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Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 78

This past week has been a good one!

My new companion is Elder Frei (Free) he is from North Carolina and was born in Canada. he is almost 21 and has been out for 6 months. We are both covering Finn Hill in the Redmond Zone. Elder Hales (my trainer) is our district Leader! 

Elder Frei is a very courageous Missionary, we walked by a group of high schoolers playing Basketball and even though he is not good at it, he played with them and scored a lot. He has an amazing relationship with Heavenly Father, he is good at heeding the Spirit's promptings. He also has a great sense of Humor, the members are already opening up to him, because he has such a kind personality.

We set a Church tour with one of our investigators on Tuesday and it got Cancelled. Then we set another on Wednesday and it got Cancelled. Then on Thursday we set up to meet at her apartment and we brought Bro. Jaeger with us, it did not Cancel. We taught her all about Jesus Christ, because she doesn't know much about church in general, the Spirit was there and she invited us to come again on Saturday. On Saturday we brought Sister Lathen and Bowler with us and they were the best fellowship we could of ever asked for. Sister Lathen especially, they pretty much became friends and sister Lathen offered to take her to church. On Sunday we are sitting in the Chapel, sacrament has already started, we don't see her or sis. Lathen, then they start passing the Sacrament and we both got a feeling that their was nothing to worry about and after the Sacrament portion was over we saw sis. Lathen with our investigator.  She enjoyed Church and we are looking forward to our lesson with her this week.

We have a lot of good things going for us, we have been blessed with service opportunities and with new investigators.  We have one former Investigator who started coming back to church and a golden member referral.

It was also my Birthday this week on April 15th (Tax Day) I got a cake from Sis. Morley and Elder Hales got me a two-liter of Dr. Pepper. Elder Frei and I had so much fun!  

It was so good to celebrate Easter and focus on Christ and think of all he did for us, making the Impossible, Possible!

Hope you all have a Magnificent week!

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson
                                                           Elder Frei and I
Elder Fukuoka
Beautiful weather up here in Seattle
I really enjoyed my cake!

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