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Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 29

Dear everybody, 

To start off, my companion Elder Woolf is the best companion anyone can have, he does what I say 90% of the time and can play guitar, what more can I ask for! Here is how are week went.

Monday: Played some major B-ball with Elders Sill, Hunt, Weller, Sharp, and Woolf. It was probably great for me, because it felt like none us were good, so we were all even, that was great. Had tacos that night with the Ross' they were pretty chill, we invited them to write their testimonies in a BoM and they were all for it. Destroyed Elder Woolf in a game of chess!

Tuesday: District meeting, Elder Sill had us all in the district share a funny video and a story, you would be surprised with the videos I have made so far. After the meeting Elder Sill and I went on exchanges in the Tongan area, which covers the Seattle Mission and the Federal Way Mission, so I was out of mission for a couple of hours. we visited some Tongan potentials and they are the most nicest people you will ever meet. They give you a hug the first time they meet you! I loved it so much. We went to the Ward Mission Leaders house and as he was talking to us about the ward, he was making us sandwiches and we were eating them one after another, because part of the Tongan culture is you EAT Lots! I was full after the first sandwich. We then went to dinner with the Polukas and when we got there, the food wasn't ready so we played with the kids and their baby chicks, it was fun. Then we looked at the table and they made a lot of food, Chicken, Pork, Ca bobs, Hawaiian something, Mash potatoes,  Rice, and a bunch of other stuff.  Elder Sill just piles it in while I'm fighting my stomach. Visited other Potentials, then turned in for the night,

Wednesday: Woke up in the Tongan apartment, didn't eat breakfast, because I was still full from last night. Went to Lil'Tonga, but all the Tongans were still asleep sadly, so we drove and visited more potentials. Elder Sill bought me lunch at Jack in the Box. Then we re- exchanged. Elder Woolf missed me so bad, just a little separation anxiety from the Senior companion :) We saw JW's handing out fliers so we found another place to proselyte. Had some Ice cream to end off a good day.

Thursday: Super sunny day, so we contacted Alki Beach and while we were talking to a guy with a Rottweiler, a lady came up to us and gave us twenty bucks! :) We then taught Yeli and his kids the Plan of Salvation using primary techniques and it worked the kids understood the Plan of Salvation. Yeli is super spiritual and after we taught our lesson he admitted to feeling something good in his heart. He is so ready, he just needs to stop working on Sunday!

Friday: Did service for the local Food Bank for 3 hours, went looking for potentials when we ran into some members and chilled inside while it was raining, Brother and Sister Thomas were awesome and said we can come by anytime. Went out with Bro. Barnes and taught this Filipino lady named Jasmine about the BoM, she knows a lot about our church since most of her neighbors back in the Philippines were converted.

Saturday: Helped the Weber's move in to their new home, they just had us carry the easy stuff, since they were paying a carrying crew to carry the really heavy stuff. Made a burrito throwing some left overs on it and it turned out really well, I'm becoming a better cook if I do so say myself!  Another sunny day so we contacted Alki beach again. We talked to a couple from New Zealand home of the Lord of the Rings. Then we talked to these gangsta looking dudes sitting by their Harleys wearing leather jackets. They we really cool guys with good questions about our church, we gave them a BoM and they said they would give it a little looksie, their names were Capuno and Smash. Went to the Ensign Symphony with Francen and it was awesome the theme was the road less traveled. They played some very classic classical music, then they played some disney music, we are not allowed to listen to any music but Hymns and Motab, but it was allowed at the symphony so it was awesome for the missionaries. they played "the Circle of Life" and received a standing ovation! 

Sunday: Church went really well, we had a Linger Longer after church and it was really cool to get to know the ward more. While we were tracting we met this sassy lady named Brianna, she was cool because she thinks it's awesome what we do and how we reach out and help others. Then we met Skyler and he just invited us in and gave us some Apple Cider to drink and he showed us his pet Ferrets and let us hold them. The whole time he was talking about how he loves our church so much, but said he wasn't ready yet, so we taught him a little and gave him our phone number for if he ever wants to get together again. 

This past week has been bright and happy and I assure you that I am having a great time in this area and with my companion. I pray that you all are having a fantastic time wherever you are! Love you all and a good night!

With Some Sugar, Elder Larson


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