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Monday, August 8, 2016

Week 42

 Elder Van Wagoner is my new companion and he was my District Leader during Christmas through February, he is awesome, spiritual, a great leader I look up to!

and now...he is my new companion! I can't believe it, I have never had a companion in whom I new beforeπŸ˜„ we are going to do marvelous things here in Edmonds

We have been busy this week just introducing the new Elder in the area, our week literally filled out without us trying, it was miraculous. He learned this week, that we have so many nonmembers married to members and that blew his mind, he also learned how crazy awesome this ward is, his last area was downtown, so he is used to crazy, that's good, because he is stuck with me nowπŸ˜‹ *Mischievous laugh* 

we had two major Miracles  
1) Tristan who is On Date to be baptized Sept. 10th, has had his prayers answered to move in full time with his Mom.  He was split between parents, switching off every week, but he wanted to live with his mom, which is good, cause she is the only active member in the family.  So the Lord does provide a way, because this makes it easier for Tristan to be here full time and make friends in the ward😁

2) Caitlynn Kille was originally On Date to be Baptized Oct. 22nd, but she wanted to move it up to...Aug. 27th, three Saturdays from now. she is overly pumped, we gave her a calendar with a checkbox for read and pray everyday, even better is that the mom of Caitlynn wants to come to the BaptismπŸ˜‚

Last night we had Dinner with the Abregos, mom is the only member and we just cut straight to the point, but in a nice, humorous way as I always do! we asked the 16 and 22 year old daughters why they don't want to come to church, they said "cause it's boring" πŸ˜± I understand it could be boring, but that is because we are in the wrong mindset, church is awesome when you know why your there and you know what it could do to help your life  πŸ˜‡ The Abregos could use some work and love, but it seems like in the world today, people just don't have the desire these days, but as I always say, you can build your own desire now to believe or wait until you hit rock bottom and to the point where all you can do is call upon God. You choose, but I prefer the First.

Anyhow Edmonds is great, Van Wagoner(boy thats a mouth full)  is great, and the members here are great πŸ˜ƒ

Love and Prayers, Elder Matthew Larson

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