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Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 53

I am upset that I have to leave, but I know somebody needs me in a different area. Miracles Happen no matter what, Just keep moving forward! 

I'm going to miss the ward, the people, and especially my Ward mission leaders family. If I had to list everybody I would miss, I would have no emailing time!

We had so much going on last week, we are now teaching an African Family, they came to church when the only African guy in our ward gave a talk, coincidence I say nay! All our days were busy with loads of things to do! I'm going to miss West Gate Chapel and the Lutheran Church, you could tell they really appreciated our service and they treated us as family! The old folks at Sunrise probably have already forgotten me, but I won't forget them and all the funny things that happened there! Our Last District meeting we had Pizza and a Keg! Im going to miss our District Elder DeGraff the Power house testimony, Elder Gale the Humble Bee, Sister Rothey the Everything is Awesome Gal, sister Peterson the Mother figure, and Elder VolksWagon I mean Van Wagoner the King of Loco! Church was loads of fun Everyone was saying goodbye to me, cause they knew I was Leaving 😫

Anyways, Love and Prayers,

Elder Matthew R. Larson

The District

Eating Burritos

Annie's Crew
The District

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