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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Week 62

Wow what a spectacular week we(Me and Elder Smith) had. I could typed a whole essay on foods we ate that were delicious, but I won't, because Ain't nobody got time for that!

Monday: Not P-day, helped guy Move stuff to three different locations, he had a weak back, so he couldn't even help us lift the heavy Awkward stuff, needless to say we got the goods to the targets!

Tuesday: Temple Day! Nuff said

It gets a little hectic after that, we got bombarded with Parties and members wanting to spend time with us, was able to do lots of small service projects helping some of the older members around their house. It was pleasant, because I Love being around Members or people in general that are cool, I enjoy it so much more than knocking doors, so this past week has really Hyped me up!

Went on Exchange with Elder Muller in his Area Kenmore, We found a new Investigator, she is African American and of Christlike Love, went to Dominoes for dinner and one of the Workers is a member and paid for our Pizza, Did service at a Thrift shop collecting donations, while it was SNOWING! It was awesome, but really cold...

Santa came to our Zone on Friday, but Santa didn't get me anything...

Saturday we had our Christmas Fireside(Partay) as a zone, Where I got unexpected Presents from Santa(guess he forgot a few at the Mission Office, I Mean North Pole) ate a lot of junk food and played White Elephant Exchange(If you don't know what White Elephant Exchange is, Look it up now) It was Hilarious and everybody came out with something cool! 

Christmas: Started it out with a Big Breakfast with the Davis Family! Attended Sacrament Meeting. Skype ed my Family back in Arizona, now that was Fun, They all look different now! Ate Christmas Dinner with PittsenBargers, really nice Family!

Had a Christmas Miracle, we got a new Investigator named Mayson, Nino a recent Convert Introduced us to him and on Christmas no less, God Bless us Everyone of Us!

look forward to next weeks email, because Crazy things happen around new years!

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

Zone party, I mean Fireside!
White Elephant gift but was stolen away shortly after I got it.
I didn't win this, but it was by far the coolest gift.

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