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Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 55

So I have had a very crazy week
> To start off, we stayed in all day on Halloween.  Elder Heuer and I just talked about things, I told him all about Edmonds and how great it is, he said "I'll never serve there", to which I said "oh you will serve there soon!" They are also tearing up the Basement to add in heating, so we will be warm in the winter.
> Tuesday we had a District Meeting and it was very interesting having Russian Sisters in our District and also having Elder Francis(MTC comp) and Elder Smith as well.  We took a picture at the end of District meeting just incase of an Emergency Transfer. I received new Name tags for myself only to find that they misspelled my name, they put "Elder Larsen", I'm Swedish not Norwegian, so I'm getting new ones for free! Went on Exchanges and I was with Elder Francis and we got to catch up on a lot of things since we haven't seen each other for months.
> Wednesday Elder Francis and I did service at a thrift shop then ate DQ, then we rexchanged, only to find out that our phone reset itself and no one knows the password to it, so Elder Heuer and Smith were completely out of contact, Elder Heuer and I got a hold of the Zone Leaders, they didn't do anything to help us, of course, so we were outcasts with nothing to do, oh well I've had worse ;)
> Thursday Weekly Planned but still couldn't contact anybody, we had to go to a District Leader Training meeting at the Office at 3pm, but we went there at 1pm so we could get the phone thing figured out.  It took the guy 5 minutes to get our phone working again and since we were already there and they were feeding lunch to all the 1st and 2nd transfer Missionaries, we decided to stay and partake.  Elder Heuer is a fun one, he was scared about us just waltzing in and eating, but I was like "watch this" and walked up to the Assistant and said "Hey Elder Heuer and I are already here, we might as well eat with these fine missionaries", he looked at me and chuckled and said "Go Ahead."  As we ate I saw lots of my Shoreline Buddies, they were surprised to see me. Went to the DLT it was very intellectual and I learned a lot. After the Meeting, President Schofield asked to see Elder Heuer and I in his Office. Crap, what did I do now! We came in and I see Elder Van Wagoner and his new Companion Elder Jenson (they are currently in Edmonds), President says "I have been Inspired by the Spirit, Elder Jenson you are going to Cottage Lake with Elder Larson and Elder Heuer you are going to Edmonds with Elder Van Wagoner!"
> Woah wait a minute, I know I said Elder Heuer was going to Edmonds, but I didn't think it would be that Fast, so ya President told us to go home pack and tomorrow the Emergency Transfer begins.
> Friday we drive to Edmonds, I'm super Homesick for Edmonds and it doesn't help that I had to drive through it, I even saw Sister Jaramillo on the street, I yelled out to her and she was shocked to see me. Walking through the apartment I just left was like coming home after being away for awhile, Yeah I miss Edmonds a lot, I said bye to Elder Heuer and Hi to Elder Jenson, Cottage Lake has been 95% whitewashed. Elder Van Wagoner told me a guy that I've talked to a lot is being Baptized on Saturday, so I called President and asked for Permission to go to this guy's(Ron's)  Baptism and even though I never taught the guy since he was taught by the Halls Lake YSA Sisters, I still got Permission!!!
> Saturday we had a ward service project that was rained out, but we were able to do service for Bro. Copland, the member that we live with, he is so cool. We then headed over to Edmonds again for the Baptism, we got there 20 minutes before and the Halls Lake Sisters were very surprised to see me.  They asked why I was there and I said "I'm here for Ron's Baptism", Sister Ellis then said "well we have a problem, the guy who was supposed to Baptize Ron isn't going to make it", she then lit up and said "Could you Baptize Ron"?  I looked at Ron, he is like "I don't care as long as I get Baptized", So I said "yes", even though I didn't have a change of clothes.  I still got wet and Baptized Ron! Miracles Happen!

> Sunday did our best to talk to everybody in the ward and we made a little meet the Members calendar, so Members can sign up to have us over for spiritual thoughts and ya just trying to get to know the ward more and my new Companion Elder Jenson!
> Love and Prayers, Elder Larson

  P.S. I ate a Duck Egg for Breakfast this Morning, needs more salt!

> ​

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