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Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 70


 It's been good up here in SEATTLE, to be more Specific the Cottage Lake/Hollywood Hill Area, we have seen so many Miracles, we now have this Chinese guy who wants to know more about our church, we are stoked to work with him, he is very Polite and Humble, that's saying something, because he lives in a mansion!

The week started out Great, on Valentines Day my amazing Mother sent me a Package full of goodies! Had dinner with one my favorite families here the Copelands (we used to live in there basement for awhile) as always an amazing Steak and Potato Dinner!

Did a lot service for a sorta active Member, raking up seemingly endless amounts of leaves while in a mine field (Dog Poop everywhere) But hey she gave us Caffiene Free Dr. Pepper and it was still good!

Had Dinner with the Woods, which almost didn't happen, because I didn't even text them to remind we were coming over, yet by Grace we got a phone call 20mins. before from sis. wood reminding us that we were coming over. We had a great time, we even sat outside around a fire, making smores, telling stories, and my favorite part talking about Guns!

President asked to meet with me and my first thoughts were "Oh NO who Died back at home", Thank goodness it wasn't that at all, he wanted to see how I was doing was all, he asked if their was anything that I wanted and I said "Send me Back to Edmonds", he laughed and said "You never know". Needless to say Edmonds still has a lot of my heart.

Speaking of Edmonds,  I got to see Lyle and Bonnie Smith at the Redmond stake Fireside (usually we wouldn't have gone, but it was Elder Smith's last one so we went) It was good to hear how things have been going since I've left. I also saw many of my good Mission buddies. Most of which were surprised and happy to see me there...

Double Church just gets better and better every week, I am more fully awake in the classes and I also participate a lot more in discussions, I'm also starting to remember every bodies names finally! 

It's been Lovely, it Truly has been and this is Elder Smith Last week so High Hopes for this up and coming week. 

Listen to Your Heart and listen to that still small voice

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

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