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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Week 61

Yes I am still alive! Had our Temple Trip today which made today our P-day...

Last week on Monday, made our Zone Christmas Video, because it is tradition in our mission!

Tuesday, went on Exchange with the Zone Leaders, got bashed with hardcore by Born Again's, It was fun, I haven't had that happen in a while...

Got a call Tuesday Night, Telling me that Elder Cardon is going to be Emergency Transferred.... Not Again, stop taking my companions away, I am not particularly fond of it. 

Wednesday, Elder Cardon packed, went to Mission Office, Elder Cardon was shipped off to North Creek and Elder Smith was set up with me, Oh yes at least I know the guy and we had lots of fun last Transfer in our District.

What happened was that Elder Smith's bikes kept breaking, so he couldn't be in a biking area anymore, so out of every car area, they chose me...

Thursday, Weekly Planned, now having to work with two areas, one I know pretty well and the other not so much, also account for trying our best to keep within our 1000 mile limit! 

Mission Christmas Party, Ate awesome food, watched the Zone Videos, almost died out of laughter, Everybody was asking me "Hows it going with Elder Cardon", I had to laugh every time, "Yeah he got Emergency Transferred, I'm with Elder Smith now"

Friday, yeah will just skip Friday, nothing exciting happened

Saturday, Did lots of service! Helped rearrange furniture for an old lady, helped move a butch of pots around for another old lady, and helped organize a shed for yet another old lady :) 

Had our ward Party in Cottage Lake, Members were shocked to me with another companion, they would come up to me and say jokingly "this is your fourth companion in eight weeks, what is wrong with you?" to which I would reply "You don't want to know!" and just as a joke I told some Missionaries that it's the Laurels fault for flirting with my companions and getting them sent away and I am immune to it, which is why I stay 😉

Sunday, was at church from 7:30 am to 4:15pm, Church is so much fun and you learn so much when your there twice as long...

Breakfast for dinner with the Bishops family (Last name is really Bishop) Got to know then pretty well, helped them give a blessing to their sick daughter, that was cool, I love giving blessing, that's one thing I missed about serving round a hospital, you give blessings a lot....

Went to coordinate with Hollywood Hill's Ward Mission Leader, went to his house, he wasn't home.... Spent some time getting to know his sons which are Less Actives

and that Sums up the week pretty well, looking forward to Christmas!!!

Love, Elder Larson

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