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Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 42

Hey happy Memorial Day!

Um... I don't have much time to Email, but I am having lots of fun here in Edmonds! Just know I am eating a lot of much food.....members load us up so much on food....that we no longer have need to buy food!😅 I guess that means the ward tolerates us!😀 We are teaching so many people that the days literally go by fast, so fast it annoys me!😦 We are always on the go! We did service at a Kitchen, Foodbank, and at an Ice Cream Social, making Ice cream!😃 I'm getting along well with the Youth, they are great! Church was awesome, Ana Luiza an Investigator showed up and had a swell time at church and loved, we already set up to meet her Tuesday!😉 This week we have a lot of good stuff planned! anyway I Love you all!

With More Love, Elder Larson 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Corey Smith then Ryland

Week 41

The weeks are rolling by way to fast for me I am almost at a year, In couldn't even be able to tell you what happened this week without my journal😶 


Tuesday: Had dinner with the Hunters and bro. Hunter is a cool cop guy👮and his son Jamie looks Like Napoleon Dynamite and he made an amazing cheesecake dessert. We had are now ongoing Book of Mormon club, we had 3 Recent Converts show up with 3 members. It went real smooth, everybody was participating and it was getting heated, but the good kind of heated😡

Wednesday: Did service at Annie's Kitchen, making fruit salads and...oh wait that's the only thing I did and I did that for 4hrs, that sounds long, but the people at Annie's are super funny and easy to get along with. It's awesome that the kitchen helps feed the homeless! Had dinner with the Merins and Richard Merin had gone through a lot in life and was major into film🎥, so he gave me lots of pointers! Went to visit our investigator Chorlotte and we ended up talking to a group a of kids that were around 10, they asked questions like why we were wearing nice clothes and stuff. Then we promised a kid that we bring balloons for his Birthday on June 1st

Thursday: Did Service at the WestGate FoodBank, after we were done this Security guy named Erwin asked if we wanted a tour so we got a free tour of the place and it was well kepted, Vibrant, and beautiful! Played ball with this Less Active boy Tommy and he is super cool and we had dinner with his family that night eating tacos. The dad is a nonmember and we talk gospel with him and he likes the fact that we are real with him. Then we talked to Tommy more to get to know him! they took us home that night, because it was late and we missed are bus and Dan the nonmember explained to us that he is really trying to get off drugs, so we are supporting him all the way

Friday: Helped paint Jan Lee's house, utilized my knowledge of painting which is close to none, but somehow everything turned out just fine! had a Barbecue with her husband Dave who is not a member. We talked a lot, but I have concluded that Dave is crazy, but if we put that crazy to good use he would a fantastic member! Went to Jill Webb's to talk more about baptizing her son Tristan, he is prepared, but we need to receive permission from his father, but he is completely Anti😥. Will get through somehow. Jill son Ryland is by far my favorite 7yr kid, we have too much fun with him.

Saturday: Did service for Geoff Jolly's parents and none of them are members, only Geoff's wife and his kids, one of them is on a mission currently as well. Pierre and Grichen are the grandparent's names. we spent two hours helping them around the house, then we had lunch with Pierre at Panera Bread and we talked for a good amount of time on religion! We had a ward event called a service Auction, you auction off yourself or something and everybody bids points on it! they hand out this sheet and with honesty you answer the questions and that determined the amount of points you have. Now I had 313pts and our Investigator Charlotte was there and she wanted the Bouncy House that was being auctioned for her kids, but she had no points, because the questionnaire was directly for Mormons, so she asked me to get it for her family. Lo and Behold I won it and many of the families there were like "what the heck is up with this Elder!"🤗 Hey a Elders got to do, What an Elders got to do!

Sunday: Great sacrament meeting, Tommy the Less Active boy showed up and Passed the Sacrament I was so happy he came, sadly his dad wasn't there, also this Less Active we are working with Linda Smith came so we were extremely excited to see her! Elder Sorensen and I participated in the Choir, I love singing, but the song was way to high for me, so the Choir director was like "Elder don't try to hit the high notes, just pretend your singing ok"😅that was my face! One day I will hit those high notes! This deacon named Jonah loves video games like me so we are always throwing out game references and his dad told me that Jonah refers to me as his Bestie, boy am I lovin this ward! Went to the Member-Missionary Fireside and that was fantastic, I got see my past companions and past ward members too! 

Overall Score: I give it 3 thumbs up! 

With mucho Love, Elder Matt Larson

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Farr then Meyer

Johnstun on the left & Wolf on the right, Hales left & Piekarski right

Barrick then Sorenson

Week 40

Meeting meeetings meeeeetings many meetin's 

Monday: Played Basketball with a bunch of Chinese guys, we were just walking down the street and saw them playing and thought let do it. Sadly my church clothes were preventing me from playing my hardest, but it was super fun and these guys didn't know to much English, but they could still speak sports!

Tuesday: Met with Less actives without steak! Started a Book of Mormon club and we only had two people show up a Less Active and a Recent Convert, but we are expecting more tonight! this will be a ongoing club.

Wednesday: Service at Annies cutting them Vegetables, Dinner with the Hickman's, Bob Hickman is famous in the Medical Field! he is experiencing Dementia, but he still kicking! Threw football around with a PMF

Thursday: Zone Conference all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was drained by the end of it!!!!!!!!

Friday: Help Thessians with moving paintings. Went to a barbeque, but the catering didn't show up till after we left, but it was fun still talking to many nonmembers. It was at Bro. Relfs house and he has all the equipment you will ever need to have fun. His daughter Alana is 3 and as we were leaving she cried "wait you can't leave without a hug and kiss", so I hugged her, but left her hanging on the kiss, it was one of those funny ordeal!

Saturaday: Talked to Meckenzie our investigator she had two family members go to the hospital, but she is super cool. Met up with Jill Webb, the lady we skyped with on Mothers Day!

Sunday: Church. Dinner with the Franklin's.

Monday: District Meeting. Met up with lots of Investigators

Today: Temple Trip! thats whats up!!! 

Monday, May 9, 2016

All Tied up

Week 39

What more can I say than to you has been said!

My week!

Mon: Went to a Store that sells Root Beer only, it is owned by a member, so we Missionaries get half off and this store has all root beer imaginable, if you have any fav. brands email me and ill try them! Got a free haircut at Sportsclip, I went to pay and the lady said "no it's fine, free of charge",  that was great usual haircuts are $23 and with tip, because I do Tip, it costs more so I was blessed with that experience. Visited members from a different ward, Edler Sorensen really wanted to see them and they were really cool members with the most human personality dogs I have ever met! Ate dinner with Bro. Lee and he is an amazing Cook and a jokester!!!

Tues:District Meeting, Elder Schoen bore great Testimony about the our relationship with Christ and how Christ is there with us every step of the way. We had a great day talking to people, nobody interested yet, but we are representing the Lord the best we can.ate dinner with Mitchells taco tuesday!!! visited the Smiths and they had a Parrot that reminded me of the Veloceraptors from Jurrassic Park, this parrot was eyeing me like it wanted to eat me and had this really wierd creepy old guy laugh!

Wed: Service at the Lutheran church cutting Veggies, ate dinner with Jarmassio's. went to mutual talking to all the nonmember kids that come. Gave a blessing with some Elders from the Everett Mission, Odd circumstances indeed.

Thurs: While tracting we saw the YSA(young single adult) sisters tracting as well and it was crazy seeing other missionaries, what are the chances! Accidentally found out how to make Taco Bell Sliders, haha now I know the Recipe! Met members at Burger King.

Fri: Zone Training. Gave an Investigator a bike, because we had an extra one on hand. Tried out excercise equipment Jan Lee a member had and ate Glop Burritos.

Sat: Talked to some Pissed people in the morning, cleaned the church building. Visited some Less Actives with Bro. Shaw. Went to a child of record Baptism and it was us, the parents, and their four kids. That was the smallest baptism we went to. Visited the Cheeney's and helped them build stuff for the mom for mothers day.

Sun: Mothers day. Saw Morgan Freeman. More importantly I saw my Mom!

With love Elder Larson   

Monday, May 2, 2016


Week 38

Here is my week;

Monday: Visited Part Member Family and Vincent the Non-member is awesome, he owns his own business and every time he thinks about joining the church something bad happens, but his wife Blanca made us Fish Tacos and I learned that cooked fish tastes way better than Raw Fish!

Tuesday: Went on Exchange with Elder Johnstun and he is a really cool Elder, he has super blunt Attitude and I love watching him talk to people! We had dinner with his Bishop and it was funny, because one of the sons an RM got his Wisdom Teeth pulled out and he was acting crazy the whole time, we asked for referrals and the basically reffered everybody on there street. Then before we went in another member bought us Taco Bell, so we ate two dinners!

Wednesday: The bus was super late, so Elder Johnstun and I didn't get to do much! Exchanged back at 5pm due to late buses(neither of us had a car by the way), went to dinner with our Bishop, Bishop Havens and we ate at a restaurant called Claires. The Monte Cristo (Ham & cheese sandwiched covered with egg and powdered sugar), was to die for!!! Met the Webb's fam. they are also cool, the mom is a Recent Convert, but some of her kids are not members yet, so it was fun to meet them!

Thursday: Ate Mod Pizza, just wanted to throw that out there! Mom & Dad always talking about Mod, well we found Mod in our area, so life is good! Did service at an Old Folks home talking to and helping the Elderly, some of them say the darndest things about pumas being in there yard and forgeting my name every 7 seconds, it fun super fun though! Talked to Charlott an not so really Investigator, because she doesn't come to church, but she reads and prays, so we have something to work with.

Friday: Jehovah Witnesses knocked on our door today and when the saw the tag they stepped back and I was just waiting, because I really wanted to see how they preach to people at the door, sadly they were just like "oh your Mormon Missionaries, have a nice day!", I was upset they didn't think we were good enough to save, I guess we were not one of the 144,000! 

Saturday: Did service for some members, that are crazy star wars fans, we mowed the huge lawn then battled the kids using lightsabers, it was fun. Got Sunburned, so I better start using that sunscreen!

Sunday: Taught 12yrs olds & priests, both well done! Dinner with the Hills, they have a son Marrius and he is crazy and absolutely obsessed with Minecraft, it is strange most youth in Seattle are absolutely bonkers for Minecraft! Played Basketball in Church clothes with a bunch of kids on the street, it was amazing some how I didn't suck when throwing! Anyways that was my week and it was fun Ill be happy to see all of my fam on sunday!!!!!

With Love Elder Larson