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Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 76

> I don't know about you all, but I am fired up! General Conference caused a Habenero pepper to form in my heart. I loved every last bit of it and each talk was well done, I appreciated the Mission shout out from former Mission President Elder Yoon Hwan Choi.
> This past week was another interesting one. Monday we had an amazing Lasagna dinner with the Segobias, then we went to the Lake Washington Ward Family Home Evening and played games in Spanish! 
We were asked to give the First Training at Zone Conference on Thursday and we forgot about it until two days before on Tuesday and thought of this great Training to do, then Elder Poll was taken from us and they put him with the Redmond Spanish Elders and they took the car, since their car was in the shop. We had half a day planned to be in Bothell, so we had to come up with a list of people to visit. 
Then its Wednesday and we get a call from Elder Poll saying that he and Redmond Elders are going to do the training since they practiced it, Elder Nielsen and I were down with that. Went down Finn Hill and it was amazing, like so many people were home and Nice. The Last guy we visited with, who is now Investigating, we knocked on his door and when he opened it, he started laughing and said "Look Jesus is knocking on my door", we were like ah yea.  He opened up to us and told us that he gotten fired from his job that day and is really high right now, so we set a time to come back on Friday. We got our beloved Elder Poll back just before the Night is over. 
Thursday is Zone Conference and the big Highlight of it was they made a Washington Seattle Mission Workout Video that is very Cheezy! 
Friday we had our lesson with the new investigator and he is ready to make changes, although he is moving in two weeks, so we are going to prep him and give some missionaries a Golden Referral. Went to the Lake Washington Ward Activities night, played a lot of Basketball and soccer. Saturday CONFERENCE and Volleyball, my spikes are getting pretty good and we are getting quite the turn out. Sunday CONFERENCE and we had an amazing Rib Dinner with brother Jaeger and then went to the Knights and they were celebrating their Kid's 2nd Birthday, woo fun stuff.
> I Hope you all have had amazing weeks, I testify that God is a Loving Heavenly Father and he wants more than our stuff, our deeds, our words. He wants us, he Loves us so much, in his son's name Jesus Christ Amen
> Love, Elder Larson
Elder Van Wagoner and I.  Man the sun is shining.
Me at Volleyball

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