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Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 28

Feb. 22nd, 2016

Dear one and all and all in one, 

Let me start with the rundown of my week;

Monday: first p-day in West Seattle,  we played B-ball with Elder Filimaua, a Samoan  working in the Samoan ward, his comp. Elder Smith, a super big burly Elder you don't want to mess with, Elder Walton, regular sized and working in the Vashon Island Ward, and his Comp. Elder Francias, who was my MTC Comp. It was a really intense game but Elder Smith could not be beat, he can literally just drop the ball in the net. Afterwards, we had pizza with a recent convert Fransen, who is really cool and we can just be ourselves.

Tuesday: Had District meeting and we had to pick/drop off the Vashon Elders. It was Elder Sill's first District Meeting and it was awesome, he even asked me to give a training on what it means to have faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement. At the end of the meeting we sang our mission song #266 "The time is far spent."  We sang the second verse three times and after the second time, I was just dying with laughter at how nobody noticed or cared that we were singing the same verse. We then visited many potentials, but none were home or they were too busy.  Dinner was with Bro. Munoco, who is mentally disabled, but a super cool guy and he can cook!  When it came to our spiritual thought, he was just super into it and was bearing strong testimony, it was touching to say the least.

Wednesday: We dad a huge service project for a non-member, scraping moss off her shed, it was interesting and we personally felt like what we were doing was only making things worse, but she kept saying, good job, keep scraping, so we complied. Talked to an Investigator Kaydee, she is African-American, 25 yrs old and wants to find structure in her life.  She said she wants to come to church but can't make it this Sunday, she is strongly interested though. Had dinner with Fransen again, because our original dinner had to cancel, so Fransen offered to feed us again, this time it was Chicken Tenders, so good and Fransen is so cool.

Thursday: Zone Conference, we left the Apartment at 7am and got to the meeting at 8am. We were trained specifically on being respectful and not being pushy especially when people are not interested, because that makes people think we are weird. Zone conference ended at 5pm and got home at 6:30pm, due to traffic. Taught Yeli(lee) at 7pm and Yeli is very spiritual. During our lesson, Elder Woolf started teaching Yeli's children and showing them pictures, while I continued teaching Yeli. I helped him understand why our church is organized in such a way that we follow today and about Joseph Smith. Both Elder Woolf and I felt good about the lessons, because if Yeli loses interest we can always try the kids. 

Friday: was weird, no one home, ate Burger Boss for dinner, it makes really good Burgers

Saturday: So much happened and we met up with so many people. We did service for Bishop Every, dismantling their trampoline and raking the yard, he has two young daughters ages 3 and 6. The three year old was just hilarious, but when we went to share a lesson she got impatient, so Elder Woolf and I involved her greatly in our lesson and she enjoyed. It was fun. Since it was Arizona sunny today, we contacted at Alki Beach and it was super crowded  Elder Woolf and I talked to maybe 150 people, like 140 of them blew us off, but we didn't care, we were just loving the sun. That night we met up with the Hoffman's, a Russian couple in our ward and we just had an amazing time getting to know them.  We even played monopoly deal in Russia, Elder Woolf and I won a game, but we only played two games. We then shared a lesson on charity, because we were all getting selfish while playing.  I was glad to meet them, they gave us some Ukrainian cake and it was tasty.

Sunday: I bore my testimony in Sacrament, because they needed someone to take up some time. Met everyone in the ward, but I don't remember anyone's name.  I will work on that.  Went to Member-Missionary-Fireside at the Kirkland Stake Center and saw Elder Hales and Elder Farr, but more excitingly saw Vicky and Maxine with Bishop Post and Bro. Jolley.  That ended off the week just right!

Peace I leave unto you, Elder Larson

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