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Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 25

This week Elder Farr and I moved the heaviest couch known to man.  If Elder Farr and I were not two young strong men, we would of never pulled this off.  How did we get ourselves stuck in this situation? It was right after we emailed, we were leaving the library when we saw this old guy holding a box of books. Elder Farr doomed us by opening the door for this man, the man then asked us if we would help him move his couch and we said yes, because we are two buff individuals, a couch is nothing, boy was I wrong. The next day we hoisted this couch into a U haul truck  and it took us thirty minutes.  It was as if it was made of steel, we were so tired, so the guy said lets deliver this tomorrow. The day after that he drove us to Redmond, he said we were going to Bellevue, Redmond is out of Zone and how he got there was taking a road in Everett as a shortcut, Everett is out of Mission too.  We called our District Leader and he said it was alright, but don't let it happen again. After we moved this guy's couch, he drove us home and was trying to pay us!   We were both like it's okay this is service, you don't need to pay us, but he was a very stubborn man, I might also mention that his name is Steven. In the end Steven gave us Fifty big ones, which we gave immediately to the church, if anything this whole experience taught me not to open doors for people, because you will end up moving something heavy out of mission. 

For Realz this week was great, we received so much food, that we don't even need to shop today. On Saturday, last week we had a baptism, but it was for a member family not an investigator. Elder Farr was asked to say the closing prayer and I was asked to lead the music.  I can do 2 and 4 measures but that's it, yet our songs were all six measures, so I looked unprofessional.  Luckily everybody was craning their necks towards the hymn books instead of at me so nobody noticed. We had Vicky and her friend Maxine come and they thought the whole baptism thing was beautiful, so I joked and said that could be you someday, which I mean, I hope they get baptized some day. The baptism was for Alessandra Selden. I love the Selden family it is always a Spanish party when they are around or should I say Fiesta, I yi yi yi yi hey! After the baptism there was so much food, my favorite was the Epinadas! We met one of the Seldens non-member friends and this guy looks completely casual, yet he is super rich and owns the Subway on the Island. At church we had the Police come in and give a special lesson on Emergency Preparedness it was so cool. Not too many stories on tracting this time. It feels like nobody wants to talk to us for the past few weeks, but Elder Farr and I are satisfied to know we are doing our best! I loves you all straight from my heart!

Love, Elder Larson

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