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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Week 68

So I didn't email yesterday, due to some events.... 

First off it snowed a LOT and all the Libraries closed due to the weather 

Second of all, the Zone Leaders had everybody email at the Stake Center, but their isn't enough computers, so Elder Smith and I got the short end of the stick, but we didn't mind, more P-day for us and we still get to email. I call that a total win win situation!

Last week it rained a ton, well thats to be expected in good old Seattle! People were nicer at the doorstep, mainly because they pity our Freezing bodies... Still took advantage of that opportunity to teach and testify during the extra 30 seconds the give us. I have become exceptionally better at talking to people, I was on exchange with Elder Gale (He is by far one of the most down to earth Elders you could ever meet) and together we taught the Restoration to a Jewish man and he even took a Book of Mormon. Of course we Elder Gale and I did some catching up, reflecting on our Shoreline(Shorelove) days.

"Mother Nature" has been sending us very confusing texts, like shes having a conversation with us, but we never respond and she just keeps going... But hey everybody needs a crazy friend, I always say... We haven't visited her in two weeks, we better see hows she doing

Elder Smith only has three weeks to go now, with him it feels like the days go fast, but the weeks take forever. I enjoy being with him, because he laughs at all my jokes, most of which are not that funny. He may be a big guy, but he is very Loving and wants everybody to Happy!

Had the pleasure of meeting the Elledges and Pittsenbargers in our ward, they are fantastic people, super willing to help in our missionary efforts.

Had dinner with the Cedurlands an fun Loving Asian family, they invited their Asian friends over and we ate traditional Taiwanese food, the young boys were most entertaining, showing off magic tricks that I have never seen before and the Nonmember friends were kind and interested in what we do...

To top things off we had a Stake Conference and Elder Nattress of the seventy came, I only mention him, because he used to be the Gilbert, Arizona Mission President when the Gilbert Temple was dedicated!

Overall I rate this past week a SOLID GOOD!

With Love and Prayers, Elder Larson 

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