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Monday, March 28, 2016

The Crew

Basketball on PDay

Week 33

Happy Easter!!!!!!!

Wow what a week Elder Wolfy and I had! 

Monday: Elder Hodsen's last P-day, so we went to a Japanese Buffet called Mizukies. It was Elder Hodsen, McalMurray, Hunt, Sill, Woolf, and I sat down with big plates of fun in this nice backroom of the joint, when we went back for seconds though we saw the rest of the Zone Elders there and that is in violation with White Handbook Rulez, so nobody was in trouble, because it was just a huge Coincidence that every Elder wanted Mizukies. It was super Fun coincidence. Then we had a heated Basketball match, it was me Elder Hodsen, McalMurray, and I VS the rest and Elder Hodsen is Huge, so it was lay up after layup, but I represented the Larson Legacy by getting the game winning point in our Heated Game of B-ball. That night we had dinner with the Mason family and they are the first family to cook us Burgers strangely enough and we had a great lesson on missionary work with them!

Tuesday: Last District Meeting and we ended it off with a Bang! everyone gave training all of which were powerful! I received my Easter Package full of goodies which I was thrilled to eat! Met this guy last week who said he was in a middle of nap, but comeback, so we didn't expect much, but this guy Jim was really nice and invited us in and we saw his guitar and he and Elder Woolf played some songs. He was interested in what we had to say, so we hope next time goes even better! Had dinner with Grimes, it was Chicken and soup, it was super good. Sister Grimes maiden name is actually Larson, so we might be related. They also have an adorable little girl named Lyla and she reminds me of Aiden, because she has to be the center of attention and that might be Larson blood after all!

Wednesday: Went to Dentist to pick up Elder Woolf's mouth guard and while we were there the receptionist offered us cookies, so nice. Went to lunch with bro. Bevilaqua at this French bakery and we had pizza and Croissant sandwiches which were super good. The double baked chocolate Croissant is to die for! we are getting some of that after the mission for sure! Had pizza with Fransen again. Help with Mutual, which on Missionary work, so the kids received calls and went to the MTC and experienced what the mission culture was like. It was very well planned and having the adults volunteer to teach about their missions was even better. My part was teaching the importance of studying Preach My Gospel before and during your Mission and Elder Woolf taught the daily life of a Missionary, hands down Elder Woolf';s topic is by far better, but I gave it my best shot and though I'm not to Accurate at times, I am very Precise! Right Dad! 

Thursday: Weekly Planned. Not to much happened, because of Spring break most people are not home. We did literally see a group of chickens cross a random road? thats about it though.

Friday: Went to Mission Office to pick up medicine for Elder Woolf's Hemophilia. Super Sunny day literally nobody home, so we contacted Lincoln Park and it was just full of people, but nobody really stopped to talk to us maybe my sunglasses were throwing them off, who knows? It was very beautiful outside so it was worth it! Taught a lesson to the Patricelies about missionary work, which went really well. Sis. Patricelie got emotional when we gave their son Collin a bag with books to help him prepare for a mission, mind you we did not put effort into the bag, another member did and wanted us to give it to the 13yr old lad, but it really made the experience more spiritual! Then I played Chess with the 11Yr old lad Simon and he destroyed me hard again, but Charity faileth not, because while we were playing, I was throwing out my Scriptural vocabulary and teaching Simon some key Verses, thats what I call multitasking!

Saturday: Still nobody home, but we did meet some Samoan kids and they were interested, so if anything we got the Samoan Elders a new Referral! Met up with Rebecca, she is from Africa, close to Arabia, used to be a bodyguard to a Princess and a whole bunch of other things. She is the most sweetest and spiritual lady I have ever met.  She loves missionaries so much, because they brought the truth to her and it has blessed her life. While we were there she made us a feast of food and she is a very good cook! Afterwards we gave her a blessing of comfort! It was great!

Sunday: I hid eggs that Elder Woolf's mom sent him and watched him do a mini Easter Egg Hunt, it was really nice to spend a great Holiday with a Great Companion! Church was super good for me, I feel like I finally know the ward here and I absolutely loved it! It was rainy, so people were home and we got more Investigators, we have been truly blessed for our patience on the lord's time. Had dinner with the Bevilaquas a awesome Italian family and had a amazing lesson with the kids, Elder Woolf just has a talent for being simple yet powerful in teaching kids.

We received the sad news that Elder Woolf will be transferred and I will be staying, I will truly miss Elder Wolfy, their was literally never a dull moment with us and even though our personalities clashed at the beginning we are the bestest friends now. The mission has really taught me how to live with others and solve problems and being open with others. I regret not getting it sooner, but I have repented and changed! Bring it on, whatever happens next I don't know, but we will all soon find out in due time?

With Grateful Love, Elder Matthew R. Larson    

Monday, March 21, 2016

On the Ferry to Vashon Island

Men in Black

St. Patricks Day bow ties

Famous Bike in the tree

Week 32

My Family and Friends, 

Words cannot explain, the feelings inside Brain
This week was fine, wish I had more time
To serve the wonderful people in West Seattle!

Here is the Rundown:

Monday: Hung out with the Vashon Elders, Elder Walton and Elder Francias, my MTC Comp. we spent the day on Vashon Island, we got there by Ferry, which is allowed, because it is the only way to Vashon, it was sunny, so we walked the beach and saw some wildlife, then played hardcore basketball in the Gym, Vashon Island needless to say was very awesome. Had Breakfast for dinner with the Rivero family. 

Tuesday: Elder Woolf and I did a Tag Team Training on Key Indicators, to many this is a boring subject, but somehow Elder Woolf and I made it super Fun! We have been tracting alot for new investigators and found two, not so solid, but will see next week.

Wednesday: Volunteered at the Food Bank again and all we really do is stacking, which is fun, because I consider it an extra Workout. Went tracting close to the beach, bad idea those people are far from humble. Made Chili Cheese Dogs for ourselves and they were fantastic! 

Thursday: Had taco tuesday, which means I cracked out taco skills which I gain from helping out all those taco nights at home, my cooking skills are becoming better, I am a better judge of what needs to be cooked longer and what not. Also wore green bow ties that Elder Woolf's mom sent him! Had Elder Hymas with us today, because his Comp. Elder Follet is sick, they are our Zone Leader, so it was really fun to learn from Elder Hymas while tracting and we got another two Investigators who are a little more solid. We met a lady who named her child Magnus James Atticus!

Friday: Did yard work for the Bevilaquas, an Italian family in our ward. Met up with the Hoffmans again and talked a lot about missionary work. Another Fun day of Tracting. Had Gelato again before we headed in, because Gelato is the best dessert I have ever had.

Saturday: Went to the Easter Egg Hunt with our Investigator Jasmine, her daughter Angelina, Jasmine's friend Lydia, and her daughter Rosie. It was so cute to see all the kids sharing their candy with these girls they have never met. Elder Sill and Hunt showed up at our apartment to give us a Red Velvet Cake some members made for them, but since they get enough food as it is, they gave it to us. Yet again another day of tracting and we met Daniel, a guy who has zero faith in God, but really wants to believe, so we comitted him to read the BoM and Pray! We are excited about him.  We went to this Teriyaki place, we heard about from the Tongan Elders, they said the owner was Mormon and gives them free Potstickers. It just so happened that this place was in our area, so we went and it was probably the best Teriyaki I have ever had!

Sunday: At the last minute Elder Woolf and I were asked to teach Elders Quorum and Primary, so I taught Elders Quorum on the Atonement and Resurrection, while Elder Woolf got 7yr olds pumped about missionary work. Had dinner with Colborns some Broccoli casserole which is one of my Favs. Went to  Member-Missionary Fireside at Bothell stake center, Theme was on Prophets. Remember follow the Prophets for they know the way!

Yep, my week was fun and Exciting a whole lot better than shooting guns for a week ;)

With Love, Yours Truly, Beautiful Elder Larson

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 31

 Family and friends,

This week we did loads of tracting, because our teaching pool is pretty low and we have been blessed with seven new investigators, not sure how solid yet, but we are visiting them this week. The most solid investigator Norma, we found knocking in the rain, at first she was talking to us through the window, but after talking to her she opened the door and excepted a BoM from us. The second solid investigator is Kyle, we found him knocking  at an apartment complex and he was super nice and after talking to him he accepted a pamphlet and said next time we come by he will have cookies. Third solid investigator is Steven, we found him knocking in the rain and we were bored so Elder Woolf was singing Hotel California, because we heard the song inside someones house.  He was really getting into it when suddenly the door opened wide with this big guy staring us down, we both just really wanted to laugh, but we kept our cool and talked to this guy, he was very happy to see us, because he going to have open heart surgery this week and he needed something to read so he gladly accepted a BoM. 
On another note I got bit by a cat a while ago and I got rash, because of it, it's gone now, but the joke was I was going to turn into a cat so my District Leader Elder Sill would call at night and ask me if I turned into a cat yet! You all should not worry I am having a great time in west Seattle, I have not been mugged yet or robbed at gun point. My District is the best and we are very close. Elder Woolf and I make everyday a great day, this transfer is going by so fast! We did service at the Food Bank again stacking boxes and some workers gave a comment on how they have never seen volunteers work so hard, I felt good about myself especially at that time. We also did service for Sister Sivley the lady that sends Mom and Dad pics of me. We whacked her bushes near death, she was happy with our work and took us out for Fish n Chips.  I can't decide my favorite, because I like the Cod, Halibut, and Salmon, who would of guessed I would like fish! We visited some great members, the Hoffmans, a Russian newlywed couple, they are awesome and they invited us over just to eat cake.  We ate dinner at the Mackleys  and we had Deer meat, not as good as Elk meat, but still pretty good. The first shall be last, because the last thing I want to talk about is P-day. Zone sports day, we played soccer/Ultimate Frisbee, wasn't good at soccer, but I did surprisingly well at Frisbee. Elder Woolf and I just chilled at the Mall for the rest of the day!

I wants to let everybody know, That I love them and Like them!

With a magnitude of Love, Elder Larson

Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 30

I have been expecting you!

Here's the rundown!

Monday: Ate at a Pizza buffet with Elders Sharp, Weller, Heppler, Toelupe, and Woolf. Then we had a B-ball smackdown, it was great! Had dinner with the Roth's and they made a lot of food and they kept saying "Elders Eat Eat, Eat the rest we don't want it, EAT!" I thought it was hilarious and their kids were fun to be around as well, a Five and Three year old!

Tuesday: Had another wonderful District meeting by Elder Sill on Personal Revelation, he had Elder Woolf give a training and Elder Woolf was super nervous, but he gave an awesome training. We went to DQ for lunch with Vashon since they still had an hour before the next Ferry! (DQ giftcard would be appreciated). Had a great day of knocking on doors, sadly not many people were home. Ate dinner with the Grimes, they are big into Star Wars, so we had something to talk about.

Wednesday: Elder Woolf had a meeting with Sister Schofield concerning his health, Elder Hodsen at the same time was having a meeting with President Schofield, so Elder McalMurrey and I were together and since he is from Gilbert and went to Basha we had some stuff to talk about. ;) Met the Allens a family that randomly puts food outside our apartment door, so it was nice to finally meet them, since the Husband is sick they don't go to church, but they truly live the gospel down to the T. Got a lot of Potential, but no new Investigators yet. Set up chairs for a funeral during a YW event that had a lot of refreshments. "Oh look the Elders heard there was going to be food!" at least that's what I think everybody thinks.

Thursday: Elder Woolf was sick today and so we stayed inside most of the day, but Elder Woolf really wanted to work so we tracted for an hour and visited the Meyadas the ward missionaries, so that was cool. Almost went insane staying inside most of the day.

Friday: Zone Training, President Wood and Miller and their wives were released it was so heart felt, since they spent almost six years serving this mission. Went on Exchanges afterwards with Elder Hunt and visited potentials, nobody was home, then we tracted this neighborhood that was 99% Muslim, it was my first time talking to Muslim, we even got a new investigator that is Muslim. Met the Elders family, they have a son on a mission, they call him Elder Elder, I still find it funny. 

Saturday: Met up with Francen and answered questions about the Book of Mormon. Exchanged back with Elder Woolf, who after being in the Tongan ward was again sick, so we stayed in and this time I did go Insane! We went  to an Italian Ice cream place and got dessert, so that we were not stuck inside all night.  

Sunday: I said the Opening Prayer. Fast and Testimony meeting was great, the members shared great testimonies on missionary work. We had dinner that day with the Bighams and they were a fun older couple to be with. Then we met the Patricelies and had a great lesson, then their 11 year old son challenged me to chess, I accepted the challenge. This kid beat me so hard it hurt, turns out he is the #1 chess player in his grade level at tournaments! I was fooled!

Anyways, I wanna let all of you know that I am having loads of fun in West Seattle and I absolutely love this area! I pray for all of you and that's a fact! 

With great Love, Elder Larson