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Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 51

How do I even top what happened last week with all the cool stuff that happened...Oh wait!

Had another Fantasmaglorious week here in Edmond, Elder EchoHawk of the seventy came and commented on how dignified our mission is, mind you we were on our best behavior 🤗 He was the same seventy that spoke when I was in the MTC, the spirit was strongly there, at the end he opened the meeting for everybody to bear there testimonies, I stood up and shared this spiritual Insight...

"Though we testify to everybody around, most among them listed with closed minds and ears, but Jesus himself preached in the Temple and the Jewish people did not hearken to his voice, and Jesus taught them that if they do not believe him , believe in his works that they may know for themselves that Jesus is the Lord. We must ourselves show our good works that those with closed ears will see the good we do and that in of itself is our testimony of what we believe" 

Basically dont just talk the talk, but walk the walk 🤘

It was a really sweet conference getting to see all the friends I have made over my mission, I was grateful as well to meet with EchoHawk himself and he testified about how much the Presidency Loves us and when he said those words, I felt that burning in my Bosom, The Presidents of our church really do Love us and think about us constantly

We had Zone Interviews as well, which usually means 4 hours of sitting and learning until it's your turn to talk to President for 5 minutes, but this time we played Volley Ball!  I actually did pretty good too, Mom would be proud 😁 and in my time talking to President was awesome, President Schofield is the best!

Spent a whole day in Lake Forest Park with the Zone Leader, Elder Hales (My Trainer) and Elder Sill (came out together in same group) I was paired with Elder Sill and we had some interesting chores to do, like buying Kegs for a member, stuff like that 😋 we stayed up all night talking too, because we knew each other really well already, it was great!

Helped Jill Webb remove her starter from her car and put a new one in, it took a long time, because nobody knows how to fix cars anymore and they also make it impossible to do it yourself...Nuff said

Brandon our 12 year old Investigator scared us and said he is not sure he wants to take the lessons anymore, so we said "oh its fine man, keep making good choices", he then said I still want to go to Church though, Great still come. He came and during the Testimony portion of Sacrament, Brandon came up and Bore testimony on God's Love! 😰 I was shocked at how the spirit has been touching Brandon this whole time, after Church Brandon told us he does want to take the lessons 😁 Miracles Baby!

Sorry Im kind of all over the place, but my mind is in over time and Im really looking forward to taking a nap today ZZZZZZZZZZZ

Love and Prayers, Elder Larson 

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