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Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 69

Well did I have a good week or what? well I'm gonna tell you Y

After having it snow Beautifully outside for two days straight it then rained profusely(as in it rained a ton) for three days, then the sun came out  and it was colder than it was when it was raining, how dare the Sun lie to me like that...

Despite the usual weather, we were pretty happy with how the week went down, had a lot Fun to top it all off as well.

We had dinner with the Todescos on Wednesday, they fed us Roast Beef and Mashed Potatoes, the Goood Stuff. They are a super fun Family, got along well with them, they even said that next time we come by they will have a nonmember there to meet with us :) after that we went to the church Building to meet with Bishop Iverson, usually he texts us the day of, but he didn't, so we still went by and he wasn't in his office, but we heard commotion in the Kitchen. we go over there to find all the Youth Leaders and Bishop making a huge amount of pasta and prepping other foods. It was Etiquette night for Mutual, all the youth were inside the Gym sitting at Valentines themed tables, each table had an older person playing Host/Hostess. Bishop felt bad that he didn't text, so he invited us to stay and join in on Etiquette night with the Youth, so we did. We sat at Mary and Lisa's (our Recent Converts) table and ate a second dinner, just like a Hobbit (Still working on doing two breakfasts) It was a very Pleasant night

On Thursday we had Zone Conference, The main topic of discussion was "Who is Christ", it was very deep and touching, also it was nice as always to see my mission buddies!!! 

Saturday is a Special day, it's the day we watch Amazing people get Baptized! Elder Smith and I went to Highline Somoa's area, because they were Baptizing an Investigator that Elder Smith taught. Saw Elder Hales(my Trainer/Mission Dad) and saw Sister Malolo (now known as Kiri Malolo) It was interesting to see her there after she went home 4 weeks ago, I couldn't help but joke with Elder Smith saying "in two weeks thats going to be you ;)", He is both Excited and sad to go home and each day you never know which one he is feeling more. After the Baptism they had amazing food as expected, Chicken 'n' Rice. Went to a District Blitz in Kenmore, after that Elder Bermudes wanted to hear my Smeagol Impression, so I did it for the whole District, after all this time I still got it!

Sunday was a very Special day, First ward we talked about the importance of Optimism and choosing to be happy, second ward we were with the priests and discussed the topic of Agency!
Had a feast of a dinner at the Mann's home, not to mention the amazing Ice cream bar they had set up for us! We went to Pie Night after that, which is a Priest/Laurel Activity, which involves a lesson, time to get to know your fellow quorum members, and PIE! They brought out a pIng pong table and I was drawn to it, like Hawk Mosquitoe to a Porch Light. we played King of the Hill and I lost all my Charity, I beat everybody and I went mad with power, JK JK. I didn't want to win that way, but all those years of training kicked in and my body just reacted.

All in all I'd say it was a lovely week, which is appropriate since tomorrow is Valentines day. 
Remember to Work Hard, Learn Lots, Because the Party doesn't Stop!

With Prayers of Love, Elder Larson
That's my ride, she has a cold personality but eventually she warms up to you.

Selfie sticks are not as effective as I thought they would be...

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