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Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 86

Hola Buenos Dias!

How has life been for the all of you? This past week Elder Frei and I have been able to see many miracles and we have also hit some trials...

I'll start with the bad stuff, so that way we will end on a good note

Nina has been sick all week and we have been unable to meet with her. She is still struggling to stop smoking. Arbrie has been ruff to meet up with and she didn't do well on a test she had been studying for months on, she is not happy, yet we can help, but she won't give us time to do it. 

On  a better note, it has been beautifully sunny here and we have been spending lots of time at the parks, because that''s where the people are at. We ran into a less Active Sarah, she was really nice and said we can meet with her, she has an 11 year old daughter and said if her daughter wanted to join, she would be completely fine with it. We found more people we can teach.

Our Volley Ball is starting to get really big, we are getting a really good turn out, we might need another night for Volleyball, we even started at an earlier and still got a huge turn out!

We had a Music and Dessert event, they played non hymns in the Gym and Matthew Weatherford preformed, he sang Don't Go Breaking My Heart while doing many different voice Impressions. 

We had our annual Zone Interviews, President told me to work hard and said "uhhhhhh sure", but in all seriousness I said "YES!" we are giving it our all here in Finn Hill! Our Ward Mission Leader Brother Bahr just left for south America and won't be back for 3 months, but he is still going to help in any way he can, he will just be doing it from a Long distance.

Love is Key, If you Love God and your Neighbor, life will be amazing, It seems like the best antidote for Fear, hate, and doubt is Love. Give it a try and see what happens.

Today we are going to have a Zone Barbecue and we are going to pie the Zone Leaders in the face, because we completed the challenge of getting 80 contacts in one day as a District, if we failed to complete the challenge the punishment would have been writing a letter to President explaining why we failed the challenge.

But Hey I'll catch up with you all later

With Love Elder Larson
Larson the Lamanite fights for what is right.

Arrow's could not hit him for a man of God, was he.

Look a Mormon Missionary, Fred get the camera.

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