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Monday, August 29, 2016

Best Selfie Ever! District meeting

Week 45

I am very Happy! the least to say

In my mission so far, I have learned what a successful missionary really, someone who Genuinely Loves the people he is serving, works his Hardest, and makes everything an Opportunity! I have seen this define some of the those I look up to! I Aspire to become that myself 😃

I had my First Baptism last Saturday with Caitlynn, she was so excited and Nervous, but she stood strong and went for it. I was surprised when she asked me to do it, but she didn't know any guys in the ward, our bad on our part, but none the less I am Honored she asked me to Baptize her.  I myself was super nervous, cause I really didn't want to mess up 😉  Cool story though, her dad the night before came up to us and said "she is not getting Baptized 😠", we talked with him a little bit, but he was stern on what he said. We prayed after we left that his heart would soften before Caitlynn's Baptism, we then called the Grandma Jan Lee and she told us that he didn't care if we Baptized Caitlynn, *Phew* avoided a rough situation. I am so Happy I was here when Elder Sorensen and I first started teaching her and to be here when she has become a member. 😁  Jan Lee, Caitlynn's active Grandma and I talked and we agreed that Caitlynn doesn't know it all, but she certainly is on the right Path! same goes for all of us who actively seek out Righteousness and use the Atonement that Jesus provided for us.

The Fun isn't over my Friends, since I consider you all to be my Friends in the Gospel 🤘For this upcoming week, we look forward to helping Ed Everett and our local Stud Tristan Webb into the Gates of Baptism! I'll talk more about them next week😋 Know this that our ward is "Zion" for they have proved time and time again what Real Saints Do. That is to Love, have patience, and treat those around you kindly. 😅 Wow, I could be good preacher and start my own church😛 yeah right, I'm too white and nerdy 🤓 

Anyway what I'm trying to say is that Elder Van Wagoner and I are being takin care of real nicely and the Prayers are highly appreciated 👍

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson 💚
P.S.  Yesterday we were at a missionaries farewell and tomorrow he goes with his Mom to Provo and is going to speak Cantonese in Hong Kong, we had dinner with his whole extended family and literally just like the time before I left it was sad, Awkward, then sad again 😥 It helps me reflect on where I have been before my mission and what I have Accomplished.  I've learned you can't control everything no matter how much you want to, but when you focus on the things you can control, the other things fall into place.  When others don't want to talk to us, or are rude to us, or persecute us, I choose to not frown, I choose to not be offended, but more Importantly I choose to Love them! My Testimony has grown, I know this church is True, I see it everyday the Fruits of this church, I have partaken time and time again, and I know that this fruit is good and I say this in Jesus Christ's name Amen

Monday, August 22, 2016

District Pic & Crew Pic

Selfie in a convertible on our way to Dairy Queen

Week 44


I bring you good tidings of great Joy

The Week of Weeks!

This week is full of excitement, I can hardly sit down as of right now 😂 Caitlynn Kille is good to go for her Baptism this Saturday and it's going to be a big Party! 🎶🎂🐼 Tristen is has been taught everything and is ready to be Baptized Sept. 3rd, he is a Stud Muffin at the Finest! Ed Everett, the Miracle man who walked in last week is still going strong! 

Another Major Miracle: A nonmember who has been coming to church for the last year with his wife and daughter, wants to take the lessons now and be baptized 😶 That was literally my emotion, the Lord is blessing this ward greatly and all started with getting the ward to have faith in missionary work, because when everybody is on the same page, Miracles flow!!!

Charlotte our favorite Investigator that is not On date Yet!, came to church for the third time now and is really starting to enjoy church! our last lesson with her, her kids were not around. We taught the Plan of Salvation and she really enjoyed the lesson, then our member Dave Relf invited her to ride in the Convertible with us and get Dairy Queen 😎 Honestly Dave is the best, he makes every lesson memorable! 
Elder Van Wagoner is such a hard worker and it motivates me to work harder as well. Our Mission has a huge goal that every area baptizes this transfer, so the whole mission is going crazy, but in a positive motivated way!

Anyhow, Hope everybody is doing all right and not getting into car crashes, cause they are not cool😠
Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

Monday, August 15, 2016


Week 43

it's Raining Miracles "Hallelujah" 

here is the Rundown:

Did service at a Senior Center, playing games, throwing ball, then we were talking about the Olympics. That was when one of the old ladies in a Wheelchair rolled up to me and said "Your going to die tomorrow", I looked at her and smiled and said "your joking", she said "No Joke your going to die and it's going to be your fault", I then Laughed and she continued to say "Your laughing now, but I'm going to have the last Laugh". That was 4 days ago, so I shouldn't be alive right now 💀

Taught a guy in a Wheelchair (man I just attract the Wheelchair Population) he felt the spirit strongly and was going to church, yet he didn't come, because he slept in 😴 

On the Other hand, we were at the church to teach Tristan our On date for the 3rd of sept. with a youth in our ward, when we heard a noise at the church door, we were prompted to run out the door and we caught this guy who was walking to his car, he asked what he wanted, he said "look I don't have time to talk, can we meet tomorrow", we were like "For Sure, what do you want to talk about", he said "I want to be Baptized Ok", 😲 what the Random, then we said "let's get it done".   Major Miracle for us, but the problem is we were going to be in Bellevue all day Thursday due to meetings, so we had the YSA Sisters teach him for us and they put him on date for the 3rd of sept. 😁 he even came to the church and has read the Book of Mormon, he has never talked to Missionaries, he just walked into Deseret Books, Bought a Book of Mormon, read it, and knew it was true!!!!!

Speaking of YSA Sisters, we were with a member, Dave Relf, he was driving us to his friends house so we can teach his friend, but before that Dave wanted to show us where another member lived, so he drove there first and might I mention we are in a Convertible with the roof down 😎 and Lo and Behold the Sisters were visiting the same member, because their Daughter was going to go with them, so it was very interesting, our member Dave said "Our Missionaries only drive around in style", he also said "Hey you want to switch cars". My thoughts were "Man I hope they don't report to President that we are goofing off", but we were visiting an Investigator and they didn't tattle tale on us, so we are home Free

That is going to be my spiritual message this week "When you abstain from addictive substances, laziness, and Pride, you are truly Home Free", remember YOU ARE THE MIRACLE wherever you are are! TIll next time I bid thee Adieu 

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

Monday, August 8, 2016

Elder VanWagoner and I, 8 months ago.

Week 42

 Elder Van Wagoner is my new companion and he was my District Leader during Christmas through February, he is awesome, spiritual, a great leader I look up to!

and now...he is my new companion! I can't believe it, I have never had a companion in whom I new before😄 we are going to do marvelous things here in Edmonds

We have been busy this week just introducing the new Elder in the area, our week literally filled out without us trying, it was miraculous. He learned this week, that we have so many nonmembers married to members and that blew his mind, he also learned how crazy awesome this ward is, his last area was downtown, so he is used to crazy, that's good, because he is stuck with me now😋 *Mischievous laugh* 

we had two major Miracles  
1) Tristan who is On Date to be baptized Sept. 10th, has had his prayers answered to move in full time with his Mom.  He was split between parents, switching off every week, but he wanted to live with his mom, which is good, cause she is the only active member in the family.  So the Lord does provide a way, because this makes it easier for Tristan to be here full time and make friends in the ward😁

2) Caitlynn Kille was originally On Date to be Baptized Oct. 22nd, but she wanted to move it up to...Aug. 27th, three Saturdays from now. she is overly pumped, we gave her a calendar with a checkbox for read and pray everyday, even better is that the mom of Caitlynn wants to come to the Baptism😂

Last night we had Dinner with the Abregos, mom is the only member and we just cut straight to the point, but in a nice, humorous way as I always do! we asked the 16 and 22 year old daughters why they don't want to come to church, they said "cause it's boring" 😱 I understand it could be boring, but that is because we are in the wrong mindset, church is awesome when you know why your there and you know what it could do to help your life  😇 The Abregos could use some work and love, but it seems like in the world today, people just don't have the desire these days, but as I always say, you can build your own desire now to believe or wait until you hit rock bottom and to the point where all you can do is call upon God. You choose, but I prefer the First.

Anyhow Edmonds is great, Van Wagoner(boy thats a mouth full)  is great, and the members here are great 😃

Love and Prayers, Elder Matthew Larson

Monday, August 1, 2016

District Picture

FHE w/ Charlotte & Jill's family & my comp in a kayak

Lyle at his work and Volunteering at Annie's Kitchen

Week 41

Yep Transfers have rolled around yet again and yours truly will be staying! 😂

Yet Elder Sorensen is leaving! 😖

I wish we can still both be together, cause we have kicked Satan's butt these past transfers, a lot of people are upset that our duo is broken, but the new companion I'm getting will be just as cool and if not, I'm gonna have to set that Elder straight 😎

Last Week with Sorensen:  

Played at a golf course with the Hunters on Pday, did pretty good for amateurs. Linda our Less Active becoming Active, got freaked out about Temple Marriage, but our member Leo set her straight, so she is doing good again. Went to Jan Lee's to teach Caitlynn the 10 Commandments, but a Vacuum salesman came, and gave a super long Spiel, so we had no time to teach her, so we went back on Sunday and she really enjoyed the lesson, she is excited to be baptized Oct. 22.  Went to Mutual with our good man Tristan and he had fun getting to know the other boys in the ward. We taught him afterwards with our priest, Austin Nickel teaching Tristan the Plan of Salvation, Austin came well equipped and helped us out a lot.  Tristan is still on date for Sept. 10th, but he might move it up. Many more fantastic things happened as well. The age of Sorensen and Larson are over, the Age of Larson and ? have begun 😋

I wish I had more to tell right now, well I can tell you one funny thing that happened... we have a neighbor who is Gay, but he really is nice to us and likes talking to us and when we told him one of us was getting transferred, he said he wants to call President and bribe him with $10 million 🤑 just to keep us both here. we have a lot of funny people like that around here, which is why I like it a lot in Edmonds, people are more talkative and not engrossed on their phones 24/7 or in them selves...

I love you all and I wish nothing but the best for you!

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson