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Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 27

Dear one and allllllllllll,

I have entered a new realm entirely, my new area is West Seattle!
It is right by Mercer Island and is in a new zone, the Seattle Zone!

My last day on Mercer, Elder Farr and I had lunch with Gary's family, played soccer as a district, relaxed at Bro. Jacobson's house, said goodbye to Bishop, Bro. Jolley, Vicky, and her friend Maxine. It was a busy P-day.

Day of transfers, we squeezed five Elders and twelve suitcases in a van.  Zone Leaders gave me a letter, which told me where I was spending the next six weeks. I was upset, because it seemed everybody was completely split up and I might not know anybody in my new zone. I met my new companion, Elder Woolf and he is only three months out, which means I'm senior companion now ;)
We also have a CAR in this area, that I now drive, it was really scary getting on the freeway after not driving for 6 months, but I'm back to my old self now, so it's good, but you might want to pray for me that I don't get into a car crash! I met the Bishop and the ward missionaries and they are all fired up about getting some missionary work done. My district leader is Elder Sill, I love Elder Sill he is so nice and he and his companion are serving in the Tongan Ward, if you don't know anything about Tongans, look it up, they give missionaries so much food and if you don't eat it, they will be offended.  I can't wait to go on exchanges and eat with some Tongans. A cool thing about West Seattle is there is a beach, so some beautiful views. The people are so different, most are more willing to talk to us than on Mercer, people here are so humble. I have a very good feeling about this area and we are teaching some very interesting people. 

I also killed my Greenie last Friday by burning a tie (it was an old tie left in the apartment, don't worry about it)

This area has a lot of restaurants, we ate at Burger Boss and had a burger with ham/cheese/Bacon on it, I can't wait to try some new things here!

Elder Woolf has some health issues, so that’s why we have a car, all thanks to him. He is really good at starting conversations, which is great, because I'm weak in that area and we can both just be our selves around each other! 

Well I love you all and I will share more experiences next time!

With great Pleasure, Elder Matt R. Larson

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