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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 16

Dear everybody that cares,

This past week, as you may know, was Thanksgiving and your probably wondering why I'm emailing a day late, well I'll get to that. First, I will share the bad news and go from there. Griffin, our strongest progressing investigator dropped us not because this isn't true, but because his dad told him he should stop meeting us.  When he came by to tell us the news, he was crying and I almost started crying as well, but I know he will come around. 
Now off to some better news. One of our investigators gave us a tree with lights and ornaments, it was really nice of her. We had our lovely Thanksgiving dinner at our ward mission leaders house Bro. Jolley. I a was able to meet his son and his son's family. Then we had another Thanksgiving at Gary and Emily's house. This was their first Thanksgiving because they are Chinese and new to these traditions.  Elder Farr and I taught them how to cook and cut the Turkey. Gary invited his Chinese friends to come over and it was weird not being able to speak the language. I was so stuffed, it was an awesome Thanksgiving. 
We were able to get multiple investigators to church last Sunday. Met Vicky's kids and got to know them better, which I'm sure she appreciates. Then, this morning we went to the Temple as a mission. That is why P-day is today and not yesterday. I love every last soul out there and I pray this coming week will run smoothly! 

With Love, Elder Larson

P.S. I got the package with the stocking and I'm excited to see what people wrote to me. Sadly I won't receive another package till Christmas!

Love Yall

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