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Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 75

It truly has been lots of fun this past week being part of a three pack, there is never a dull moment with Elder Nielsen and Poll around. It's a surprise we actually get anything done... JK JK we are working hard, we cover Bothell Spanish and FInn Hill. Can't say I've picked up much Spanish, but at least I know when people are talking about food :)

Monday: After saying final goodbyes to Elder Christianson, Elder Poll (Paul) got in with us and we inherited the car, the sports gear, and food that was left in the Bothell Spanish Apartment and moved it all to Finn Hill.  Ate Thai for dinner with a Bro. Moulton. Went ward FHE and played General Conference Jeopardy!

Tuesday: District Meeting and with Elder Christianson gone, Elder Poll was assigned to be District Leader and we have the smallest District in the mission, only five missionaries! We discussed a lot about our sacred calling and why we came out to serve. Ate Tacos with Obispo (Bishop) Morales from the Spanish Ward. Saw all of Bothell again and again and again. Ate dinner with the Allingtons

Wednesday: It was a beautiful sunny day, we went on a hike with our Investigator Kristen.
Our cool three pack chilling by the lake.

Elder Poll told me that all Hispanics are really nice but the first person we visited cussed us out is Spanish then tells us in English that if we ever come back, he will shoot us and he even pretended his hand was a gun and that he was shooting at us. Elder Poll then said that most Hispanics are nice generally. 

Thursday: Weekly planned for both areas, we almost didn't make it through, but we did and we had by far the best comp inventory ever, we are a tight companionship! Met with a (Spanish Investigator) and she wants to take the lessons, so point for Bothell Spanish! Joined in on Spanish wards activity night and we played Soccer for over an hour! 

Friday: Played Gospel Games with a fun family, as always they are really fun and loving, and the games really help them, since they are still new to the church and don't know much. It has been a blessing to be in car especially on days when it downpours!

Saturday: Zone Blitz in Kirkland Spanish, found the Hermanas solid Potentials. Then we had Celeste's Baptism!!!!! It was well organized, the speakers were top and Cody Allington (Celeste's Boyfriend) performed the ordinance! We went to a party the Allingtons were throwing afterwards at there house and we got to meet some of Celeste's friends. Then Volleyball! We had a big turnout, the youth are stellar at inviting their friends, and Mom would be proud of me, because I now know how to jump serve, oh yeah!

Sunday: Went to the Spanish ward (Lake Washington Ward) sacrament meeting, it was muy bien! Then we went to Finn Hill sacrament and Elder Nielsen performed Celeste's Confirmation! Good News, our other investigator is back on Date for the 29th of April! We went to her primary class again and talked about missionary work! Taught the (Spanish Investigator) and she is struggling, but we testified a lot about the Atonement and Repentance and the Spirit was strong! Ate dinner with the Robledos (Spanish Family) they made Bacon wrapped Hot Dogs and they were Muy Delicioso!   

Over all it was a sweet week in my book! 

I've learned ThreePacks are Awesome, Spanish Missionaries are Awesome, and that if you work hard, Blessings will follow. This last week, we found no one new for Finn Hill, but we worked hard and on Sunday a young couple walks into church and they want to learn more, Miracle Baby! You better believe it!

Amor y Oraciones, Elder Larson
Celeste's baptism
     Volleyball night   

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