going with Elder Cardon", I had to laugh every time, "Yeah he got Emergency Transferred, I'm with Elder Smith now"

Friday, yeah will just skip Friday, nothing exciting happened

Saturday, Did lots of service! Helped rearrange furniture for an old lady, helped move a butch of pots around for another old lady, and helped organize a shed for yet another old lady :) 

Had our ward Party in Cottage Lake, Members were shocked to me with another companion, they would come up to me and say jokingly "this is your fourth companion in eight weeks, what is wrong with you?" to which I would reply "You don't want to know!" and just as a joke I told some Missionaries that it's the Laurels fault for flirting with my companions and getting them sent away and I am immune to it, which is why I stay 😉

Sunday, was at church from 7:30 am to 4:15pm, Church is so much fun and you learn so much when your there twice as long...

Breakfast for dinner with the Bishops family (Last name is really Bishop) Got to know then pretty well, helped them give a blessing to their sick daughter, that was cool, I love giving blessing, that's one thing I missed about serving round a hospital, you give blessings a lot....

Went to coordinate with Hollywood Hill's Ward Mission Leader, went to his house, he wasn't home.... Spent some time getting to know his sons which are Less Actives

and that Sums up the week pretty well, looking forward to Christmas!!!

Love, Elder Larson

Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 60

Sorry for the late Email, but we needed to make our Zone Christmas Video, Check It!

I Became Elder Batman, companion with Elder Robin, together sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ 

This past week has been busy, with the combining of two areas that tends to happen, it's been loads of fun though as well meeting with lots of members, they are super nice from both wards. Yes we have to go to two wards on Sunday, which is 6 hours of church plus an hour and a half of meetings👍👍 I Love it, talk about a spiritual Boost! My companion Elder Cardon is great, has changed a lot on his mission in a very good way, he has definitely been helpful to me in carry out my responsibilities as a DL, It is loads of fun helping your fellow Missionaries be the best they can be! 

I am happy to say that it snowed on Wednesday, a lot more than Monday, we went out during our Workout Period and I made Snowmen, It was fun and it was stunningly Beautiful outside!

Investigator wise we now have a pool of people to teach, Because of Hollywood Hill 😁 Have I met them.... No, but we are planning to this week

Spiritual Wise read Philippines 4:13, Atonement is Real!!!
This is my new Buddy Elder Skelton, sadly not in my District, but we hit it off super well, so we are excited to serve around eachother this Transfer

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 59

☺This Morning was a Great Morning, here is why

Yep, it snowed outside the basement, this white substance is beautiful, It was coming down as well, yeah a White Christmas!

Other big news, Lizzy from Edmonds got Baptized, so after asking the Zone Leader multiple times and even having to ask the Assistants, I got permission to go to it.
​Lizzy is only 13, but she is pretty tall, Elder VW and I helped teach her from the very beginning, so was great to see her and her family again, who are not too far behind from following Lizzy. It was also great to see the ward members again!
​Lyle and I reunited at last! Elder VW and Heuer are both taking care of good old Edmonds for me...

 Our last District Meeting was great and Sister Orr bore Beautiful Testimony, she is going home today in fact and lets just say this past week she went kind of went crazy, I pray that this wont happen to me, when my time comes...

Elder Francis and Smith have just been the best! Bothell Zone is known by the mission for being super boring, let me tell you, this Transfer has been anything, but boring! 
​My BoyZ! The Bothell Mafia or the Bofia! Yeah we are the Punk group in the Zone that nobody talks to, but we prefer it that way! #MissionaryThugs

Had a Terrible Zone Training, all we did was RolePlay, come on use those Beautiful Brains God gave you and think of some thing better Zone Leaders, this is why Bothell is boring, because it all stems from the Leaders...
Had a Great week overall, not doing too well on finding people teach, our teaching pool is still Zero, but the Members are amazing, I love them so much!

Oh by the Way, Elder Jenson is being 6week shafted to Bellevue 😖 I will not be killing him off... Elder Francis is also being Transferred to Seattle North (God help this poor soul) he is going to Love it there, with all the things you can do and the People you meet(Drug Dealers and Homeless People)!  As for me... I am staying, but there is a catch, they are combining Cottage Lake and Hollywood Hill areas, So I'll be covering two wards now with my new companion, I already know who it is, eh emm Elder Cardon!
Yeah thats him, sitting right by me as I type, it's a good thing we already get along well with each other! Though I am sad, because we won't be living with the Copelands 😖 They are an Awesome family, I have really enjoyed living with them!

Tell you more about how things are going next week, till next time I bid you Adieu 

Love, Elder Larson