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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Week 20

Dec. 29th, 2015
Dear Everyone and anyone,

Christmas was amazing and overwhelming. The Mission President came to our apartment and delivered three packages for me and three for Elder Farr. Sadly the President didn't see our apartment, since we had it spotless. 
We had our white Elephant exchange on Christmas Eve and I thought it was also a Potluck dinner, so I made a big pot of Alfredo pasta.  Turned out to just be a White Elephant Exchange and no dinner, so I looked foolish in front of my Zone.  Elder Farr and I both brought Pez dispensers as our gifts, our gift bags were plain so I drew Elephants on them and glued a picture of M. Russel Ballard on them to make them more festive. My zone doesn't understand my sense of humor but Elder Farr does and that's all that matters. 
On Christmas we opened our Gifts and Cards and to say the least, I was way over whelmed with what I got. My first thoughts were how am I going to eat all this food, how will I fit all these gifts in my suitcase. Of course most of my gifts were Star wars stuff, food, blanket, pens, etc. The Skyping part was my favorite part. I saw all my favorite people; Aiden and I think that's it. Just girting your loins, I loved seeing my mom, dad, aunt, sisters, and brothers, especially Jacob, for those precious five minutes. I spent Christmas with the Seldens, a nice Spanish family and we had Chinese for lunch. We then hung out with Staten and Courtney for dinner, which was pot roast, very spicy pot roast, sadly I'm not like Jacob and I have to drink lots of milk when I eat Spicy food. We played a game of Sorry where I totally destroyed Staten, it was my personal revenge since he destroyed me in Chess. We then taught Courtney the whole history of Ether. Staten then gave us adjustments before we left. He adjusted my jaw and I think it has helped make my voice more clearer. Anyways Love yall lots and Happy new years!

With Magnificent Love, Elder Larson (Seattle Mish Representative)

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