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Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 41

Yep Transfers have rolled around yet again and yours truly will be staying! 😂

Yet Elder Sorensen is leaving! 😖

I wish we can still both be together, cause we have kicked Satan's butt these past transfers, a lot of people are upset that our duo is broken, but the new companion I'm getting will be just as cool and if not, I'm gonna have to set that Elder straight 😎

Last Week with Sorensen:  

Played at a golf course with the Hunters on Pday, did pretty good for amateurs. Linda our Less Active becoming Active, got freaked out about Temple Marriage, but our member Leo set her straight, so she is doing good again. Went to Jan Lee's to teach Caitlynn the 10 Commandments, but a Vacuum salesman came, and gave a super long Spiel, so we had no time to teach her, so we went back on Sunday and she really enjoyed the lesson, she is excited to be baptized Oct. 22.  Went to Mutual with our good man Tristan and he had fun getting to know the other boys in the ward. We taught him afterwards with our priest, Austin Nickel teaching Tristan the Plan of Salvation, Austin came well equipped and helped us out a lot.  Tristan is still on date for Sept. 10th, but he might move it up. Many more fantastic things happened as well. The age of Sorensen and Larson are over, the Age of Larson and ? have begun 😋

I wish I had more to tell right now, well I can tell you one funny thing that happened... we have a neighbor who is Gay, but he really is nice to us and likes talking to us and when we told him one of us was getting transferred, he said he wants to call President and bribe him with $10 million 🤑 just to keep us both here. we have a lot of funny people like that around here, which is why I like it a lot in Edmonds, people are more talkative and not engrossed on their phones 24/7 or in them selves...

I love you all and I wish nothing but the best for you!

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson  

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