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Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 73


Well well well, to start off, last week we had Zone Sports Day and we Played Volleyball and Chair Soccer. We also switched up posters as a Zone so the Poster we made went to Redmond Spanish Elders and we got Bothell Spanish Elders Poster.
Most of the Zone!!!... Yeah!
Tuesday it was Elder Christianson's first District Meeting, it went well, talked lots about finding stratagems... Then went on Exchanges and I was with... Elder Christianson in Bothell Spanish. It was interesting to be around Spanish people all day, yet it was awesome and even though it's a different language you can feel the Spirit strong with these good saints. 

Had to put this on the second I found it in the Apartment

Wednesday finished up our Exchange, Biked all over the area in search of some Apartment Complex's, this is why you write the address with the name of the place, so we can find it easier. We didn't find the Apartments we were looking for, we did however write down each apt. with an address that we did find. Now I know my area boundaries a lot better too. Oh and it also down poured all day. 

Thursday lovely lovely weekly planning, cleaned things up a bit, visited less actives and potentials all day, though it seemed like everyone had fled the country or something...

Friday yes we had sun! and it was warm, it hit around 60  degrees, what a blessing indeed. Didn't where Jackets for the First time this Transfer, People were home too and we got to bear lots of testimony and give out some BoMs(Books of Mormon) Had a Lesson/Game with a semi-active family and they don't know much about the church but they Love to learn through the games we do. This time we played Tic Tac Toe, if they wanted to mark a box they had to answer a question correctly, we would explain the answer every time and in 45 minuteswe had only played 2 games. 

Saturday it was wet outside again, we decided to stay close to our place, so we walked all day, met a couple of new potentials. Met My Ward Mission Leader Bro. Bahr, turns out he knows Bro. Redd back at my home ward. Bro. Bahr had us meet him at a Sushi Place (This is why the Subject of my email is Sushi) he bought us three sushi rolls of Salmon, each piece prepared differently, so I tried 8 different types of Salmon, I'm starting to see why people like sushi a lot, once you get over that it's raw fish, it's pretty good! Had a Ward Game/Dessert night. got to know Ward Members Better and the dessert were too tempting and I partook a lot and I regretted it later for sure. All in All, I had some good fun and met some great people.

Sunday Sacrament was all about Baptism and Holy Ghost, Both our On dates were there and we are still good for March 25th, baptism. Found out that one of the on dates grandfather was someone I knew from the HollyWood Hill Ward, I knew him as Dale the Building Guy, I remember him telling me months ago that he was trying to get his Grand Daughter Baptized, who would of thought that I would be here to help,,, Went to the Primary Class to help teach commandments, but their Primary teachers did a good enough job, so we were there in case they needed back up. Yeah this ward is stellar at Missionary Work. Had a great Dinner with the Fishers, definitely the best Spaghetti I've had thus far (Got to get the recipe from them) had a good spiritual thought after 15 minutes of trying to work the TV... 

It was a good week, had lot's of fun, biked many many miles and learned how to make the perfect egg, so I give this week 12 Rolls of Sushi 🍱 out of 13 Rolls of Sushi 🍱   

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

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