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Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 90

Put your hands in the air like just don't care, life is amazing beyond belief!

Our District Leader is Elder Fukuoka (from Japan) he is a convert and met missionaries when he was 20. He is super sweet, some language barrier, but I still feel a wholesome spirit from him.

We got a lot of desserts from members this week, they feel bad because they know I'm going home soon and I still look like a thin mint, so I'm guessing they are going to try and fatten me up these next few weeks, but little do they know that I am passing most of the goods to the rest of the district, because I refuse to be fat for now and forever!

Elder Frei is super excited beyond all or any kind of reasoning to still be my companion, I am like "meh we are companions again" and he be all like "What! we are still companions, This is Wonderful I must tell everybody". Hehe he is a funny kiddo.  I will be imparting every ounce of wisdom I have onto him and he will be known for being the Elder that Murdered Elder Larson, at least of anybody that actually knew me, I don't know half this mission anymore...

Anyhow, it sufficeth me to say that this past week was Incredible.  I went on Exchange with Elder Fukuoka and we taught an amazing lesson to a Part Member Family, Elder Fukuoka has an Ipad, he is the only missionary in the mission with an Ipad, some how he got permission to have one. During the lesson he just whips it out and I'm like "whaaaaaat!", He used to bring up a talk during the lesson which was followed with us bearing testimony on the Book of Mormon, tears were shed, tears of unspeakable Joy.

Went to the Patriotic Ensign Symphony Chorus and it was spirit filled, celebrating the land of the free and the home of the Brave!

Sunday many members were overjoyed that we both stayed and we didn't have a dinner for that night, but before we left church a member said "hey can I see your calendar" and when he saw it, he says "You guys come to my house tonight, will do Burgers!" Lord Loves his servants <3<3

Tune in next time to find out what the Washington Seattle Missionary's next adventure is going to be!

With Love, Elder Larson
Saying goodbye to my best friend, who got transferred.

Pharisee Larson

My Last Transfer Planner

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