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Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 44


I bring you good tidings of great Joy

The Week of Weeks!

This week is full of excitement, I can hardly sit down as of right now 😂 Caitlynn Kille is good to go for her Baptism this Saturday and it's going to be a big Party! 🎶🎂🐼 Tristen is has been taught everything and is ready to be Baptized Sept. 3rd, he is a Stud Muffin at the Finest! Ed Everett, the Miracle man who walked in last week is still going strong! 

Another Major Miracle: A nonmember who has been coming to church for the last year with his wife and daughter, wants to take the lessons now and be baptized 😶 That was literally my emotion, the Lord is blessing this ward greatly and all started with getting the ward to have faith in missionary work, because when everybody is on the same page, Miracles flow!!!

Charlotte our favorite Investigator that is not On date Yet!, came to church for the third time now and is really starting to enjoy church! our last lesson with her, her kids were not around. We taught the Plan of Salvation and she really enjoyed the lesson, then our member Dave Relf invited her to ride in the Convertible with us and get Dairy Queen 😎 Honestly Dave is the best, he makes every lesson memorable! 
Elder Van Wagoner is such a hard worker and it motivates me to work harder as well. Our Mission has a huge goal that every area baptizes this transfer, so the whole mission is going crazy, but in a positive motivated way!

Anyhow, Hope everybody is doing all right and not getting into car crashes, cause they are not cool😠
Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

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