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Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 43

it's Raining Miracles "Hallelujah" 

here is the Rundown:

Did service at a Senior Center, playing games, throwing ball, then we were talking about the Olympics. That was when one of the old ladies in a Wheelchair rolled up to me and said "Your going to die tomorrow", I looked at her and smiled and said "your joking", she said "No Joke your going to die and it's going to be your fault", I then Laughed and she continued to say "Your laughing now, but I'm going to have the last Laugh". That was 4 days ago, so I shouldn't be alive right now 💀

Taught a guy in a Wheelchair (man I just attract the Wheelchair Population) he felt the spirit strongly and was going to church, yet he didn't come, because he slept in 😴 

On the Other hand, we were at the church to teach Tristan our On date for the 3rd of sept. with a youth in our ward, when we heard a noise at the church door, we were prompted to run out the door and we caught this guy who was walking to his car, he asked what he wanted, he said "look I don't have time to talk, can we meet tomorrow", we were like "For Sure, what do you want to talk about", he said "I want to be Baptized Ok", 😲 what the Random, then we said "let's get it done".   Major Miracle for us, but the problem is we were going to be in Bellevue all day Thursday due to meetings, so we had the YSA Sisters teach him for us and they put him on date for the 3rd of sept. 😁 he even came to the church and has read the Book of Mormon, he has never talked to Missionaries, he just walked into Deseret Books, Bought a Book of Mormon, read it, and knew it was true!!!!!

Speaking of YSA Sisters, we were with a member, Dave Relf, he was driving us to his friends house so we can teach his friend, but before that Dave wanted to show us where another member lived, so he drove there first and might I mention we are in a Convertible with the roof down 😎 and Lo and Behold the Sisters were visiting the same member, because their Daughter was going to go with them, so it was very interesting, our member Dave said "Our Missionaries only drive around in style", he also said "Hey you want to switch cars". My thoughts were "Man I hope they don't report to President that we are goofing off", but we were visiting an Investigator and they didn't tattle tale on us, so we are home Free

That is going to be my spiritual message this week "When you abstain from addictive substances, laziness, and Pride, you are truly Home Free", remember YOU ARE THE MIRACLE wherever you are are! TIll next time I bid thee Adieu 

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

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