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Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 17

Dear anyone and everyone who cares, 
This week I came, I saw, and I conquered!
Last week we had a lesson with a young family for the first time, we molded our lesson to keep the kids active while teaching basic principles.  We ended up drawing armor with the kids and explained putting on the armor of god and we watched Mormon messages.  Overall, I give the lesson two thumbs up, the mother was so appreciative with us teaching the gospel in a fun way for her kids and we invited her kids to primary.  They couldn't make it last Sunday but the mom wants to make time so they can go.
We went out with Jake Jacobson and he took us to an awesome Japanese restaurant and I had two choices Steak or Sushi...and I chose Sushi.  I ate five different fishes raw and I felt like throwing up, but I did it. Next time though I'm choosing steak.
We have been teaching this Chinese family for six weeks, I know them pretty well by now and we spent Thanksgiving with them.  They really like our church but will not be baptized until they have a firm belief in God. They are really nice and friendly, Gary the dad even gives us rides to places.  We invited him to the Ensign symphony on the 14th and he said he would go and take us with him. I love their family so much, it is always fun teaching him. 
Vicky is no longer on date for baptism, because her sons couldn't make it, so she wants to wait until both her sons can attend.  Only problem is, her sons are so busy and she doesn't know if they will be here around Christmas, but other than that she is doing well.  She still comes to church and loves being there. She is kind and very close with her sons which is why she wants to wait.
We have a nativity going on in our stake building and we have nativities from all around the world made of precious materials,  We  also have people from other churches singing all day.  We went to it and it was no longer a stake center, it was basically a house of Christ.  Every room was filled to the brim with nativities, pictures, art, and on and on. It was great being there. I was so amazed that I forgot to take Pictures!
I've learned that as I have worked harder, that opposition seems to work harder as well, against me. There have been many times this past week where nothing seemed to be going the way I wanted and I just wanted to give in, but I know that my companion Elder Farr is counting on me, that my leaders are counting on me, that family and friends are counting on me, and that above all the lord is counting on me to carry out the work!
This scripture really helped me this week Moroni 7:48, it's about prayer and prayer has given me great strength this past week and I encourage all of you to follow this simple principle and use it to it's fullest extent, I pray for you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen
With Tremendous Love, Elder Larson from the Seattle, Washington Mission 

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