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Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 49

Peace, Love, Family Fun

To start things off, I thought I might as well start with the coolest thing that happened this past week! 😃

Women's Conference...... for sisters, but for us the Men, we had a Baptism.  Conveniently enough during the Women's conference, for your information we didn't plan it that way. Our amazing Friend Evan, who was getting Baptized set it that way, because it was more convenient for his fam, despite the conflict, we had major attendance from the ward, even some women sneaked out of conference to support our newest member Evan Pauls! Elder Van Wagoner was the one who dunked Evan and it took two tries, because his wedding ring didn't go completely under the first time💍 The talks were inspired, we asked Damian who never helped us teach Evan, give a talk on Baptism and it turned out that he knew Evan's dad and they had an instant connection. Bro. Shaw who helped us out from the very beginning of Evan's Journey, gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and he did Magic Tricks!!! All in All, the Baptism was a very Spiritual event, we even got a new member who just moved in a week ago to bring the best cheesecake brownie dessert you have every had 😂

Now everything else I have to say will not be as exciting as you have just read above, but contain the other matters of my week.

We got called in to give a blessing and we just so happened that we were at a members home, so they took us to the hospital and they were surprised how fast we got there, because the guy just asked for a blessing. We were able to give a blessing to an InActive Member right before his Surgery and he promised us he was going to be active again 👍the timing was the Lords for sure.

We had Dinner at the Lutheran church we do service at and some people stared at us in a demeaning way, others came up to us and said we shouldn't be there (very rudely might I mention), but then the Lutheran members that knew us, came up to us and greeted us nicely and made sure we were comfortable and got us anything we wanted making it an extremely awesome experience.  We had our Investigator Charlotte and her Kids and she was shocked at how nice these people were to us 😋 considering that we do service for them every week...
We had another occurrence at the West Gate Chapel, another place we do service for, we were having lunch, when this guy next to us started asking questions about our church and he really wanted to know what we believed, so we started teaching him and everybody else at the table.  Then a member of their congregation came up and was not happy, he joined our conversation trying to bash us, but we wouldn't let him, so he left... Then he got his Pastor to talk to us 😒 It was kind of annoying considering we were just answering peoples questions. The not so happy man then continued to bash with us. This is when it gets good, the Pastor turns to his own member and rebukes him for bashing with us 🤘 That was awesome, we then had a good rest of our lunch, again a church we do service for every week...
 Our Awesome District

It was great Sunday: Evan got Confirmed a member of the Church and Tristan passed the Sacrament for the 1st time! Tommy a Less Active kid we have been working with gave a talk on Prayer, it was so good for him to do that, it shows that he is becoming more active😎 Brandon our 12yr old Investigator came to church for his first time and it was fun explaining every little thing we do to him, because his knowledge of church was zip. Jennifer also came for Sacrament and she is a very spiritual person, maybe a little too spiritual, but we still love her, she is excited about learning about our church

Today we had a mission 5K, no we didn't run, we walked it and we did it as Zones, it was pretty fun and the lunch they had afterwards was awesome, some of the best Hotdogs I have ever had!
It also explains why this email is later than usual 🙄

Anyways Remember Miracles happen, sometimes on there own, sometimes you need to make them happen, however Miracles always happen!

Much Love and Many Prayers, Elder Larson

Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 48

Edmonds has another Baptism this Saturday!!! 

Evan (Stud Muffin) Pauls is so excited for his Baptism, he has already told his family about it and is getting full support from them 🤘 To add to the major excitement that is Edmonds, we officially have Sisters working in the area with us and surprisingly they do not have a car 😲 it's crazy Sisters in our mission always get cars, our Sisters, sister Peterson and Rothey are the only Sisters without a car 😧 Nevertheless they are hard workers figuring out the Bus systems and they already have a full teaching pool, basically all our Female Investigators have been handed off to them! The ward is stoked about having sisters now, most thought that we had left (They took our names off the Program and put the Sisters names on it) Lyle our Ward Mission Leader is super Excited and has been scheming some major stuff, so be prepared... 

This past week, I took a little visit to Mountlake Terrace area on an Exchange with Elder DeGraff a pretty new missionary, met a lot of their Investigators and some of them were bums, they expect that God will just do everything for them, I really just wanted to step up and say "that is not how it works! God helps those who help themselves", but it wasn't my place to say, it was nice to get to know Elder DeGraff, he himself is a convert to the church and he has so much Charity and Humility, such a good Elder, yet he is at the same time Borderline Insane, we meshed pretty well together 👍 we re exchanged at the Senior center with Elder Gale an Van Wagoner, Kathleen one of the elderly people was on one, she told Elder Van Wagoner that she was going to kill him! then she turned to Elder Gale and Cussed him out dirtier than a Sailor 😓 needless to say I Love old People, Bless their Hearts 💞 

We were saved this week, we were at the bottom of our area, 8pm missed our bus and it was going to be a long cold walk home. Earlier in the evening we set out to find a referral, now mind you we did not have a address, just a general location, so we knocked them doors and we couldn't find the referral and the people were vicious, except for one nice lady. We knew we were not going to make our bus, so we prayed for a miracle, in the middle of the street, we knocked one last door, hoping it was the referral, sadly it was not 😟 and thats how we ended up late for the bus at 8pm with a long journey home ahead of us on the cold streets of Edmonds... That was when a car came screeching to a stop right by us, it was the Morris's, an awesome family that had just moved in, they saved our butts for sure, they asked us where we wanted to go and Elder Van Wagoner and I both said Tom, so they dropped us off at Toms and he lives 5 mins away from where we live, we had a great lesson with him and his mother in-law and set a return appointment for the Sisters to come back 😃 Miracles Happen People!

Coolest Highlight this week, Tristan Webb, who got Baptized two weeks before received the Aaronic Priesthood, he was very shy and nervous about it, apparently he doesn't like being the center of attention 😒 Seriously though this boy is my hero, he does whats right and doesn't want recognition for it, we can all learn something from this Stud 😀 

That be it for this week

Love sprinkled with more Love, Elder Matthew Larson

Monday, September 12, 2016

Romeo's Pizza, District Picture, Member made us a cake.

Week 47

Ello Mates

This past week has been full of scares and excitement

For Elder Van Wagoner and I have done what no Elder has done before (I think)
we got permission from President Schofield himself to drive a sisters car 😲 because Elder Van Wagoner needed a ride to his Allergist appointment and no Elders could give us a ride, so we took the Sisters car leaving them to walk for 3 hours, I felt so bad, but at the same time it felt so good, Because My comp and I both took a turn driving, It's been so long, it felt so good. When you go awhile without driving, it's like not going to school, you know your stuff, but your out of Practice🤗

Well i'm not here just to talk about that, I'm pretty sure you all want to hear the juicy stuff

well to kick it off, Evan our current On  Date has learned it all! 🤘 without us asking he wanted to learn the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chasity and Law of Tithing at the same time. He is completely ok with paying tithing, since he has been already for 2 years 🤑 Chasity "phew" the Man is Married and wants to keep it that way👫 when we taught the Word of Wisdom though, he said "guys I only have one problem, I drink Coffee", "No problem" we said , then he said "I didn't drink Coffee today though, because I ran out, so this is perfect timing, Ill just stop buying Coffee and throw my Coffee Maker away"!  😜 Yeah! thats whats up! Evan is a super Stud!!! we look forward to him being Baptized Sept. 24th! we just need Prayers that this man can and will overcome Coffee!

We got Major news:

Edmonds is getting Sisters.... 

Elder Van Wagoner and I will... be,,, STAYING!!!

They are going to have us work along with the Sisters in Edmonds 😎 

The Excitement continues in Edmonds, to think on my Birthday April 15th I got a call saying I was being transferred, I was upset, because West Seattle was fun, but the Lord knew what was best for me and gave me an awesome gift, the opportunity to serve in Edmonds! we all think that we should get what we think is good, but when we follow the Lords way he gives us what he knows is best!

We Have major plans these upcoming weeks 👍 but as for now we are going to a Funeral Service for our Ward Mission Leaders Dad who passed away last week, Lyle and his wife Bonnie are the sweetest family I have gotten to know on my Mission, so we are going to support Lyle with his Loss 😢😭😧 But the death is not the end 😂 because of Christ, Death has no Sting and the Grave No Victory! 

Peace out ✌

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Wild Wolf Feasts, Me with the Moose, Ed's baptism

Week 46

Fabulous Miracles have been Happenin this week!

To start it off: 

Zone Sports Day, Played Rugger (Rugby/Soccer) It was a very interesting game and your home boy was a great goalie 🏃🏉 Other than that, our Zone has been the best Zone in the mission last Transfer 🤘super unified in one cause Sharing the Gospelllllll 

Received a referral for Lydia a 17yr old girl, but we went by and she has turned 18, so we has to refer her to the YSA ward, but we met her friend, Allie she is 15yrs old and wants to learn, Yeah a new Investigator for us and YSA!

A part Member Family the Petersons moved in and the Nonmember Husband wants to take the discussions, his name is Warren he is 86 😲 he looks 60, I promise

Lizzy a 13yr old girl has been going to young womens for the past year and recently started coming to church, we introduced ourselves and now she is taking the discussions and her 11yr old brother Brandon has been attending Young Men's and wants to learn more too, Awesome Sauce!

Evan our amazing Investigator has agreed to Baptism on the 24th of this Month 😂😂😂

Charlotte another Investigator has had some messed up things happen to her recently, we didn't think she would come to church, but she did, she even rode her bike to church! she said and I quote "I didn't want to be home thinking about the messed up things in my life, I wanted to come to church, because people here care about me" 😊 isn't that what church is about? to worship Heavenly Father amongst friends that care about you

 Of course some of the Greatest Miracles are that Ed got Baptized, three weeks and 2 days since initial contact 😏 Now I'm a believer in three weekBaptizing :) Leo a 80yr old man Baptized him and Ed almost didn't make it 🤗

Tristan got Baptized last Saturday and the room was packed, so much love and support for Tristan and his family, his mom Jill was so proud and happy for Tristan, she is an amazing member and has increased her faith since she was baptized 2 years ago 😊 Tristan the Stud Muffin is already working on family History and we are hoping to go to the temple with him soon!

These past weeks I have been praying hard for Miracles and when I see one great or small, I remember to thank God for it. I know that when we show an attitude of Gratitude that the Lord will bless us! 😉 I most also say that when you choose Love, you can never lose 💕💞

Peace Out Dudes
Your Brotha in the Gospel,    Elder Larson ✌