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Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 63

I don't know why we have been so busy on P-day, we ain't the Zone Leaders... Yet we have been given Errands to do on the most... I mean second most Important day of the week after Sunday! As I type this very moment I am scrambling around in my Brain on what to say, because every second is precious time that could be spent typing an Awesome Weekly Report...

First off Happy New Years!!! 

New Years Eve as expected was pretty uneventful... We gathered as a Zone at 4pm, I thought we would do a repeat of last year and watch a Movie, but I thought Wrong, instead we did Testimony meeting with a twist you had to share your favorite Scripture or Song, If you shared a song the mission would all sing one verse together. It was a Spiritual Touching night to end off 2016, after that though we went and helped some members clean their Garage, mind you we were not sweeping or dusting, by cleaning I mean we helped grab all the Heavy and Awkward stuff and took it to the Basement. It was good service, the reason why they needed their Garage empty, so that they could put their cars in it, because the day earlier somebody broke into their Truck and took it for a Joy Ride and landed it in a Ditch. They Got the Truck back, but you understand why they wouldn't want their cars outside for awhile... After we helped them we went in for the Night and Chilled!

Our week was pretty Eventful, Our new Investigator Mayson we found out lives in Redmond, so we lost our only Investigator... Oh well  it happens. Helped Members Move a Hot tub with our Friends Elder Skelton and Henrie, because we needed more Muscle, the Members thanked us with Red Robin...YUM! Had another Good old District Meeting, I haven't lost my cool yet in conducting, its like all the other Missionaries make Leading and Conducting look so easy, but it is not. Their is a lot more Responsible, even when you want to stop, Quit, or Take a Break! You simply can't because other Missionaries are counting on you to lead them to Victory! Its the same way with those we teach, we can't give up, because their Salvation in a small way depends on us and our willingness to teach them and Love them. 

Double Church is very spiritual, but at the same time very tiring, the best way I have been able to handle it, is by Participating when I can in the Sunday School Lessons. It helps me stay in the Game. Plus getting to know two Wards of people has been so much fun as well. This week we got lots going on so Ill be excited to tell you all, all about it. Till then, keep the Public Peace and don't do Stupid Stuff!

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

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