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Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 60

Sorry for the late Email, but we needed to make our Zone Christmas Video, Check It!

I Became Elder Batman, companion with Elder Robin, together sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ 

This past week has been busy, with the combining of two areas that tends to happen, it's been loads of fun though as well meeting with lots of members, they are super nice from both wards. Yes we have to go to two wards on Sunday, which is 6 hours of church plus an hour and a half of meetings👍👍 I Love it, talk about a spiritual Boost! My companion Elder Cardon is great, has changed a lot on his mission in a very good way, he has definitely been helpful to me in carry out my responsibilities as a DL, It is loads of fun helping your fellow Missionaries be the best they can be! 

I am happy to say that it snowed on Wednesday, a lot more than Monday, we went out during our Workout Period and I made Snowmen, It was fun and it was stunningly Beautiful outside!

Investigator wise we now have a pool of people to teach, Because of Hollywood Hill 😁 Have I met them.... No, but we are planning to this week

Spiritual Wise read Philippines 4:13, Atonement is Real!!!
This is my new Buddy Elder Skelton, sadly not in my District, but we hit it off super well, so we are excited to serve around eachother this Transfer

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

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