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Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 52

Last P-day was a wittle crazy, after we emailed we went to Chickfila and bought a 200ct chicken nugget tray!!! for six Elders, we were super stuffed, you think its easy, but after nugget 25 you start to regret your decisions 😵 yet we still finished it off strong💪 Had to shop out of Zone, because one of the Elders in the car needed to visit a clinic in a different zone, It was fun shopping at Fred Meyers the missionaries from that zone were so confused when they saw us😉 That night we taught our good friend Vincent Tithing and laid clergy, to him it made a lot of sense to him! At the Senior Center, Kathleen one of the residents slapped one of the workers 😮 the worker just laughed it off, cause all the residents are a little loco! The Walkers a new family in the ward went with us to teach Charlotte, she is finally understanding what she needs to do... Bro. Morris took us and our investigator Mario to Dinner at Five Guys, lots of kicks and Giggles, then we had our Book of Mormon Club at Bro. Morris' house, it was a hit, three investigators came and participated a lot👍 Gave a blessing of peace and comfort to Mario and taught him the Word of Wisdom and he is obeying it now, he is like the ghetto friend I always wanted   😁 It's not ghetto now, but he tells us stories of his past  😬 He is a Clutch man, we asked him to help us replace a dryer and he was all over that, he didn't even let us help, he did most of the lifting and fixing, All I had to say was, wow Elders Quorum is going to love having you around 😊 Went Seattle for District meeting/Choir Practice for the Upcoming Fireside that happened last night, Elder Galloway MADE PIE for our zone, they were to almost die for 😆 Went on Exchange with Elder Gale and everything went Flawless even the crosswalks were on our side! It started to rain alot this week, so we were trying to stay dry as much as possible, Members were really nice in giving us lots of rides! Bro. Shaw went out with us for 4 hours, what a stud, got lots of work done ☺ Was told that a major storm was going to come on Saturday but it never came!!! 

On Sunday: Evan Pauls received the Aaronic Priesthood, he was excited about that! and the Fireside was awesome

Lots of Love: Elder Larson

200 Nuggets

Five Guys

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