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Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 18

Hello everyone,

This week has been amazing, we talked with so many people and received some investigators because of it.  A Savior Is Born video is amazing, you should all watch it. This week started with P-day and I played basketball with Elder Hepler, Felix, and my companion Farr. Basketball has been a good way for me to relieve stress and I'm starting to get good at it too. Taught Vicky more about Jesus Christ and we invited her to do a Baptismal interview to see where she is at. Taught Gary more about the importance of the Priesthood Authority. Stella said she wants to be baptized after our lesson on Faith in Jesus Christ, setting up a date is a problem, because Stella doesn't want to offend her Jewish mother, but we will work around it. The people at the Thrift Shop really love us and give us amazing deals on stuff, this thrift shop is so rich, they sell brand new $200 shoes for $10. Sadly I haven't found any shoes my size. Had Zone Conference, Elder Johnson of the Seventy conducted the meeting and asked us questions, then we discussed the appropriate answers. Overall it was spiritually uplifting. 
Saturday, we went on exchanges. Elder Farr and Piekarski went to Duval, so Elder Farr could baptize this lady he taught. Elder Tate and I were together and the weather, I kid you not, was frightful. We still went out and knocked on doors. We then took Vicky to the Nativity and she absolutely loved it and enjoyed it. She had a lot of questions that we answered, it was great, what can I say more. Well, after the Nativity we went to the ward party and the fun continued. Gary came to the party as well and He, Vicky, and Vicky's friend Maxine sat with us, but we wanted them to sit by members and no members would sit with us. So I got out of my chair trying to find anybody who wasn't with family to sit with. Luckily we found Staten and His Wife Courtney. Staten is a Chiropractor that gives us free adjustments, hilarious character. Courtney his wife, was born without legs and her right arm, she is currently pregnant.  If you remember, from about a month ago when she was sick, I was asked to give her a priesthood blessings. Anyways, I asked them to sit with us and they accepted. The night went uphill from there. Sunday, Elder Farr gave a beautiful talk on setting goals in our life, to help us improve. We then went to the Nativity, volunteering our time, to help and we saw Gary there.  His Mormon friend invited him to go, so he went. Today Gary is taking us to the Ensign Symphony, so that will be awesome. He drives an Audi Q7. Last night we went to a Lutheran church where they were doing a Nativity of their own. They invited us in and we ate chicken and drank hot chocolate. Then we helped them take everything down when it was over and they were very appreciative. I love working on Mercer, so what if it is the lowest baptizing area, it is still worthwhile and an amazing experience, you can't get anywhere else.

With all my Heart, Elder Larson(Seattle Washington Mission)  

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