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Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 87

Monday: we had a Zone Barbecue, we had Chicken, Steak, Hot Dogs, ribs, and pork! We played Mafia as a Zone and a fun Japanese game, Then we pied the Zone Leaders in the face with whipped cream! then everybody started pieing each other, unfortunately I got messed up, after spending the whole time avoiding the Mayhem, they all turned on me....
My good friend Elder Bermudes
Tuesday we had our District meeting, which became a Zone Training, focused on our testimony in Jesus Christ, then we Role played in the Gym, Missionaries objective, talk to people in the park(GYM) and bear Testimony of Christ. Sister Snow, Martin, Elder Fukuoka and I were acting as kids playing Basketball, but no Missionaries came up to us, Sister Snow got bored and started yelling and bullying Elder Fukuoka, calling him the Mormon boy and Sister Martin and I joined her in persecuting the Japanese Mormon boy. Still no Missionaries came, Then Elder Fukuoka spoke boldly against us and testified of Jesus Christ, he befriended us and taught us the Gospel, we were shouting we want to get Baptized, but still no missionaries came and time was up. It goes to show that when you stand up for yourself good things happen!

Wednesday Bishop had a Barbecue at his house, we had much reason to rejoice! The Priests in our ward are super tight, I finally got excepted into their group, I also messed with Juvy and Kazuma as well, those two teachers are punks, always trying to hustle us, man I love them!

Thursday we did our weekly planning and got stuff done, it rained! nevertheless we went out and fought a good fight. 

Friday went on Exchange with Elder Hales (My Mission Dad) he was not feeling well at all, after breaking his wrist a couple weeks ago, it just seems like one thing after another with him... We covered his area Willows, it was loads of Fun
Saturday Elder Fukuoka taught me Kendo for our workouts, it was mainly him beating me with a Bamboo sword. Came back to Finn Hill! We went to a Japanese Cultural event, where they had Sushi stand, Manga stand, and Kendo Stand. I was asked to help at the Kendo stand helping people put on Kendo gear! Volleyball went great as usual!

Kazuma is dressed in Kendo gear
Sunday was Fathers Day, Shout out to the Man who raised Me! It was a slow day for work, but a great day to feel Gods Love!

Keep being Awesome everybody! Till next time!

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

Also, we were at the Mission Office today and I ran into these punks, What used to be Elder Haliday on the Left, Elder Jennings Right Center, and Elder Jones on the Right 

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