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Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 67

Hello from the Seattle Washington Mission,

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Elder Larson a Renowned Knife Throwing Specialist, but thats not why you are reading this, you are reading to know more about my Adventures up here in Bothell Specifically serving in the Cottage Lake/ Hollywood Hill Areas. 

To Kick start this deal, we have a major update when it comes to the Missionary Schedule, which we learned this past Wednesday. If you have not heard about it, look it up. I could explain it here, but that would be easy... I will say this though, I like it a lot, It allows us(Missionaries) to be more Independent.

Work Update: As a Zone we blitz the Chili Cheese Dog out of our area, because of the combined efforts, we now have our hands on not 1, not 3, but 2 new Investigators, Thank you Zone!

Along with that, our friend has also shown interest in the church and will now be taking lessons from us, I am a little hesitant about her though, she is crazy and from what I've learned in my past experiences with crazy people, is that they are loyal and honest, but they are most likely going to do something, sometime it's good, sometime's it's not... 

Our Friendly Part Member Family the Grunkmeier's had us come by for dinner, we get there and dinner still has an hour before it's done, so we played ball and board games with the kiddo's. They have three boys and they are super full of energy.

Companion Update: Elder Smith still imparts words of wisdom upon me everyday, he really understands people and how they like to be treated, he can give a BoM to just about anybody, because he knows how to persuade, but he doesn't do it,because it's not right for somebody to only take BoM, because we convinced them too. No he prefers to let the Spirit to do it's job, even if it means we only pass out one BoM a week

Individual Update: I doing more then good this week, I got over some mental stumbling blocks. Now I'm ready to go and work hard! 

Recap God is Love, Love is naturally part of us, Therefore God is always with us

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

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