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Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 77


This last week being in a three pack has been amazing, we had so much fun and had a lot of crazy experiences.

The coolest thing that happened this last week, was we had the KZA's (Kirkland Zone Awards) on Friday. Zone Leaders made a certificate of appreciation for all the Missionaries in the Zone, they Elder Poll and Fulton the District Leaders be the Hosts. We each got to go up and receive a certificate of Appreciation with a compliment on it. Mine said "For Meekness in Trials and Triumph", It really means a lot to me, This Zone was one of the Best!

Along with receiving Certificates, we also showed I'm a Mormon Videos, Videos that we made up ourselves, that were about 30 seconds each.
We had the wonderful Pleasure of demolishing a back Porch for the Perry's in our ward. It was a good stress reliever...

unfortunately we were unable to teach any of our Progressing Investigators, we found a new Investigator, she  is Divorced with a six year old son, she knows nothing about God, but she is Golden, she also has a very good sense of humor and gave us lots of Carrots.

We did service for a Food Bank (HopeLink) we stood at the entrance of Fred Meyers for a good four hours handing out flyers and collecting donations, saw a lady run over another person's kid and I saw someone else crash into somebody else's cart, yep good stuff

Played Soccer again this week in the Lake Washington ward, slowly I'm getting better. Also did our usual Volley Ball activity and had a full house, before I go on, we played Volley Ball this Morning at Juanita Beach and playing in the sand is a lot harder than you think....

So Transfers are this week

Elder Poll is going to Seattle and Elder Nielsen is going to Bellevue

From reading the subject of my Email, you already know I'm going to Redmond zone...

Yet I'm also staying in Finn Hill...

Kirkland Zone is no more, Redmond has completely taken over and in the Process they made a new Zone called "Zona Espanola", or the Spanish Zone. All Spanish areas, no matter where there at, are a part of this new Zone!

When Life Gives you a Sucker Punch; Accept it Gladly, you will be Stronger if you do 👍

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson
At the park by Lake Washington, Enjoying the Breeze
This is for you Hermano!

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