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Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 58

Tis the Season to be Jolly, it's that time of the year already, Christmas! and boy am I excited, this is the time of year when many people are humbled and want to hear more about Jesus, which is a huge change from last year, where 90% of people I talked to were Jewish and didn't want to hear about Jesus...

Last week had a Fantastic P-Day with my Boyz Elder Francis and Smith! We have such a special bond with our district, I would do anything for them and they would do anything for me. We are that Tight, sadly we are not as tight with the Sisters, but they are still Awesome, Sister Orr and Jenne definitely raise the Faith in our District, they are so Diligent and work super hard!

We had our second to last District Meeting, it went super well and we even had Pumpkin Pancakes afterwards as a Zone, thanks to our Lovely Russian Senior Couple the Petersons! 

Thanksgiving Eve we helped bro. Bishop (Not the Actual Bishop) repair an old shed, it was Fun using Crowbars and Hammers, he got us really good pizza from a fancy Pizzeria, it was so good!

Thanksgiving, had a Talent Show as a mission in the Morning, some Out of the Normal Missionary Life stuff happened and I mustn't say more.... There were some really good talents, I was bummed though, because they didn't want me to show my talent, because it wasn't "Spiritual", you kidding me what can be more spiritual than a Smeagol impersonation!

Had a Beautiful Thanksgiving dinner with Sister Lukrofka, she had recently lost her Husband, all her kids and grand kids were there, it was a very touching Thanksgiving for me, everybody was bearing there testimony on the Plan of Salvation, it was Awesome

Day after we cut wood for another widow in our ward, sister Nebekar, we went through about 8quarts of wood, which in Lumber terms, means A Lot! Luckily we had a wood splitter and a couple of Strong Axe Men, Elder Jenson being one of them, that boy is Strong. I enjoy cutting wood so much, since we never get to do it in Arizona, we were there for three and half Hours, it was a good day, though my muscles were sore for a bit...

Day after that we raked leaves for another widow in the ward Sister Kristofferson, we were there for two hours and her yard and driveway have never looked better, at least thats what she told us

Sunday!!!!! Derek, let me tell you his story... He is divorced with two kids and recently got into dating, he met Christie, also divorced with two kids, she tells him she is Mormon, Derek's interest Piqued, he wanted to know for himself if Mormonism is True, for he is a Truth-Seeker. He came to our ward last week with his now Girlfriend Christie, He felt the spirit strongly and said this is where he wants to be, but First he needed to know, is the Book of Mormon True. He went to a Mountain and Fasted and Prayed, pleading to God to give him an Answer. He came to church yesterday and told everyone he got his answer, he pointed to the subtitle just under the Title "The Book of Mormon" and proclaimed without a shadow of doubt that what that subtitle said is true, it says "Another Testament of Jesus Christ", Derek has gone to the Lord in Prayer and came  out with the answer, he knows now that it's true, yet his journey does not end here, his tale still continues, but the path that Derek has chosen, will give him his Hearts Desire! 

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

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