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Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 56

District meeting with the President.

Yep to answer my parents Questions, yes I am a District Leader Now and have been for the past three weeks...

It is an interesting experience to know that you have missionaries relying on you to serve and lead them.

In my District is Elder Francis(MTC Companion) and Elder Smth in NorthCreek, Sister Orr and Jenne in Bothell Russian South speaking Russian!, and Elder and Sister Petersen a Senior Couple they also speak Russian! Then theirs me and Elder Jenson in Cottage Lake speaking English 

Last Monday we had so much fun with the NorthCreek Elders, we are not allowed to hang with Elders on P-day, but Elder Jenson needed to go to the Clinic, so we talked for an hour and it was great to get to know them better, we are their ride too, so we get to talk to them a lot in the car :)

Tuesday we surprisingly had District Meeting, I wasn't scheduled, but I get a District scenario at 8pm at night with the Zone Leaders saying there is in fact District Meeting tomorrow. With the Little time I had I prepared a great District Meeting, but Right before it starts, President Schofields walks right in my District Meeting 😱 I kept my cool and we did our District meeting and it was Great, Pres. Schofield really liked it!

We did a District Blitz in NorthCreek, helped the Elders get a new Investigator! We got a new one ourselves up here in Cottage Lake, her name is Simo, Italian mother of 4, she is interested in the plan of Salvation, so we will be looking forward to that this week! Had Zone Training and had to report on the Zone and man all my District Leader Companions make District Leading look easy..Exchanged with NorthCreek, I went there with Elder Smith and does he have a cool life story, Had a miracle we were able to contact a Less Active and she wants the missionaries to go back!

Re-exchanged back to Cottage Lake, did service for a Recent Convert, raking leaves, then painted a Non-members Bathroom, I've been improving my handyman skills, which will be good for when I get married...

Sunday had a great time at church, still getting to know the ward, went to an activity called Pie Night, didn't really know what was going to happen, turns out it's a priest/Laurel activity, they have a 5 minute lesson and then eat dessert for an Hour, it was awesome, got to know our youth a lot more!

This week is going to be Crazy, some things are going to change... but I can't tell you yet.  I'm going to make my move, like a thief in the night and I'll tell you more about it next week! 😋

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