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Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 26

Dear My Beloved Family, Friends, and Enemies,

This week is transfers and I have just been told last night that... I'm being transferred out of Zone!  I'm just full of emotions, being in an area for almost 6 months does that to you!
We got the call last night and I was surprised to hear that they are Whitewashing Mercer Island, which means Elder Farr and I are both leaving. It feels weird, we just have so much going on in this area, but the Lord knows best and it's time I move on to better things, thanks to Mercer Island I have learned not to internalize rejection, my testimony has grown ten fold, and now I am opposite of shy and not talkative, to talking to everybody and anybody!
One thing that has really helped my testimony being here is, I have always seen the great works this church did, even though growing up I didn't believe God, but I kept to it, because I knew in my heart that this Church if anything brought me happiness and now I have a full faith in a loving Heavenly Father. It's strange though leaving Mercer Island, I feel as if I built many friendships with Members and Non-members alike. Elder Farr and I went tracting with Conner Bernal, who just got off his mission and he said that if anything Elder Farr and I are hardworking, we take rejection well, and we are full of the spirit. It made me feel good that he said that, him being an Assistant on his mission. Elder Farr and I started a lot of good things on this Island and I just hope the next missionaries will continue those good works. 

This past week on Wednesday, it was raining hard and right after Thrift Shop all our appointments cancelled, so we were stuck in the Rain for 2 hours.  We would of had dinner, but no member signed up for that night, which happens rarely mind you, but we felt impressed to visit the Garrisons, a Member family.  Our Mission doesn't want us visiting members unless we scheduled an appointment with them, but you know, what's more important, follow the rules or the Spirit? We knocked on the door and Sister Garrison opened door exclaiming "OH John the Elders are here!", her son John yelled "That's Great I have two steaks on the Grill just for you!”  Elder Farr and I were speechless, like what was going on. They felt prompted to cook steak and make a dinner for four when it was just the two of them. After dinner and a lesson, Sister Garrison asked Elder Farr to give her a blessing and Elder Farr gave a beautiful blessing that Heavenly Father wanted her to have. I am thankful to have followed the spirit that night, because everyone that night felt blessed!

Not many stories this week, just the usual, going around teaching people, having fun, and building my testimony, nothing new. Anyways I love you all and expect to hear from Josh next week about his life and keep sending pics I love them!

With Heavenly Love, Elder Larson (Washington Seattle Mission Representative!!!)    

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